BAGUIO – SAGADA : A guide for a foodie traveller

One of the very nicest thing about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention into eating*

   – Luciano Pavarotti

FOOD. FOOD. FOOD! Who wouldn’t want a sumptuous meal everytime you go on travelling? If you are not worried of your budget for that 5D 4N trip your heading to, FOOD RESTOS are one way to splurging it too.

With a little research thru the famous food resto app and other food blog diaries, I have come up with the following:



Located at 25 Chuntug RD, Baguio

The restaurant is over-rated that is why tourist frequently make sure to drop by and try its delicacies.

Parking in the area is limited to only 6 cars, make sure to arrive before lunch time as it gets busy and you’ll find it hard to reserve your spot. They usually extend the parking just right outside the street to accommodate more customers. But the resto is just along the highway, you’ll see it right away too.

waiting area inside Cafe by the Ruins



Interior wise, the resto looks pretty Asian with wooden materials. The entire resto is thematic and looks great. Most of the customers come in groups and family.

Servers were nice and accommodating as well, given that there were so many customers to entertain.


FOOD MENU, by its name you’ll sure to think that breakfast is the specialty but this resto also offers a diverse selection of food from pasta, sandwiches, big meals, coffee and desserts.

The food are a bit pricey (if you are on a budget) ranges from P200 – 400. Per meal comes with a free 1 cup of rice already and usually come in 1 – 2 pax servings.

Better if you’re in group to try many dishes.

Cafe by the Ruins

FOOD. Was it IG friendly? Yes it is. Presentation of the food was pretty okay as well and it does have big serving *wink

They serve the food in less than 15 minutes so you won’t end up complaining waiting for your food 🙂

Tofu Asado
Purple-ish Rice

We tried 7 viand of meal (Tofu Asado, Chopsuey, Beef Ribs Sinigang, Baguio Bagnet, Smoked Spicy Bangus, Pasta ala Carbonara and Beef Strangoff) *not all in photos, these were the 1st one served and we we’re freaking hungry already lol

Food taste as a whole is just okay.

Sinigang is not the usual too sour type we’re expecting too. Bagnet and the beef were too hard to chew as well (maybe coz the press of time and they were so many customers.) Rice is usually in purple-ish color but it does not changes the taste of the usual plain rice. You’ll see more of this until Sagada.

Pasta Ala Carbonara
Beef Stronganoff


My favorite was the pasta served!! 🙂 It is too creamy and full meat and toppings to enjoy with. Both of the pasta : Pasta ala Carbonara and Beef Strangoff are the best-sellers in the resto as well. So better tyr it too!

Tip : Always asked what the locals and tourists order in the menu, It’ll save you.


FINAL RATING : (1 – 10; 10 as the highest)

Food Quality                                  : 6

Value for Money                           : 5

Resto Ambiance                           : 7

Whole Restaurant Experience : 7

Will I try it again?

Yes. Because I love pasta and the carbonara was pretty good! 🙂

The resto is good for family trying to have a good time. I do not recommend this if you’re a solo traveller on tight budget.

Picture162. 50’s DINER

Located at 92 Upper General Luna Road, cor Brent Road, Baguio City

If you prefer big servings of food, this is a perfect spot for you. 50’s diner offers a retro neon 50’s feels and vibe for its customers.

Parking in the area is okay and the resto is pretty accessible as well.

50’s Diner


Interior wise, it maintains it’s 50’s retro vibe. Old poster movies are around the walls. Loving the neon pink lighting inside.

It gets a little busy during peak hours, breakfast, lunch and dinner as diner really make sure to visit the resto house as well.

50’s diner Menu
50’s diner menu

FOOD MENU. There are wide variety of food choices in this resto, offering American Type of food such as burgers, chicken, spaghetti and different meat meals, pancakes, milkshakes and desserts.

If you are on a budget, this is a must visit for you, full meal ranges from 150 – 200 pesos only. And they offer big servings! I’m telling you, they value quantity :p

50’s diner


FOOD. Was it IG worthy? Mmm. Not that much, you’ll be bombarded by its big servings as a whole. Tastes nothing special. Just a typical food serving you get to try.

We ordered the set meals and the sandwiches. While my friends enjoyed there set meals as they were freaking full after the meal. What  i tried  was their best-seller 50’s club sandwich but aside from its big serving  there is nothing much special with the sandwich. I loss appetite after eating 1 slice of it 😦


50’s club sandwich


RATING : (1 – 10; 10 as the highest)

Food Quality : 5

Value for Money  : 8

Resto Ambiance : 8

Whole Restaurant Experience: 5


I think I’d better try some other resto around the area.

The restaurant as a whole is just okay for me. It’s vibe is nice and a good place to drop by for a quick meryenda food trippin.

If you prefer quantity over quality this is okay for you.


Located just across the Wright Park

When you’re not into horseback riding, or tired of walking around already. Check out Pizza Volante for a pica-pica treat, meryenda or just for a short drink.Most of the customers are families waiting around the area.


It’s resto ambiance is associated with a garden resto vibe. Refreshing and feeling the fresh cool breeze of Baguio.

It is very accessible as well since it is just fronting the Wright Park.

FOOD MENU. They offer coffee and pizza, pasta and set meals too.

Since we we’re still full over our lunch treat, we just opted for a coffee drink.

Price wise, it is budget friendly and provide value for money.

Mango Milkshake  | P65


Brewed coffee with refill | P28
Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream | P39

Tried the coffee with vanilla ice cream, but ended up having it’s melted version :p

Good try for a cheap amount. Just don’t expect much.

Organic Lemon Grass | P45

It’s brewed coffee is worth it considering you get a free refill of it.

The milkshakes are just the usual shakes, nothing so special.


RATING : (1 – 10; 10 as the highest)

Food Quality                                : 7

Value for Money                         : 8

Resto Ambiance                          : 8

Whole Restaurant Experience: 8


Yes. I think the pizza’s are awesome too. Will drop by this next time for quick coffee treat once again. 

Vizco’s in Baguio City

Located at Session Road, Baguio & SM Baguio

Visit Vizco’s just across the session road right beside Robinsons Supermarket for it’s restaurant. They also have a branch at SM Baguio for cake take-outs.

Accessibility wise, it is very visible and a must visited place if you’re staying in Baguio. It is near the bus terminal as well.


Vizco’s Menu
Vizco’s Menu


Vizco’s Menu

FOOD Menu. It offers pizza and pasta and a lot of sweets!!! Cakes.Cakes.Cakes

The vibe of the restaurant is just okay, not a perfect IG spot *needs improvement with the interior to support it’s good food 😀

Prices ranges from 150 – 250 and could be for 2 – 3 pax already. Super affordable! *wink

Vizco’s Restaurant

Vizco’s is similar with The Old Spaghetti House for its pasta and pizza choices and to Conti’s for it’s dessert and cakes. IG Feed worthy? YES. Definitely, the store resto lighting isn’t perfect but because of the food everything seems too perfect not to take a photo of it.

Tried a Classic Cheese Pizza, P215 and Pomodoro Pasta, P129 which are both so amazing!!!! Not just because it’s my favorite but because the food is truly so sulit! Big serving as it could serve up to 3 persons 🙂

Stawberry Shortcake | P99

The best Strawberry Shortcake you’ll try is in VIZCO’s, P99 per slice with real fruit strawberry. And it super sweet!

chocolate walnut cake | P99

The chocolate walnut cake also P99 per slice, is a taste of heaven 🙂 as well, if you opt for a sweet and chocolatey dessert!


RATING : (1 – 10; 10 as the highest)

Food Quality : 9

Value for Money  : 9

Resto Ambiance : 8

Whole Restaurant Experience: 9.5

Will I try it again?

YES. Definitely. Will visit here again to try other cakes as well.

Two thumbs up for VIZCO’s. Food quality and it’s value for money is in consideration. Store staffs were very accommodating as well. No service charge but it surely deserve an extra tip for a very nice resto feels and vibe.


Quick Review : #StrawberryTaho

Make sure to try the famous Strawberry Taho from Baguio City.

They are everywhere so you won’t miss one! It cost P10 – P20 per cup. Not bad since it contains real strawberry fruit which is sweeeett!!!!

Strawberry  Taho










Let’s now move on to SAGADA for more resto adventure!!!


In SAGADA, they were so many food restos around the area. If you’re here for a vacation getaway and a whole lot of FOOD BLOGGING experience! Sagada is perfect spot.

Yoghurt House


Located at Sagada, just right across the Tourism Office

As soon as we get to Sagada we tried the Yoghurt House. Its ambiance is nice and it feels like home. They were so many tourist and foreigners as well.

Yoghurt House
Yoghurt House Menu
Yoghurt House Menu

FOOD MENU and Pricing. Food Meals ranges from P180 – P250

They offer wide variety of food from Chicken Meals, Beef, Vegetables, Sandwiches, Hot and Cold Drinks and it’s specialty, Yoghurt.

Yoghurt House Food

FOOD.  IG worthy? Yes it does. Food presentation is okay.

Servings is only good for 1 person per meal, but still okay to try your friend’s meal to have a taste of it lol.

They serve food around 10 – 15 minutes and all orders are okay.

Baked Chicken with Potato Rosti & Vegetable Salad | P220
Sweet & Spicy java Chicken with salad & rice | P200
Spicy Chicken Cury with vegetables 7 plain rice | P200
Pasta A’la Bechamel with smoked ham | P180

All chicken meals are worth it! With its spice added on it, it keeps the dining experience more enjoyable.

My all time favorite? – Pasta Carbonara wherever I am hihi. The sauce is creamy and with some spices too.

The pasta also gives big servings 🙂

Banana Granola Strawberry Yoghurt | P120

The best-seller which is the Yoghurt, is full of fruits and it tastes good as well. Not the best I’ve tried but it was just okay. I think its pricey for its serving.

RATING : (1 – 10; 10 as the highest)

Food Quality : 9

Value for Money  : 8

Resto Ambiance : 8

Whole Restaurant Experience: 9


YES. If you’re after a big meal to keep you going over a series of activities in SAGADA, this resto is a must try.


Located at Sagada, Mt. Province

Just right outside the Town Proper of Sagada comes Misty Lodge and Café offering one of the best food stop.

It is basically a stay-in lodge but it’s café and the variety of food were all so good as well.

Misty Lodge Cafe


Enter a caption


Misty Lodge Cafe
Misty Lodge Cafe

Ambiance of the café is too picture perfect, everything about the place is IG worthy. With its colorful, playful colors that adds up its wooden and feels like home feels is a must visit place.

They have books in the area, and some board games to keep you entertain as you wait for your meals.

Misty Lodge Cafe Menu
Misty Lodge Cafe Menu


Each meal usually ranges from P150 – P180. Only good for 1 person per servings.

Restos in Sagada are strict with the corkage for other food and drinks.

Pork Sinigang | P150
Pizza Margherita | P295
Hot Chocolate | P40

And a perfect match for a cold and cooling breeze is a Sinigang Meal, in which Misty Lodge offers 🙂

Pizza were great and pair it with a hot chocolate drink.

RATING : (1 – 10; 10 as the highest)

Food Quality        : 9

Value for Money  : 9 *compare to other restos in town, Misty is cheap

Resto Ambiance : 10

Whole Restaurant Experience: 9

Will I try it again?  

YES. YES. YES. I could spend eating only at Misty Lodge at the span of my stay in SAGADA and not feel too over it. Hihi.

The ambiance of the café adds additional attraction to your dining experience. It feels like home !!! Plus the extra games and ooh, did I tell you they have a  chimney too?

Sagada Lemon Pie House


Located at the Town Proper in Sagada

This is a perfect spot to spend you breakfast after watching the sunrise at  Kiltepan. It opens at 7am *perfect timing though

Sagada Lemon House
Sagada Lemon Pie House
Sagada Lemon Pie House

The resto vibe inside the resto is sooo Tokyo feels *wink

Seated on the floor, chatting and bonding with your friends, it feels relaxing and the place is IG worthy itself.

Sagada Lemon Pie House


Sagada Lemon Pie House Menu
Sagada Lemon Pie House Menu

Lemon Pie House offers the typical breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Prices ranges  P110 – P150 per meal, good for 1 person per serving only.

Lemon Pie | P30 / slice
Breakfast Meal | P100

Breakfast meal, offers big serving and it’s sulit. Though it is just the usual breakfast café.

We headed to this resto to check out their specialty, The Lemon Pie cost P30 per slice. Not bad and I love it,must try as well. You can even buy a whole box of it as pasalubong but make sure to carry it with all your might all the way to Manila :p

RATING : (1 – 10; 10 as the highest)

Food Quality : 7

Value for Money : 8

Resto Ambiance : 9

Whole Restaurant Experience:  8


Yes. I’ll look forward for more slices of Lemon Pie. It was my first time to try this pie and it tastes really good. Given that it was not too pricey as well. Well recommended.


Quick Review : #GAIA Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Gaia Coffee Shop

Same spot as #ThatThingCalledTadhana Movie.

Offering cold and hot drinks. Drop by the coffee shop as it is over-rated over the internet already, it has a perfect overlooking view *which I find scary at some point lol.

Better to drop by here after your caving activity? Or just before your activity since for proximity wise *it’ll save you transpo cost.


Haven’t tried it since we already had breakfast before heading to Gaia :(wrong move but here’s the menu for reference.

There were still so many food restos and coffe shops both in Baguio & Sagada, and I’ll sure keep on updating this foodie blog I created.

These are all base from my personal and first-hand experience during my stay.

My official hashtag for my food post : #Natsfoodselfie ❤

See you around! Let me know if you have more resto places to explore!!! 😀


N ❤





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