Bacolod City Day Tour

Bacolod City | Negros Occidental Region

The 3rd day of our 5D 4N Ilo-ilo – Bacolod – Guimaras Trip.

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Since we cut short our Isla de Gigantes Trip from 2days to 1 day stay at the island. There was no left of us to do in the area but to be in Bacolod City.
We initially thought of not being in Bacolod since we might run out of time, but thankfully it happened 🙂 I have a friend who happens to live in Bacolod City so I contacted him and he offers for a tour in his homeplace 🙂

So the night before traveling I did some researched as to how we could go over Bacolod from Ilo-ilo City and there was a schedule of Ro-Ro everyday going to Bacolod. Different ferry schedule is available depending on your preferred terminal and the time.

Trina and I decided for the Supercat Ferry, not too expensive but not the cheapest as well but maybe because it is something that we are most familiar with to trust with.

Here’s the schedule :


We went over the Supercat Terminal thru Cab paid P60. And decided to maximize the time since will be staying just for a day at Bacolod. The first trip was at 7:30AM, we bought for a round trip ticket as well to save costing for the trip and scheduled our way home at the last trip going back to Ilo-ilo City at 3:30PM which cost P460.00

SuperCat to Bacolod!

Travel was only 45 minutes from Ilo-ilo to Bacolod! (see that was pretty fast!) Had to buy pasalubongs from Bong-bongs for the fresh and authentic Piaya in Bacolod.

Bongbong’s Pasalubong!

My friend was there with his car so  we  decided to start our tripping as soon as possible 🙂 Since Trina is a Catholic, we went straight to San Sebastian Church and spent a couple of minutes in the church.

San Sebastian Church


Across the church is the Pope John Paul II Tower. You may opt to be at the top of the tower to enjoy the view with an entrance fee of P50

Pope John Paul II Tower

And there we goes our travel to the famous The Ruins at Talisay City. Travel time to The Ruins is around 30 – 45 minutes, there was no traffic at Bacolod City (I’m telling you 🙂

As for the locals, should you be commuting in the area there was also public jeepneys traveling straight to The Ruins but with a certain schedule only.

Entrance Fee of P100 as you enter the Ruins and it was worth it! The Ruins look pretty amazing 🙂

The Ruins

There were also tour guides that explains the history of the Ruins. Which makes it more interesting.

Free Tour Guide at the Ruins

It was a perfect place for pre-nup photo shoot as well. It was even used as a venue for wedding or other social gatherings. The place was really awesome, and you’ll fell in love with it immediately 🙂

The Ruins





Sugarcane juices are everywhere also and made available wherever you are. Decided to have a short break.

There was a small restaurant area at the Ruins which offers food as well. Pizza, and everything nice 🙂

Sugarcane Juice and Pizza

We decided to stay in until around 12nn at the Ruins and then went to the rising site at Bacolod the Campuestohan Valley.

Campuestohan Valley

It was basically a pretty nice resort with the different amenities and a pool to stay in as well.
The place was really cold and so relaxing. We stayed until around 1PM roam around the area, there were few families spending their time when we got there.

It also have other extra challenging activities if you are up with it.

Different Statues everywhere
Main Restaurant the place
Swimming Pool is also available

Since it was getting dark as well, we only stayed until 1:00PM and opt to have our lunch at the Manokan Country.

To be in a certain place means trying it’s delicacies and that is where Chicken Inasal was born.

Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country

There were variety of food stalls available at Manokan Country and it was just in front of SM Bacolod across the port going back to Ilo-ilo City.


Bacolod is a rich place with sugarcane and poultry sites offering the best chicken in town.
There was no other things to see in Bacolod that is why a day side tripping would be just enough for this.  Striking new attraction in Bacolod is the Lakawon. I’ll sure be back here in Bacolod for that.

Bacolod also have  beaches and sites to wander if you have more time to stay.

We had our boat back to Ilo-ilo City at 3:00PM and went straight to Kapitolyo, Ilo-ilo to complete our city tour at Ilo-ilo City.

Completed our churches tour and escapade.

We had our dinner at Desserts in the Sky at Ilo-ilo City. The setting of the store is similar with Vanilla Cupcake fill with cakes, cupcakes and frappes. They we’re also offering burgers and fries, perfect if you missed the taste of starbucks feels 🙂

Desserts in the sky

Ended the day by 8:00PM then decided to rest for another tripping the next day 🙂

Our next stop : Guimaras Trip – 2015
Expense Summary (Bacolod) :

Cab to Supercat Terminal – P60
Supercat RORO – P460
Pasalubong Shop – 150
The Ruins Entrance – P100
Entrance to Campuestohan – P100
Lunch at Manokan Country – P100
Jeep from Terminal to Ilo-ilo – P8
Jeep to Churches at Ilo-ilo – P8
Dinner – P200
Taxi to Sarabia – P50
Sarabia Hotel – P360

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