How to cross country from Malaysia to Singapore via bus? (detailed guide for first timers )

Was it easy to cross country from Malaysia to Singapore from the first place? This was the same question that popped into my head. As my first international travel, I had to do series of research to make sure I was equipped enough for the plan.

Going on vacations would entail series of planning and crossing one country apart from the other with a single trip would really be exciting. It saves you airfare time and cost, and it give you more place to explore.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing with you how we manage to travel from Malaysia going to Singapore via bus. It was one hell of a ride getting lost from a foreign country  and being there for the first time.

This is initially part of My Malaysia – Singapore Trip for 6D/5N (3 days was spent in Kuala Lumpur and Legoland and 3 days to Singapore) please see detailed post from the link : Malaysia – Singapore (DIY Trip for 6D / 5N Full Itinerary, Budget & Guide)

What we did was to cross country from Legoland, since we managed to squeeze in already with our itinerary. For the detailed post also read : Legoland, Malaysia (Day Trip Guide and Details)


  • In Larkin Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound to Queen Street Terminal bus fare is only RM 3.00 // PHP 35.40
    • travel time is around 15 – 20 mins going to the immigration of Malaysia in Johor Bahru
    • Queen Street Terminal is the most known terminal going to Singapore, check with your booked hostel or hotel for accommodation also if it is near the area
    • I came from Larkin Bus Terminal since we headed a side trip to Legoland first before going to Singapore if not and if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur City proper, ride a bus bound to Queen Street Terminal from TBS Terminal instead
  • All the passengers of the bus has to alight at Johor Bahru Terminal, the immigration of Malaysia (it was just after 20 minutes bus ride from Larkin Bus Terminal
    • bring all your things, taking photos is not allowed
    • hold your passport with you for stamping for exit
For exit to Malaysia in immigration
  • Have your passport stamped for exit the immigration
  • Upon exit to Malaysia Immigration head all the way back to the bus terminal make sure you look for the Causeway Bus
    • it might be confusing as there are so many tourist going from one place to another, keep your luggage and things with you all the time and look where the tourist are heading you should be riding a bus still bound to Queen Street
    • Ride a bus bound to Queen Street Terminal – Bus Number isCW2
      • this will lead you straight to Singapore Embassy before heading to Queen Street
  • Alight at Singapore Immigration, all passengers had to go down the bus once again after 20 mins (depends on traffic)
    • used the same bus ticket you had from Larkin Bus Terminal, so no need to pay again
    • we were lucky that our first bus driver was very keen in explaining how to go through the entire process of it
  • In Singapore Immigration,  don’t forget to secure the departure card for entry to Singapore
    • It was my first international travel, and entering thru the SG Immigration I was worried and excited at the same time, I have all documents printed with me (my hostel booking, attractions entrances and valid ID’s) it took us 10 mins to pass thru the Immigration Officer
    • also take note, that they do not converse well in English so make sure to listen properly to all questions at the same time
  • Upon exit in Singapore Immigration ride a bus bound to Queen Street Terminal (*same bus ticket, no need to pay — just keep it with you all the time)
    • make sure you alight at the right bus, check with the schedule of the arrival of the bus as everything is very timely
    • you may ride and book a grab ride going all the way to your hostel / accommodation if you have the internet
    • Back story : For such time, my best friend and I was lost tracking and following fellow tourists, apparently there were heading back to Johor Bahru so make sure you keep on asking not until you are sure, there are so many tourist in the area who were trying to locate their way as well — we rode the wrong bus bound back to Malaysia and entered the immigration office once again. It took us an hour to finally figure out how to head back bound to Singapore and decided to ride a Grab all the way to our hostel *thanks to a Singaporean student we met along the immigration, she helped us with the booking and everything as we do not have our internet with us.

    • Blogs will tell you that Singapore is covered with WIFI everywhere but trust me when I say you still need to buy a sim card for you to help you as well. GRAB app was a life saver and traffic in Singapore is not notable.

Make sure to keep on asking if you are confused with direction. It is better to ask than to start all over again.

Remember that you are a tourist, and you cannot demand too much in a foreign country.

Check out my Itinerary Guide for 3 Days in Singapore : *link to follow


Let me know if you have other questions, I’ll be happy to help you.

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