Exploring Singapore – 3D/2N DIY Itinerary, Budget and Tips for your trip


They say that traveling to Singapore could have been one of the most expensive trip you may ever have. That is why it caught to my surprise when I get to save more than what I had expected. Well, include how much time I spent just to do research (*I’m an OC Traveller and I make sure that I plan everything before hand)

But since I was ticking off my South East Asia Bucket List I wanted to explore this city and did my extensive research to be able to travel in SG. This blog is part of my 6D / 5N Trip to Malaysia and Singapore, you may also want to read : Malaysia – Singapore (DIY Trip for 6D / 5N Full Itinerary, Budget & Guide)

So in this blog, I’ll be sharing how we manage to spend less than P13,000 pesos in Singapore without compromising the experience and comfort during my trip. Please take note that my accommodation and some of my entrance fees were paid ahead of time but you’ll see how cost efficient everything is.


It was a pretty humid and sunny afternoon as we rise hello to Singapore after our stressful bus transfer from KL the night prior (*haha!) Also Read : How to cross country from Malaysia to Singapore via bus? (detailed guide for first timers )

Left our hostel at past 12nn after taking a happy and healthy breakfast from Five Stones Hostel. LRT Trains and Buses were widely used in Singapore similar with Malaysia however, we decided to book for a Grab ride all the way to our first day itinerary — Marina Bay Sands. If you are alone, you’ll save riding the LRT trains or buses as it was really interconnected and commuting wouldn’t be hard too.


Going there : If taking LRT, alight at Bayfront Station. Then walk all the way to Marina Bay Sands.

This place is one of the most famous sight in Singapore. Since I also work for a retail mall this place perfectly fits me. Different stores and shops available for shopping. Dining destination, casino and imagine riding the gondola inside the mall.

Marina Bay Sands
inside Marina Bay Sands



Going there : From Marina Bay Sands there is a direct passes all the way to Gardens by the bay just keep on walking, you’ll see signage and tourists are everywhere.


Super Tree Grove
Singapore Flyer // overlooking view from Gardens by the bay

The first time I stepped on Gardens by the Bay I was so confused as to how I call the rest of the sites to see. We initially checked the map and figured out that (Supertree Grove, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest were all part of the Gardens by the Bay)

Please do take note that Gardens by The Bay is free for everyone, so if you wanted to just roam around the area then that will be fine too. Food restos though were all located just within the cooled conservatories and you might need to ride the shuttle or walk (*whatever works for you)

I booked for our entrances for both Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at the ticketing area for SGD 28 for both attraction and it was a good buy already. You may also buy one attraction only if only one suits you. Going to the cooled conservatories we also booked a ticket for a shuttle ride for SGD 3, this works as a two-way service already and trust me! you’ll need this! I’ll expound later.

The shuttle will take you straight to the Cooled Conservatories. And all you have to do is walk from one place to another. After we filled our tummy with food, we immediately started the tour.


As the name suggests, it was a close and cooled conservatory covered with different types and kinds of flowers. It was everywhere! We stayed for about an hour and a half to perfectly roam around the dome.

There were so many tourists in the area, so trust me that it’ll be hard for a photo op. Nonetheless, appreciate and enjoy what that place has to offer.




Flower Dome


Flower Dome


I so love this place! This waterfall was just man made and is surviving inside this cooled conservatory as well. It was pretty big and you may reach all they way at the top and see everything for yourself. We also stayed for an hour and a half in this dome just perfect as the sunsets.

Take note that they closes the entry at 6PM already on both conservatories. There were so many tourist at any given time, we actually visited on a weekday but the influx of people still never stops.



This is where you’ll get to see the view of Marina Bay Sands, from the Cloud Forest.



After visiting both conservatories, we walked all the way to the Super Tree Grove to make it just in time for the daily light show. We wanted to make sure to make it the 7:30PM schedule show. Since the shuttle that will take us back to the entrance area will only be until 8:30PM, the next show starts by that time on the other hand.

Supertree Grove

Watching it was so amazing, it was too surreal for me I guess. Everyone gets to sit on the floor, even lie down to perfectly capture and enjoy the light show.

This is for free and all tourists get to watch for this. However, you also have the option to pay for an entrance fee and go all the way up the Super Tree Grove area. Which I think isn’t necessary at all, coz you get to enjoy it still for FREE.

After Gardens by the Bay, if you still have the energy for long walks you may do so and visit the next site —


Who would miss to visit this famous attraction? This was just right across Gardens By The Bay. Everyone was doing the famous shot and to tell you, tourists are everywhere!!! hahaha!



View during night was even more fascinating as you get to see it in dim lights as everyone enjoys a sumptuous dinner within the restaurants around Merlion. Please also do note, that the biggest Merlion can be seen in Sentosa.

We actually went to Merlion the second day of our trip, however ideally it could also be visited once you are in Gardens by The Bay area already as you may just walk all the way going here.

After a long day, we went all the way back to our hostel, booked a Grab Ride from Marina Bay Sands as it was easier to book a ride.


  • Cab in Singapore was color coordinated, respective flag down rates apply. Be careful on this
  • Grab Car is everywhere, and it tells you how much you needed to shell out already. Which I think is much better.
  • Long walks are everywhere, make sure to dress up properly and comfortably. Also do note that the weather in Singapore is pretty humid and extremely hot at times so bring protection.


Food Stalls in Singapore were everywhere. The location of our hostel was even very convenient as well as it is near resto and food stalls. Please also read, Where to stay in Singapore :

We made sure to dine and eat Singaporean Cuisine for our stay and so we did.

Nasi Lemak // Milo Dinosaur Drink

The next day, we had another Singapore Dishes for lunch at Clementi Mall, in time of our pasalubong shopping *full details below in the blog


Here’s the summary of my Day 1 Trip with budgets included.

DAY 4 - SG


When you’ve realized that you haven’t seen much of Singapore until the second day of the trip took place. With a kiddie heart in mind and the sights I have always wanted to visit. We made our way to Sentosa.


To go there : you may book a grab ride straight to Sentosa or ride a MRT alight to Harbourfront Station and go towards Vivo City and walk all the way to Sentosa or you may also ride a Cable Car going to Sentosa.

In Sentosa, you’ll get to see to so many sights and enjoy it as much as you could. The first stop — Candylicious ❤ ❤

Just by walking you’ll get to see this shop, a candy shop and I tell you that it is super cute! Chocolates and Sweets could also be a little expensive here. But at least, you’ll get to have you photos at any part of the store.

How cute this place could be?


Sugar Rush!!!
The famous tree made of sweets ❤


Universal Studios is just within Sentosa, and you’ll see signage around even within the area.

For my USS ticket, I initially booked it thru klook.com in advance, It has discount and no need to line up on the day of the trip. The printed voucher already served as the actual ticket to the amusement park. I also got SGD 5 meal voucher which we get to use when we dine inside USS.

https://www.klook.com/activity/117-universal-studios-singapore/ | I got 1 unlimited whole day ride for only P2,432.00 contrary with the original price that would range up to P2,700 – P3,000.

Universal Studios
How magical this place could be?
Transformers Ride

We did not ride too much in USS but rather tried what is most talked about — The Transformers Ride, a 4D super hi-tech ride that would be loved by everyone. It was really a great ride and everyone should ride this too!

The Mummy
Area for the kids

Universal Studios was pretty big, and it was also tiring with the striking sun. Get a map with you, dine in the resto houses, get yourself hydrated and roam as much as you can.

Initially, one could also spent the entire day at USS to maximize its rides 🙂

After Universal Studios, there were still too much to see in Sentosa, a Wax Museum, ride a cable ride, go to the man-made beach of what they call Palawan Beach as well.

We roam around the entire Sentosa and you’ll see the biggest Merlion as well in here.

After heading for food to eat, we headed for shopping.


Looking for 1 DOLLAR shop? chocolates and sweets and everything nice? Head to Clementi on your trip to Singapore and this is where I tell you where the cheapest chocolates are.



I got ramen and noodles and it definitely taste good! Cookies and pica-pica were everywhere and it didn’t hurt my wallet much as I get to buy so many pasalubongs for less than SGD 30


Another famous shopping haven in SG is the Bugis St. do not get confused as there is a mall which sells expensive brands and clothes. Look for Bugis Street instead and it was similar with the divisoria feels in the Philippines, cheap clothes, bags and things are everywhere.

In Bugis, this is where shirts and keychains were the cheapest among the other shopping places.

Bugis Street


If you still have the energy to shop for more, and you want to maximize the entire night in Singapore? Head over to Mustafa, where literally you’ll see everything.

It was like a 168 feels and it has so many buildings, what is good about it, is that, it is open for 24 hours!! so you may visit Mustafa even late nigh after a strenous day trip or activity. Both Clementi and Bugis works and runs operational as the mall does so consider this also in you itinerary.

In Mustafa you’ll get to buy so many things, from perfumes, clothes, luggage, techie items and the list go on. There were food stalls along the area as well should you wish to dine after.

We just took a cab then going to the hostel, coz it was freakin’ a tiring day.

Notes :

  • As a whole, day 2 was pretty tiring but it was one hell of a trip.
  • Expect more more walk escapade should you be doing the DIY type, but that is still part of the fun.
  • You may even stay in Sentosa for the entire day, and maximize the attractions and places it has to offer if you wish too.
  • A trip in Universal Studios could have been better if there were less people, shorter lines so you won’t end up wasting time just to line up, they have an Express Lane category that you may also want to reconsider before buying your ticket — it allows you to save time from lining up
  • there were lockers available in USS as some rides requires you to be empty handed for the ride, however, these lockers have corresponding payments too
  • If there’s a place I wanted to visit again, I’ll come back for Clementi for all its cheap finds ❤ ❤
day 5 - sg
Day 2 Singapore Trip Budget


The hardest part of the trip, is waking up early morning realizing that a week long trip has finally come to an end. We head down to our hostel for breakfast and enjoy it as much as we could. Happy and tired for the sites we see and attractions we’ve visited it’s time to be back home.

Luckily, as what I mentioned our hostel is resided near the famous site as well. After dressing up, we then head to Instagrammers favorite spot — Haji Lane.


Every night, Haji Lane is the usual resto places you may get to dine and drink with your friends. So to see this colorful murals — visit this in the morning.

Haji Lane


Haji Lane

During night, outside tables and chairs were everywhere.

There is also a store in Haji Lane which sells Pashmina and is really affordable ❤ ❤ being a TITA myself, I binge bought every color I wished I could hahaha!! *panic buying


This is just right within Arab Lane, (*next to Haji Lane) it was just like a street apart from each other.

We initially dropped off here on our first day when we were roaming around to look for food stall to it.

DAY 6 - SG
Day 3 Singapore Budget

*Notes :

  • As a whole, I guess my itinerary were just right in time of our 3 Days Stay in Singapore, there could have been more to explore and more days might be needed to fully maximize everything.
  • I literally spent less than P15,000 after 3 days in Singapore (my accomodation was paid in advance and my USS Ticket) however, my bestfriend and I mainly used Cabs and Grab Car to our way in and around SG, so you could have spent less when you travel via MRT or buses

If you want to see the entire itinerary of my week long trip, you may also read : Malaysia – Singapore (DIY Trip for 6D / 5N Full Itinerary, Budget & Guide)

See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

I’ll be happy to share my excel file for your personal trip.

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To more travel destinations. – xoxo



Hola! Nathalie is your typical city girl who loves the island life, beach, travels, food and adventures. She’ll rather jump off cliffs than watch horror movies, go over beaches than hiking mountains, and never travels without a pashmina. An OC traveler keeping her research and spreadsheets every time she travels and would never say NO to new adventures. Follow her daily escapade @nathaliecsalcedo

25 thoughts on “Exploring Singapore – 3D/2N DIY Itinerary, Budget and Tips for your trip

  1. This is a really helpful guide for touring Singapore! I have always wanted to visit. You have lovely photos of the scenery. Thanks for sharing this itinerary!


  2. thanks for your detailed trip in singapore … I will be leaving on Monday morning and I still haven’t figure what I will be doing there … solo traveller here since my husband needs to stay with the kids … I just tried my luck on the promo tix of Jetstar. Hope I get to have a geat time like you did. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Great job on your itinerary! I’ve been to Singapore four times already but this is the only time I’ve read of Clementi. I will definitely take note of that. Btw, I sent you a PM. 🙂


  4. Great suggestions and gorgeous photos! Especially love the shots with the flowers and plants at the Gardens by the Bay.

    P.S. Love the OCD Itinerary & Budget Excel Sheets — we’ve got our own version, too for our travels. Glad we’re not the only crazy OCD ones who do it!


  5. I completely agree with your itinerary for 3 days, I pretty much followed the same when I was in Singapore few years back. I was lucky also to spend a night at Marina Bay Sands, their infinity pool was awesome but accessible only for guests of course. Supertree grove was fantastic especially at night. I also loved their rooftop bars!


  6. I haven’t been to Singapore since I was 10 years old so I bet it’s so different now! I don’t think the Gardens by the Bay existed then, and they look so gorgeous and great to visit. I also really like the look of Haji Lane and its incredible street art. Is food still affordable in Singapore or has that skyrocketed through the roof as well?


  7. Great suggestions. Used to go back and forth between Manila and Singapore way back in 1998-2000. All these things you talk about are new except for Bugis.


  8. This is great. I love that you can do more and still be on a budget without compromising. Singapore is on my list to visit.


  9. You must have had a nice time in Singapore. The pictures say so. Singapore looks beautiful and touring this city in 3 days for might be inadequate. Thanks for sharing your experience. Singapore is on my bucket lists and I’d like to gather enough information which your post has provided.


  10. Singapore is beautiful, the Marina Bay Sands is on top of our list. Haji Lane is stunning and breathtaking. Three days seem to be more than enough plus your budget breakdown will be very helpful whenever we plan our trip.


  11. Oh my goodness, I had always wanted to visit Singapore, but this post just skyrocketed that wish! Wow! The flower dome looks so dreamy, I love flowers. There is such an endless amount of cool things to do in the city!


  12. You got that right, Singapore maybe one of the most expensive cities in Asia but it is quite possible to do the city well within a budget given their excellent connectivity by MRT and the bus. I remember taking a day pass to cut further costs and it got me everywhere. Glad you shared the additional tips to cut costs.


  13. I have a totally different itinerary when I visited Singapore five years ago. We stayed in Resorts World Sentosa so most of our time were spent there and we didn’t get the change to explore Gardens by the Bay. Well, it’s something to look forward to in our next visit. Thanks for sharing your experience and itinerary.


  14. Great Itinerary! My boyfriend really wants to do a stopover in Singapore at some point, so this is great because we’d probably spend the same amount of time as you. I’m excited to visit Singapore now!


  15. I heard that Singapore can be very expensive so it’s good to have a guide on how to spend less than P13,000 pesos and still have a great time. Marina Bay Sands looks amazing. I will be happy to just watch everyone and everything and not spend any money. The daily light show at Super Tree Grove also looks like something not to miss.


  16. Lovely photos, brought back memories ! I’ve been to Singapore few year ago and I really enjoyed this city. Singapore packs a surprisingly massive number of attractions: verdant parks, world-class zoos, luxurious hotels, historical structures, and delicious food, all in a land area ! I love this city 🙂


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