Day Tour Guide in Baguio City

May 29 2016

Before capping off the summer season, it wouldn’t be complete without heading to the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City! Had Beach Tour and escapade over my Summer 2016 so I’d finally decided to go on something different this time.

Good thing about Baguio is its very accessible already if you’re coming from Manila. Food Stall and restaurants are everywhere as well. Plus if you’re planning for a side trip to Sagada or Banaue, Baguio is a best place for you!

In my blog, I’ll be sharing our day tour itinerary we had at Baguio City we tried skipping the usual spots which we are most familiar with and seek in discovering new places and sites to see.

How to go to Baguio :

Victory Liner Buses (Caloocan –Monumento, and Pasay) have the usual Baguio Trips everyday. Trip is around 5 – 7 hours depending on the time and traffic status along the way.

I suggest you try leaving Manila by night time to arrive in Baguio early morning.  It gets a little more traffic if you’re travelling by morning to afternoon too.

As for me and my friends, we decided to use a private vehicle going to Baguio.

Left Bulacan around 4AM and start travelling to Baguio City.

We actually saved much using a private car and share the toll and gas expenses instead, we get to play mind games and bonding along the way.

Touchdown Baguio City at around 9AM. And along the way we went at the Lion’s Head *very popular in Baguio City.


Lion’s Head with the squad

Riding a public bus it usually do not pass thru this route. And I think which is better too, the moment we got at the Lion’s Head there were so many people and tourists already. Series of vans were also parked along the way. Parking was pretty hard and trust me – you won’t get a perfect photo at the Lion’s Head without anyone blocking the view :p lol

There were stores along the area selling different souvenirs, but we decided to skipped that part for now. Just tried the Strawberry Taho which they sell at P20 per cup.

Strawberry Taho

It was the first time I tried it. And it is definitely supppperrrr sweet! Real fruit Strawberry is still in the taho as well.

After heading at the Lion’s Head, we decided to go straight to Bencab Museum.


Parking along the area was pretty hard as well, since there were a lot of tourist on a weekend as well.

Entrance Fee is P120 per person. Cameras are allowed but they do not allow taking videos and monopod or selfie sticks in the museum.

Bencab Museum
Registration Area

You’ll get to see a lot of beautiful paintings inside the museum. It gets a little crowded at the registration area as tourist really do come and go.

More to see, these are just some of my favorites. AS per the museum staff, Mr. Bencab sometimes drop by the Museum everyday by late afternoon. So we actually expected at some point that may be we could meet him personally though. :p

Bencab Museum


Plus a very beautiful view just right outside the museum.

Garden Area outside Bencab Museum

Sadly, it started raining when we get there so we just made the most out of what we have inside the museum.




After spending almost 2 hours at Bencab we now headed to our researched most-sought resto places in Baguio 😀 and there goes Café by the Ruins.  Had lunch by 12nn.




Food Food Food! Who wouldn’t want a perfect cozy place to spend your lunch with your friends.

Lunch at Cafe by the Ruins


Food looks good and oohhhh so yummy!

Check out my full review over my visited restaurants : BAGUIO – SAGADA : A guide for a foodie traveller

Beef Strangoff

By 2PM, we went to see the Minesview Park, Burnham Park and Good Shepherd where we could buy our pasalubong.

These are the usual places and spot to see in Baguio and there were so many tourist and people around the park. Weather in Baguio feels like the usual temperature in Manila hahaha! It was still freaking hot *actually

This view was right beside the Good Shepherd, bought a big jar of Ube and strawberry jams.


*Note :  If you’re also going to buy lengua, peanut brittle and cookies and the like make sure to roam around first as some stores offer cheaper prices for their product 😀

Horseback Riding is available at Mines view Park for those seeking and in to some activity. Horses are for rent for an hour or depending on your preferred usage of the horse back ride.


But for me and my friends we just tried and headed to the near restaurant in the park, Pizza Volante.

Where the resto offers affordable food and drinks especially if you’re just there killing time and bonding with your friends.

Pizza Volante

After a short coffee break at Pizza Volante, we decided to take good rest at the place we’ll be staying. Lucky for us, one of my friends have a place in Baguio.

We also checked the terminal at Baguio to check for the schedule of the buses that travels to Sagada for our trip the next day.

Rested for a while, and by 7PM we’re ready to eat our dinner this time.

Next stop, 50’s Diner.

With its nice interior and thematic resto feels 50’s diner is an okay food resto.

50’s Diner

Also check for full resto review :BAGUIO – SAGADA : A guide for a foodie traveller

After a full dinner, it’ll pays to go on shopping in Baguio most especially with the most sought “UKAY-UKAY night market”

A long stretch of ukay-ukay market along the way, from clothing, bags, shoes, scarfs, hats and home accessories and more!! you’ll see everything here. There were also food stall around the market you could enjoy with.


Till around 9pm we were looking around the ukay-ukay and had a short biking adventure hahaha! It was actually pretty late at that time and the owner does not allow it anymore since they were starting to close, but my friend Jessey pleaded even for 30 minutes. And she was successful! We had a short bike ride as well. Haha! And the owner did not asked for a payment anymore.


Went back in our place around 10pm.

It started getting cold by night already and we were busy fixing everything for our next day super early trip to Sagada.

We made sure we rested early to get enough energy as well.

On our way back home to Manila.

We boarded at Victory Liner in Baguio City as well. But since it was Monday, there were so many passengers at that time (some of my friends went home by Tuesday and the passengers were just okay) we were at the terminal by 7pm but the bus ride home to Manila will be at 130AM. Lucky for us we had a special trip at 1130PM so that’s where we headed back home.

*Note : If you’re going home on a weekend make sure to book your bus ticket ahead of time. Even before heading to Sagada or should you be staying in Baguio for long.

Since there was still much time to spare we roam around the Session Road in Baguio and tried one of the most sought resto as well at Vizco’s


Should there be one thing I’ll loved about our delayed trip back to Manila that would be the chance we get to try this super special restaurant!

The cakes and the food is soooo delicious, worth every penny and really affordable as well.

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We also got the chance to roam around SM Baguio City where it was known for being a mall without being run by an Aircondition :p hahaha! There were souvenirs as well just right outside the mall. So for additional pasalubong before heading to Manila this is a must go to place as well.

SM Baguio

Insights :

Baguio City is like the usual spot we get to see here in Manila. Since it is very accessible for everyone, there were a lot of tourist and so many people too.

The weather is not that too cold right now contrary to what we have been experiencing before when we visit Baguio.

You may also try the boat paddling at the Burnham Park, visit Baguio Museum and more food restos to check out.

Hotel and Inns are also everywhere better to check everything online and book in advance as it gets a little busy over peak seasons and weekends.

As a whole Baguio gets a little and more crowded each time. We planned of visiting La Presa but since it was closed for the public we haven’t got the chance to see it.

It’s one of the best place ti visit on a weekend getaway with your family or friends.

N ❤


Hola! Nathalie is your typical city girl who loves the island life, beach, travels, food and adventures. She’ll rather jump off cliffs than watch horror movies, go over beaches than hiking mountains, and never travels without a pashmina. An OC traveler keeping her research and spreadsheets every time she travels and would never say NO to new adventures. Follow her daily escapade @nathaliecsalcedo

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