Guimaras : Discover the land of mangoes

This is the Day 4 of my 5D 4N Ilo-ilo – Bacolod – Guimaras Trip.

Guimaras City part of the Western Visayas is where the sweet mangoes are known for.
After our Bacolod Trip we went back to Ilo-ilo City for our city tour and recharged early for our last site to see the “Island of Guimaras”

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Going to Guimaras was pretty convenient, we took a cab  from our hotel at Sarabia Hotel near SM Ilo-ilo going to Parola Port. From there, we paid for the boat fee of P14 pesos going straight to Guimaras (travel time is around 20 – 30 minutes; which was totally fast)

It is a public tranportation for everyone and each boat leaves as soon as it gets full.

Boat ride to Guimaras

You wouldn’t worry about the time of traveling going to Guimaras as is it available from 6am – until 6pm and it leaves the port every 30 minutes. The last public boat from Guimaras back to Ilo-ilo is 5PM so make sure you are okay by this time not unless you want to spend another night in Guimaras.

We arrived at Guimaras by 9:00AM, and from there it was amazing as different services is already available as you reaches the area.
The tricycle service for the entire day cost P1,200 (could accommodate up to 4 or 5 – to share costings ) and they have prepared an itinerary already for everything which was cool 🙂 it feels like a field trip.

You’ll save more if you could maximize the number of pax to share costs.

Itinerary of Guimaras Trip

There was a special rate of P1,500 should you wish to visit both the Guisi Lighthouse and the Windmills. But Trina insisted that we focus with the main attraction of the area which was the Light house so we only paid for P1,200 (P600 each for the two of us for the entire afternoon trip)

So the tricycle tour begins at 9AM. Had our first view at the Smallest Plaza. I had my researched prior to my visits so I was already aware of the sites and view to see.

Smallest Plaza
Smallest Plaza

Then across the Smallest Plaza is the Holy Family Hills, there was no entrance fee but they were only asking for donation.

Holy Family Hills
Holy Family Hills


it consists of religious statues and perfect for a station of the cross prayers and rituals. There we’re so many statues that every Catholic would love to see 🙂


There were so many churches at Guimaras Island which we opted to drop by as well.



Next stop is at the Guisi Lighthouse, traveling to the light house took us around 45 mins – 1 hour to be there.

Short trail to Guisi Lighthouse

On our way to the Light house, it takes much patience all the time.

Ruins is Guimaras

Entrance fee was P20, it consists of the beautiful site of the Ruins similar to Bacolod 🙂 and the main attraction was the Light house.


Guisi Lighthouse


Thankfully, I was happy enough that I get to see the place before it gets totally ruined.
The lighthouse was not working anymore but only serves as tourist site and attraction. An overlooking view was also pretty beautiful ❤


We had our lunch at Raymen Beach Resort and stroll around the beach area. You’re option should you wish to have your swimming or an island hopping was also available at the resort. The tricycle service was just waiting outside the resort and the best thing about this trip is you control your time and everything per site and view.

But since we had our Island Hopping at Isla Gigantes already, we opted to enjoy the moment for a while.

Raymen Beach Resort
Raymen Beach Resort

There we’re alot of pasalubong shops in the area and I must say that you purchase everything you want than in Ilo-ilo since everything is way cheaper in Guimaras.
It was not the season of Mango when we had our trip to Guimaras, you could have come by summer time. But I was sure that tourists will also be around the area at that time.

It was at Trappist Monastery where we opted to buy more pasalubongs as it has the cheapest amount of the goodies.

For meryenda, we decided to eat at the famous Pitstop where they offer all sorts of mango delicacies! We tried the Mango Pizza and Mango Spaghetti! the pizza was awesome and I prayed that It’ll be available in Manila as well.

Mango PIzza and Spaghetti


After the meryenda at the Pitstop, we decided not to do trekking anymore since we were freaking tired already and outfit wise we were not prepared 🙂 but for some who wishes to do trekking as well, it is definitely part of the itinerary at Guimaras as well. This trip is fun filled and definitely a complete travel escapade.

Museo Guimaras is also part of the trip with P50 entrance fee

Museo Guimaras
Jordan Port

We had our boat back to Parola Port by 4PM. And went straight to the hotel to rest for a while. Had our dinner at Ilo-ilo City and tour around its malls and new attractions.

There were still much to explore and thankful that I made it to see this wonder.

Summary of Expenses :

Cab to Parola Port – P50
Boat to Guimaras – P14
Trike Package – Guimaras – P600
Guisi Lighthouse Entrance – P20
Lunch at Raymen – P60
Pitstop Meryenda – P200
Back to Parola Port – P14
Pasalubong Shop – P150
Sarabia Hotel Stay – P360

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