Five Stones Hostel – Where to stay in Singapore? (for a budget traveller)

Going on vacation is both exciting and thrilling, discovering new cities, visiting different attractions and enjoying what the place has to offer. And one of the big part that makes a vacation worth while is the place and accommodation you’ll get to stay.

As a budget traveler I make sure I get what my money is worth and make sure that I still get comfortable with my rooms and hostels to stay at. Barely will I checked-in an expensive hotel but rather go for hostels instead.

Hostels provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex, and private rooms may also be available.


So where to stay in Singapore on a budget? Check out where I stayed during my last visit in Singapore — Five Stones Hostel.

Located at 285 Beach Rd, Singapore.

Five Stones Hostel


  • From SG Immigration
    • you may ride a bus bound to Queen Street Terminal for SGD 3. Alight at Queen Street Terminal and you may walk all the way to Beach Front
      • this could be a 10 – 15 min walk, so if you’ll be carrying luggage and heavy bags I suggest you go for the latter option
    • Ride a Grab ride or cab all the way to Beach Front, it’ll take around 30 – 45 mins ride going to the hostel (paid SGD 18 during our trip)
  • From Changi Airport
    • Cab to the hostel will take 20 – 30 mins ride (SGD 11 – 15 *estimated)
Receiving Area

Location wise, it was really convenient as it is near the famous Haji Lane, Arab Lane and everything was interconnected.

Food restaurants were everywhere, food stalls and night life is also near the area.


During my travels, I make sure that I book my hostels and accommodations in advance, especially when you visit Singapore, Immigration Officer might be keen enough to ask where you’ll be staying during your vacation. I had to show reservation and booking slip as well.

I booked and saw Five Stones Hostel from (*so if you’ll be looking for a great finds hostel and hotels on your vacation sight make sure to look and search at or — I usually used both of this sites)

What’s good with it gives you special rates and discounts as well.

Booked 1 Bed for an all female dormitory room of 8 for only PHP 966.00 per night // SGD 25.66

Paid and settled already in advance prior my visit and paid in full for P2,898 or            SGD 76.93 for 3 nights. So I only showed my slip in the reception area prior to check-in. There is only a key deposit of SGD 20 in time of check-in which is refundable upon check-out.

They have other rooms available for your preference,  mixed-room hostel, and private rooms as well.


Check-in Time is 2:00PM and Check-out time at 12NN. But there are people in reception area for 24 hours so you may check-in even late night (*we checked-in by 1AM after struggling in the bus transfer from Malaysia. You may also want to read : How to cross country from Malaysia to Singapore via bus? (detailed guide for first timers )

They have pica-pica food and cup noodles, chips and cookies for sale in the reception. Expect that these are really expensive. Desktop is available for those who wanted to rush on something.

Wifi is free and is readily available at any part of the hostel.


Living Room Area

Here’s the living room area, with netflix to binge watch.

Common Area

For Breakfast, the hostel offers free breakfast for all but do not expect too much, as rice meals are not being offered.

They have cereals, breads, coffee, milk or tea, spreads of different types which I guess is good enough to start the day. Time of breakfast from 7AM – 10AM.  The kitchen area is not pretty big enough, peak of the guests arrives around 8:30 – 9:30AM.

Breads and Jams

As for me, as long there’s coffee and cereals I am good 🙂


On the way to the room, it was really pretty organized. Key card per each guest is available for your own convenience.


Stayed here 🙂

I stayed in a female dormitory room for 8. It was nice enough to stay and spend the night at after series of day trips.

Each bed comes with a personal light, 1 small cabinet for your things and luggage, own socket which is very impt (*however, do not forget to bring an adopter when you visit SG), it was air conditioned and you may even have different room mates each day.

All Female Dormitory Room for 8
Public Comfort Room

The public comfort room was also clean and big enough to accommodate the guests in the floor. Towels were provided, hair dryer, and even shampoo and soap is available.

Me and my best friend Sybil

As a whole, it was a great hostel to stay at in Singapore. Very affordable, comforting and you surely get what your money is worth for.

I would highly recommend this to everyone! And it was a nice experience to stay here.

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To more travel destinations. – xoxo


13 thoughts on “Five Stones Hostel – Where to stay in Singapore? (for a budget traveller)

  1. I don’t usually stay in hostels when I travel but it is only recently that I started to travel solo, so I’ve been considering doing it. It’s always nice to read about a particular hostel with good reviews from someone who has stayed there, otherwise it can be confusing to pick one from so many options. Thanks for sharing!


  2. We’ve been considering staying at hostels lately especially for international travels as it’s much cheaper than hotels. Will definitely consider this when we get back to SG. It feels very homey and pretty clean! 🙂 The chandelier (?) at the dorm room looks unique!


  3. I like to stay in hostels because they offer often much more information than ‘normal’ hotels and are generally colourful places as is Five Stones Hostel in Singapore. Your advice to book in advance is very valuable. I’ve never had to show my slip as proof at emigrations but what a luck you had booked in advance!


  4. I am planning a trip to Singapore soon so this came across me at the right time. I am travelling and on a tight budget so Five seasons seems like a nice options. I usually don’t stay in hostels, but with the options of private rooms as well this is a nice place to stay. The décor of the rooms and even bathrooms looks nice enough for me to consider staying here 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!


  5. This looks like a really cute hostel with some good common areas. I really like that the beds have individual reading lights and power sockets. I consider this to be an essential when I stay in a hostel, otherwise it’s just really frustrating taking it in turns to charge your electronics. I imagine it’s not very easy to find budget accommodation in Singapore so this looks like a good find.


  6. Glad to find such an option in an expensive city like Singapore. Generally my hostels have been very basic in nature but in this case, I see a great deal of effort in decor and presentation that can rival any luxury resort. And this of course comes with a better social experience.


  7. I would recommend this place to my friends visiting SG. Finding an affordable place yet clean and nice hostel in SG is really helpful. We know that accommodation here is a bit expensive. I love the colorful wall, and the common area. Its a good place to meet other traveler. The bed looks comfortable and good thing they have free food for breakfast!

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. This hostel looks quite comfortable and clean. Quite unlike a lot of other places that I have seen. Heck, I would’nt mind staying in one myself if it is as good as it sounds. Thanks for the option


  9. These are super cute and quirky! I love the look of the dorms. And also, when there is coffee and breakfast foods available – that is always a win to me! For something so small, it makes such a difference! 🙂


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