Korean Drama, Kpop, Korean Food, Kimchi, Gong Yoo, Annyeong Haseyo! BTS and the likes, these were just some of the most popular terms and words we hear and we encounter each day.

Due to the influences of the Korean Culture or what we call Korean Invasion it is not shocking not to be hooked with it.

I personally have loved Korean food ever since, I always loved the idea of grilling and cooking your own meat, doing what I normally call the “balot balot experience” (Samgyeopsal) and having so many side dish that I get to eat feeling full and healthy at the same time. After tons of Kdrama I got hooked as well ( My love from the star, Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo, Legend of the Blue Sea to name a few) – *well who wouldn’t right? Haha! South Korea has since then been part of my Travel Bucket List. (*I gues you are too!)

So this simple discovery brought me much amazement and excitement at the same time.

Imagine wearing a Hanbok for an instance. Such as this :

Read on.

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A Hanbok is Korea’s Traditional Clothing.

Dream come true I must say! You only get to see this in Kdrama over Jewel in the Palace and the likes haha!  You get to wear this for free at Jonglo Korean Restaurant.


-Jonglo Restaurant is located in J. Bocobo in Ermita Manila.

-LRT Station nearest to it is Pedro Gil station

-If you are going to book for Grab or Uber it is also searcheable *wink


Going there you do not to book for reservation as they do not allow it as well. It accommodates customers on a first come first serve basis.

It is situated at the center of other restaurants and it is open for 24 hours. Perfect for after work dinner or even if you just feel like eating Korean Food at anytime of the day.

It gets a little crowded at night. I remembered when we got here on a Friday night we were already number 7 and just waited for almost more than an hour to grab a seat and customers continuously is coming in even at past 9pm.


This is where we waited for more than an hour. You have an option to stay at the ground level seated in a normal set of chairs, you may also cook and grill for your samgyeopsal. But since everyone wanted to feel and have that more Korean Feels! We opted to stay at the second floor.


Get to experience Korean Hanbok with a minimum of P350 / head is written across the wall. (They won’t mind actually just order what you can and what you desire.


This is how the second floor looks like. It can accommodate 10 tables at the same time with max of 6 per table.


The Korean Hanbok is hanged at a certain area at the second floor of the restaurant. There were so many options to choose from and the photo op was basically give and take within the other customers as well.



Make sure to return and hang properly the Hanbok after use! Most of the time, people neglect this after taking photos of it! Be a responsible customer for this.

After we had our dinner we opted for a photo-op and choose what is best for us.


They got so many Hanbok available, both for male and female. Both long and short and other accessories as well.


We tried to imitate a scenario from a Kdrama scene. But guess it wasn’t that easy though :p

Imagine being a server for the next “Mahal na Hari” hahaha!


  • Jonglo Restaurant compare with other Korean Resto does not offer group meals (yet, hopefully they could offer one in the future hihi!) So technically, you have to order in each order to complete the experience.

So here’s my recommendations.

Samgyupsal P250 per order

Samgyupsal per order good for 2 – 3 pax – who wouldn’t miss the all time favorite Samgyupsal? Served with side dishes such as kimchi, sweet potatoes and rice cake. This sure is a hit! One serving of lettuce for every 2 orders of Samgyupsal.

-Downside : Side dish are not unli, it can only be refilled one time.

You do not also get to grill it yourself if you’ll be staying at the second floor.

Dolsot Bibimbop P250

Dolsot Bibimbop – P250 per order good for 2 – 3 pax

This was one of the most healthy bibimbop I ever had. So many vegetables, so many flavorful plus it offers big serving as well. Worth the share as it is worth the try.

Make sure to mix the Korean paste in it properly to enjoy.

Dak Gang Jeong P600

Dak Gang Jeong – P600 per order good for 5 – 6 pax

This is a sweet savory chicken fillet, it feels better with Soju (as per the Kdrama scenes :p) You may choose if its with bones or fillet type of chicken.


Hemul Pajon – P350 per order

A seafood pancake. First time to try it and it taste good too!

Gamjatang – P700

Gamjatang – P700 per order good for 6 – 7 pax

This is made of beef ribs, truly meaty but quite pricey.

Big servings and it could accommodate everyone in the table! Hahaha!

I suggest you try other ramen available as well, much cheaper and with the same quantity.


As a whole, I recommend this restaurant with 5 star rating!!! The food was great, big servings, cheap enough and worth the price. Plus the experience was awesome! We ended up staying till 12mn for an hour of photo op with our most anticipated Hanbok Attire.

Better if you’ll come in group to save cost, and to try more cuisine.

Just have the patience to wait for your turn as it really gets busy and crowded at times. But the staff were pretty accommodating and gives you ample time to stay until you feel like so tired already 😀

There was no service charge and it got comfort rooms as well.

Let me know what other Korean Restaurants is worth the try?

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