Legoland, Malaysia (Day Trip Guide and Details)


What to expect in Legoland, Malaysia? Have you ever consider this in your itinerary for Malaysia Trip?

I’m sure you have heard  about the Lego and small toys we used to play, the imaginations we create as we build blocks and houses when we were kids. Tons of variations and many kids and kids at heart were pretty ecstatic to come and visit the Legoland when it officially opened 5 years ago (2012).

Planning for my Malaysia Trip, Legoland was one on top of my mind to visit as well. Being one of the famous Theme Park in Asia, one must not missed it. We may be adult already but who knows and would also be better to come and see what the theme park has to offer too.

This Legoland Trip was part of my (6D / 5N trip to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, 2 Days was spent in KL, 1 Day for Legoland and 3 Days for Singapore) please see link to read full details of the trip : Malaysia – Singapore (DIY Trip for 6D / 5N Full Itinerary, Budget & Guide) The first 2 days was spent in Kuala Lumpur, please see link for full itinerary : Malaysia for 3D / 2N Trip (DIY, Complete Itinerary, Guide and Budget)

Other guide will tell you that Legoland is located far from the city proper of KL, which is true! What I did was to go all the way to Legoland from KL then head to cross Singapore at the same time. There were some traveler who go all the way first to Singapore then just return to Malaysia for Legoland. I have thought of the same route however, crossing border between Malaysia and Singapore could eat up more time than maximizing first everything in Malaysia before heading to Singapore.

So Read On.


  • Going to Legoland you have to go to TBS Bus Terminal (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) it was a 20 minute cab ride all the way to the terminal from our hostel (Pasar Seni located — Reggae Hostel) — paid RM 30 (RM 60 good for 2)
    • If you are a light traveller and riding the train won’t hurt you, you may also do so. Alight at Bandar Tasik Selatan Station VIA Rapid KL LRT, the KTM Komuter Train OR KL Transit airport fast train  going to TBS Terminal.
  • From TBS Terminal book for a bus bound to Larkin Bus Terminal — fare is RM 34.10
    • In TBS Terminal you’ll be amazed how good it looks like. Buy your ticket at the ticket booth and they may give you the earliest time of departure if it is still available.
      • You may do earlier reservation with the bus terminals if you prefer keeping everything in advance
  • It was a 4 hours travel time going to Larkin Bus Terminal (Causeway Bus was one of the best I’ve seen from TBS, you may sleep in the bus and recharge for a day full of activity, there are outlet but be sure you have an adaptor that would fit in)
  • Alight in Larkin Bus Terminal and walk all the way at the farthest side and look for Causeway Bus again, ask for a bus that would lead you straight to Legoland.
    • there is also a bus terminal which specifically make its way to Legoland, it would just depend on your time of arrival. Bus to Legoland fare is RM 3

      • make sure you have small bills for bus payment, oftentimes they don’t give change anymore, you only drop the money as you enter the bus *so better to move fast as the bus does not stay in the terminal for long
      • there is also a specific time of bus schedule available going to Legoland *refer to the table below
  • Alight at Legoland
    • the same bus will take you to Hello Kitty Sanrio Land if you also want to visit the theme park before Legoland


  • From Legoland, ride a bus bound to Larkin Bus Terminal — Rate is RM 3.40 (it would take longer going back to Larkin Terminal
  • From Larkin Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound to KL and you’ll be heading straight back to TBS Terminal

If you will be heading straight to Singapore after Legoland also read the detailed post her : *detailed post to follow


For the attractions and theme park, I make it to a point to pay it ahead of my scheduled trip, in this way I get to spend less on this particulars during my trip.

For my Legoland entrance, I booked thru I got my 1 all day entrance at the theme park for P1,230.00 instead of P1,800 worth from the official site of Legoland. Klook offers discounts on attractions entrances and it would save you from lining up as well once you are in the area. Just don’t forget to print a copy of your voucher and show it to the entrance.

You have three options to choose from : Theme Park Ticket, Water Park, or Combo — both the theme park and water park). If you have kids with you, combo ticket could be a great buy for it lets you maximize everything for a day at a discounted rate.

Rates via

The theme park would probably be enjoyed with kids as they check out each kiddie rides.

No need to worry about your luggage as Legoland offers lockers perfect whatever size you are carrying. Everything was automated and it was very organized and systematic.

We paid RM 30 for 4 hours rental and both my luggage and my bestfriends’ luggage could all fit in it.

There were many of this lego made photo op area
OOTD : Shades and Dress(Forever 21), White Shoes (SM Store)
Famous Landmark over the world made of Lego were all here!!!
A replica of the Twin Tower made of Lego
Thailand temples made of Lego
Play area for kids

Weather in Malaysia was relatively hot and humid! Make sure to dress up properly, and Ice Cream will do the trick.

There were rides inside the Legoland that are air conditioned which is great to spend a hot afternoon. I have a cap with me, an umbrella and a pair of shades, wear sunblock for the striking sun also.

Ice Cream for Dessert!!! RM 9 (with bottled water)

Spent the entire afternoon in the Theme Park, souvenirs can also be bought. And the kids would surely enjoy this theme park.

It was still nothing compare with the rest of the theme park we had in the Philippines as rides were still very basic. However, it is the structures and the Lego made designs inside the theme park that made it stand out.  Every part of it is photo worthy and well thought off.

Highlight of the theme park was the 4D Lego experience, so make sure to check for its time also. Food and restaurants are available inside Legoland, prices were reasonable and you wouldn’t worry too much of spending. If not, you may also eat at KFC and other fast food chain just within the area outside Legoland.

Here’s the detailed summary with expenses for my Legoland Trip *please take note that this is based from my own travel experience.

day 3 - legoland

After staying in the park the entire afternoon, our next stop — cross country to Singapore.

Hope this could help you plan for your travel as well.


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  1. Nice day trip 🙂 I really miss Malaysia so much has changed… have you tried Genting Hinglands or Tropicale Colmar?? The latter is so stunning, I think you would love it. I have a post on it.. you should check it.


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