Misty Lodge Café – where to stay in Sagada?

We consider every trip to be well planned at all times, from the sites to see, restaurants to dine, activities to do, transportation services and a place where to stay to rest our tired bodies.

So if you are looking for a good night sleep, a well maintained and relaxing ambiance, an Instagrammable area and an all-in-one lodge to stay in without compromising your budget! You are in the right page! *wink

With the help of researching there is definitely so many options you could choose from in Sagada and the best thing about it is the fact that its prices do not even vary much. A one night stay usually cost around P300 – P500 per person depending on the inn you’ll stay.

Good thing we came across the Misty Lodge Café over the internet. Searched for its photos and it all has good reviews! Tried contacting it thru FB and we deposited for a reservation 2 weeks before heading to Sagada.


It cost P300 per person per night and we were 5 so we paid P1,500 J. Going there, as soon as we reached Sagada we were fetched by the service of Misty Lodge.

Special arrangement for transportation is pretty convenient for them as well.


As soon as we enter the place!!!!! Amazzzziiinnnggg. Everything about it is very Instagrammable!!! And super cute!!! I so love it. We couldn’t contain our excitement as the place is very thematic, very clean, very quiet and the people were super nice.


I’ll tour you around in the house. Here’s the cashier area and basically the reception place.


Here’s the dining area. Since Misty Lodge is also open for customers who wished to dine as well.Hot chocolate and Coffee, Pizzas and full meal were also offered in Misty Lodge.

When we were so tired to go out anymore we had our dinner at Misty Lodge and it was super good too.

Here’s the menu as of this writing. Basically they do not offer much, but a nice dinner here is definitely worth the try as well.

Here’s what we had over dinner.

They have a chimney which was lighted over dinner. The place is made of strong wood and it really has that super home feels.


Shoes were left at the 2nd level. The home owners make sure that visitors do not make noise and to respect other tourists as well. So it was really quiet too.

This was just outside the room we’re staying 🙂  They have some board games as well and a lot of books!!!! If you’re into it too.


We had some card games to kill time while we enjoy this wonderful place.


Our room was at the 3rd level since we’re five. We actually had 3 twin size bed. A cabinet and the view was pretty okay too!

Don’t try to look for an electric fan hahaha! Coz you’ll surely won’t need it though.

It was freaking cold by night and good thing I brought a sweater and jacket with me.

*Note : Make sure you bring the right clothing. It’s okay to wear shorts over the morning and during the activity but it gets cold and cold before the end of the day.

There was no room with a private comfort room, instead there were 3 public restrooms in the house but I don’t think it matter much. Haven’t really felt the longing of one too J

And to tell you, everything Is clean and well-maintained, as per the owner the place was just 5 years old so that would show how new it is too.

Insights :

Misty Lodge is not around the Tourism Office of Sagada, so its either you take a special trip from Misty and pay for its transpo fee or you walk all the way back and forth the place.

As a whole, I’ll definitely be back in Misty Lodge to spend a night or two, One can read a book while sipping for a cup of coffee or lie down to your bed until you don’t know when with extreme silence.

They also have a service which makes it convenient for you should you decide for side trip and activities in Sagada.

They are also pretty active in Facebook so you could keep a reservation and  asked them from time to time.

I love everything about this place and I’m sure my friends too. We really enjoyed the night in Sagada.



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