Byaheng Norte. PAGUDPUD – VIGAN

The tripping continues at ILOCOS 😀

First day trip link here : Byaheng Norte. VIGAN – LAOAG TRIP

Starting the day early with excitement around our body. We’re ready for more adventure!! After breakfast c/o the hotel where the never ending Vigan Longganisa is what you get for breakfast. We then immediately headed to the van by 7:30AM.

Here’s the detailed itinerary for day 2 and 3.


First stop of the day, CAPE BOJEADOR LIGHTHOUSE

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Sad that we are not allowed to go all the way up through the lighthouse, since it is functional and the city still uses it up to this time.


Was amazed with this special wonder from the Rock Formation, its rock once touched turned out to become a sand material. Because of the rock formation it makes the view so beautiful and perfect.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation


Kapurpurawan Rock Formation


You may opt to ride a horse going through the Rock Formation, but we preferred walking instead. Plus you get to enjoy the sun and you’d feel challenged over the route passing through it.

Overviewing the Windmills
Signages that are so sweet. haha

Next stop, the Ilocos Escapade won’t be complete without seeing the famous…


And I felt super excited about it. Knowing these windmills from our history books and how it became so useful to us.

So windy and the cool breeze is so relaxing. Love it in here.

Bangui Windmills
All smiles with these windmills 🙂


One could just lie down enjoying the wind breeze! Super relaxing.

*Note : no one is allowed to go on swimming over the beach. Dangerous and was never allowed.

Souvenir Items also are cheap at the Bangui Windmills, you’ll see stall around the area where you can buy your collections.

We had our lunch at Pagudpud before heading to the beach.

And a quick peak over this wonder in the middle of the sea.




It’s time for beachin’ at Pagudpud. It’s crystal blue water is so tempting not to swim even on a sunny day. I so love beaches and everything about this place should be well preserve 🙂   You may also opt for a Zipline should you wish to experience it. At the Blue Lagoon better if you rent a small bahay kubo just to keep your things in order *paid around 45 per person. We just shared the space with the rest of the guest just to save cost.  We went into swimming for around 3 – 4 hours.

Note : no nice CR in the area, we just ended up dressing up and decided we’ll wait all the way back to the hotel to dress up.

Truly a dose of Vitamin SEA 😀

Blue Lagoon


After swimming, just a quick look at this most sought places in Ilocos.



As for the last day stay in Ilocos, had a quick peek at JUAN LUNA SHRINE

Then we headed back at Calle Crisologo. We were given at least 2 hours to roam around, to buy pasalubong back to manila.

And so we go around and had our last meal at VIGAN with its delicacies.

Vintage Feels at Calle Crisologo



On our way now back to Manila just a quick peek at the QUIRINO BRIDGE .

Quirino Bridge


Left Vigan at around 3PM and back to Manila by 9PM.

The entire 3 Days Trip was super worth it. We get to visit all the sites to see in Ilocos more bondings with my girlfriends and adventure which is super amazing.

As for the budget, I get to spend around P3,000 for the entire 3 Days Trip, with a lot of pasalubongs already. This includes food for the 3 days, our side activities expense (Sand Dune P500) and the pasalubongs which includes a lot of Longganisa :p hihi. *this is apart from the payment to the Travel Agency which cost P2,999.00 pesos. Settlement of payment was thru bank deposit and it was settled a week prior our trip. 

Here’s my detailed budget for 3 days :

Ilocos Day 1 - Expense

Ilocos Day 2 & 3 - Expense
Total Expense : Ilocos Escapade

Since we had series of stop over on our way back to Manila we get to spend a lot for food actually also.

Note : it was better to go over a travel agency for an Ilocos Trip so you’ll get to see all sites.

Each area is not so close to each other, so backpacking might give you more expense due to transportation. All in all, everything is so sulit, hope you could try visiting it as well 🙂

N ❤

Here’s the link for my first day trip at Ilocos :  Byaheng Norte. VIGAN – LAOAG TRIP





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