A tour inside Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar – Bataan (2D/1N Guide, Itinerary and Tips)

Intramuros and  Vigan were just some of the famous heritage site we normally lived to visit to look back in time, little did we know that a new site was all along just 3 hours away from Manila.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan, is a unique Spanish Philippine heritage site located in Bagac, Bataan.
It’s main attractions are the mansions built from the 17th-19th century Spanish colonial period. Some were replicas of the old houses from all over the Philippines and the rest were casas and houses with special history that lies with it.

So, what would make you visit Las Casas Filipinas?

Aside from what people normally knew, the Heritage Tour and the picturesque view is worth the visit, but more than that, authentic restaurants were also on site, a swimming pool and beach side for you to soak up after the busy afternoon, plus a private hotel rooms and accommodation that is definitely worth the try, go on island hopping as well, biking around the area and play at the game room with filipino games were just some of the highlights you should consider.

And that is why I tell you that a day tour couldn’t be enough to explore this wonder.

I’ll be sharing with you my overnight stay at Las Casas with the mansion feels room and accommodation, tried 2 out of 3 available restos on site, and our unexpected and unplanned island hopping which was uncrowded and really beautiful as well.

So read on. Let the photos speak for me first.






Picture6Picture7Picture8Picture9If the photos interest you, this is how to go to Las Casas from Manila :

  • Ride a bus bound to Balanga from Genesis Terminal in Cubao
    • P200 for 2 hours travel time
    • the bus leave every time it gets full
  • From Balanga Terminal ride a Jeep bound to Bagac
    • P50 for 1 hour travel time
    • you may opt to tell the driver to bring you straight to Las Casas for additional P25 (since most of us from the Jeep were heading the same way, the driver then agreed)
    • If not, from Bagac Terminal ride a tricycle for P100 good for 3 – 4 pax to bring you directly to Las Casas
Bagac Terminal
This is in front of Bagac Terminal

*Note :

  • I suggest you booked your ticket and reservation online to avoid the fuss and hassle

You may email directly thru : reserve@lascasasfilipinas.com they are very prompt with email inquiry and may send you messages directly

Upon entering Las Casas you will be greeted with staff in old uniform to give you details for your stay. They were very keen with reservations so that I tell you should be settled ahead of time.


Picture13The Heritage Tour in Las Casas starts from 8:30am until 4:30pm, almost every hour there is a heritage tour to join with.

For day tour  it cost P1,500 pesos per person and it includes the 1 hour heritage tour, complimentary drinks, and towel after the tour, you may also go on swimming in the pool and / or thru the beach. 

Take advantage of it as you get to enter old houses and casas which is only open for tour group. Get to listen to all the stories as you look back in time while taking tons and tons of photos at the same time.

Heritage Tours schedule in Las Casas

This train is also available for you to ride, it’ll take you to different places inside Las Casas. There is no specific time for the train, there is also a free Jeepney Ride that’ll take you to your desired destination — the restaurant, the game room and the room areas.




There is the Casa Lubao also known as the Game Room. You may play traditional Filipino games if you still have spare time.



Inside Las Casas there is only 3 available restaurants for you to dine. Namely : Cabe Marivent, La Bella Teodora and La Panederia.

Spare some extra money for this as each meal cost around P300 – P900 pesos. There is no other option but to eat inside Las Casas or bring your own baon if you want to save money but I tell you, there is no proper public areas to dine as well*


  • LA BELLA TEODORA – spanish colonnial feels even on interior, this resto is only open for a limited time only from 9am-3pm. They specializes with Pizza and Pasta!!! (*my two most favorite dish)
La Bella Teodora Interior
With the bunch
Different Pasta Type and Pizza shared for all

Picture31To give you an idea of the actual price range please see menu below. Though it is expensive at some point, we get to order 3 dish and shared it good for 5 since it have big servings as well.

La Bella Teodora Menu
La Bella Teodora Menu
  • MARIVENT CAFE –  this resto offers Filipino food on the other hand. So head to this resto if you crave for one after the tour.
La Marivent Cafe Menu
La Marivent Cafe Menu
Dinner after the long day at Marivent Cafe

While you dine, there were also performers singing Filipino Songs for you. Don’t forget to try their specialty Gabi Ice Cream 🙂

Gabi Ice Cream
CR only inside Marivent Cafe

If you’ll stay for an overnight stay in Las Casas you have a complimentary  breakfast buffet at Marivent in the morning. Though you only have limited choices it was still okay.

Buffet Breakfast


  • Room accommodations in Las Casas may seemed expensive to look at. Each person should shell out from P1,700 pesos and could even go higher than that depending on your room preferences.
  • Each room accom. includes the following :
  • • Set Breakfast Exclusive at the Heritage area
    • Heritage Walking Tour
    • Wi-Fi access
    • Tramvia ride
    • Free Hop-On Hop-Off Jeepney Ride within Las Casas area
    • Coffee and Tea making facilities
    • Use of Swimming Pool and Beach Area

In our case, I booked for a FAMILY SUITE DELUXE room good for 6 pax, on weekdays it is worth P10,400.00 and P12,000 on a weekends.

The heritage houses you see around Las Casas were surprisingly rooms available for rent. What is good about staying in Las Casas is the fact that you get to spend more time to roam around the place. Get to enjoy the scenery better and explore everything until the next day.

Here is the most recent room rates for 2017.

room ratesroom rates2

room rates3room rates4

The room was definitely worth the penny, super beautiful, very relaxing, an Instagrammable Room Area with the good set of interiors and design plus a very spacious comfort room! (*haha! the six of us could even actually fit inside and go to shower all at the same time)

Family Deluxe Room Suite



Bath tub inside
Shower Room


In the morning after we had our breakfast we decided to roam around more and take photos more of the areas we missed from the tour. Planned for biking as well but it gets fully occupied rapidly. Until then a boatman approached us for an Island Hopping with 2 island to see.


We decided for an Island Hopping shortly after breakfast from 9:00am – 12:00nn (*just in time for our checkout)

Worth P1,500 we divided the cost to 6 and paid P100 in one of the beach resort we had visited. Since we normally go on a trip on a weekday it was not crowded and we get to enjoy the beach all to ourselves.

Island Hopping in Bataan




Owning the beach for a while


If you still have time to spend in the beach




These cabanas is where we left our things as well. And it was really comforting to stay here as well.


  • If there is something we regret, that is if we could have thought to go on island hopping the earliest time possible 🙂 but since the rooms were really comforting as well we find it hard to leave our bed as well. hihi!
  • I would really suggest for an overnight stay here in Las Casas to fully maximize your stay plus no need to bring your things during heritage tours since you have your rooms to relax afterwards.
  • We thought of swimming in the pool, but it was not as clean as we thought it to be. But the beach area was okay for day tour, you may want to soak and swim as well
  • You’ll learn a lot from the heritage tour, I won’t spill everything in this blog for you to understand as well and to listen to the guides. Famous movies you’ve seen in the limelight used Las Casas as a shooting area as well
  • Speaking of shoot, Pre-nup and other photoshoot is widely suggested as well here in Las Casas

As a whole, I would definitely be back here soon! So many good memories and good photos that goes with it.

Let me know your comments and questions below. ❤

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  1. Hi there.. just want to ask what Island did you go hopping? Your photos on the island looks like it’s same from Playa La Caleta.


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