SPIN DESIGNER HOSTEL : WHERE TO STAY IN EL NIDO, PALAWAN || Checking over different blogs and travel guide, one of the favorite among tourist in El Nido is the Spin Designer Hostel.

Just across the city proper of El Nido, a Php 50 / USD 1 pesos tricycle ride  away from the terminal you’ll get to see this hostel. Travel time is around 15 – 20 minutes from the terminal.

If you are looking for a relaxing space to stay, not too much tight in the budget, and wanted to have a great time socializing with so many other tourists,  plus a very instagrammable space, then this place is for you too!

Spin Designer Hostel Reception Area
Entrance Area

I booked for my 5D and 4N stay thru agoda.com which I got a special discount and paid for it in full 2 weeks in advance of my scheduled trip.

Picture4The normal room rates for 1 Bed in a 4-Bed All Female Dormitory cost P1,100 per night.

1 Bed for a Mixed Dormitory cost P1,000 both used a common comfort room in the area.

They also have a room “Private Bunk” good for two for those looking for more privacy or if you’re traveling in pairs, cost P1,500 / pax

And a Private Single Room with a private comfort room which cost P3,000 / pax

All room rates is inclusive of daily breakfast, free use of towels, secure card keys, cabinets and pillows and mattresses. Room is with A/C and with fans already.

Inside the 4 Bed Female Dormitory Room

I stayed in an all female dormitory and it looks like this :

All Female Dorm Room

Labeled in letter A,B, C and D, you’re sure to see your space in the room.

We got 4 cabinets, labeled properly, there is lighting should you wish to read a book by night, a personal electrical sockets per each bed for your gadgets to recharged. An own space for a small table and a mini  pouch area beside your bed.


It is definitely a perfect space for a traveler on the go! It has free Wifi at the common area, in this relaxing couches and living room space.

Common Area at the hostel
Common Area

The best place where you could get along and meet with your fellow traveler.

This is how the common comfort room looks like inside it. So many shower rooms, and toilet areas, it is always clean and well maintained that you wouldn’t mind it’s a common area for both men and women.

Common Comfort Room
Common Comfort Room

“I remembered my first day at the hostel public comfort room and guys just typically enters too. And I was like “uhhhmm. Yeah its normal”

But they also have a private restroom for girls who are uncomfortable with the set-up (*I guess) I tried both instead hahaha! (charge everything to experience)

What’s nice about this place is they got daily activities which they offer to the guest as well.

Movie Night

Movie Marathon at the common area. Everyone gathered at the sala area and find their own spot to binge watch.

BBQ Night

Picture17They got a Barbeque Night every Wednesday and Saturday which is awesome too! You get to stay and mingle with your co-traveler while you enjoy a buffet bbq and grilled dinner! It cost Php 300 pesos per person for a buffet type of meal. It is also open for other guests outside the hostel during those days of the week.

I stayed here on my last nigh stay at El Nido after a long activity day at the island I felt so tired and decided to eat at the hostel instead.

On a regular day, they do not offer other meals for lunch or dinner just a typical chips and drinks only over the reception area.

They also got Yoga Day on a Thursday over the Beach Side Area. *if you’re the type who wants it too

Bar Hopping which happens on a Friday night was also part of the activity of the hostel – this wasn’t really my thing though, but for some who loved the idea you can go along with the entire crew.

Breakfast Station
Dining Area Indoor

Breakfast everyday is so satisfying as well! You get to ask the cook for your request under the Egg Station, Fruits, Pancakes, Juices, Pastries and Bread is all there for you!

Egg Station!

Plus the area of the breakfast area is also too cute and calming to stay. You may opt for both indoor or outdoor treatment.

The entire place is Instagrammable! It was too beautiful and you might even just consider to stay in the hostel just to do nothing! It was also very comforting and relaxing that I get to be back here every after activities I get into it.

Outdoor Dining Area

Most of the guests were travelers too! I get to meet tons of people from various nationalities while having breakfast in the hostel and it was amazing! They get to share there travel journeys and this is where I enjoyed my time as a solo traveler.

I get to mingle with anyone and do things at own pace. Since it is a hostel type of room, I remembered having almost 10 different room mates for the span of 5 days.

There were still so many hostels available depending on your budget and it varies from as low as 500 pesos a night per person to 2,000 pesos.

So it really depends on your preference and if you’re looking for a comfort treat!

“My readers and my friends would know that I don’t save much on accommodation most especially if I know that it’s worth the price. It depends on every place I visit whether I needed to save on one and splurge on another.

Spin Designer Hostel was even claimed as one of the best hostel in El Nido by Trip Advisor. It is certainly one of the best experience I got during my stay in El Nido and I definitely recommend this for everyone!

Staff were amazing, very accommodating and it helps you with all your queries and concerns. You may view their site thru : http://spinhostel.com/  


How was your first hostel experience? or have you tried trying this type of accommodation as well? Let me know on the comments below.


Hola! Nathalie is your typical city girl who loves the island life, beach, travels, food and adventures. She’ll rather jump off cliffs than watch horror movies, go over beaches than hiking mountains, and never travels without a pashmina. An OC traveler keeping her research and spreadsheets every time she travels and would never say NO to new adventures. Follow her daily escapade @nathaliecsalcedo


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