Wakeboarding in Pradera, Pampanga (where to stay, rates and activities)

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Have you ever wondered how Wakeboarding actually works?

It was when my work mates and I initially planned for a Team Building  we have gathered and come up with — Pradera Verde located in Lubao, Pampanga.

Going there we took a private vehicle, 2 hours car ride from Manila,  follow through Waze until we get to our destination. I’ll share with you our whole experience in Pradera Verde, its luxurious villas, rates and other activities to look out for as well for a total experience.


One laid afternoon I caught myself standing on the board, maintaining my balance and wishing I get to do it better and better as I keep on trying. Swimming in the man-made lake over the villa, an hour or two was more than enough to keep my energy kicking as I gaze on excitement that this could have been another first for me.

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First time to Wakeboard

It actually didn’t matter if its your first time or not, as Pradera has 2 different lake to go after with. One — is for the beginners, and the other one for the Pro as it is bigger and it was way way faster.

We started our day with stretching, making sure we are ready for the activity, wear your life jacket and the helmet to protect yourself and jump in.

Kidding — one has to learn the basics first on Wakeboarding. The instructor on site was also very kind enough to provide us tips and the proper ways on how to stand on the Wakeboard, maintaining thy balance and making sure you get a good coordination between your arms and legs.

It was really tricky and I thought it was easy as it looks like, and to tell you, if you have tried Surfing, Wakeboarding was far harder than that. Thankfully got my self all together and after 3 tries I get to stand on my two feet!!! *yay!!!

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Rates of Wakeboarding are as follows :

  • 1 Hour – Php 250
  • 2 Hours – Php 475
  • 4 Hours – Php595
  • 8 hours – Php 1000

This already includes the instructor to teach you the basics of it, the usage of the safety gears and the experience 🙂 We only booked for 2 hours and I think that was more than enough already as it was really an energy draining activity. Keep yourself hydrated, or you may also order a food for delivery on site just call for the restaurant.

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You may just want to Wakeboard in Pradera the entire day but staying on its villa is also a great experience as it relaxes you and a perfect accommodation to stay at, plus Pradera does not only cater Wakeboarding Activity but it also have the following :

  • Swimming in Wave Pool
  • Kayaking
  • Biking – Renting for a bike is for free should you be staying in the villa. You only need to deposit P500 from the lobby / reception area to rent one. Use it all day all you want and return it once you’re good and tired 🙂
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Biking in Pradera

Going from one place to another was actually pretty convenient as well. There is a kart service available anytime you need it. So you may go from one place to another, you may also opt to walk nor jog should you wish to stroll around as Pradera was really big at the same time.

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  • Here’s the contact number in Pradera – Maine 09174471214, called her and finalized my booking based on our preference as a group
  • Deposited thru bank and sent my depo slip thru – fo.praderaverde@gmail.com
  • should you be staying for a night in the villa, reservation in advance is necessary. However, should you only be wakeboarding or will opt to do other activities you may do walk-in on this.

Here’s the room rates in the villa, it is dependent on how many guest will be staying. Each accommodation already includes breakfast, and some package offers with the Wakeboarding Activity.

  • IMG_5486
    Rates in Pradera Verde

    We are 10 in the group and the biggest being offered is the 3 Bedroom Villa. It cost P17,500 for 8 pax, additional P750.00 per person for an extra bed and it all comes with a free breakfast.

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    3 Bedroom Villa

    And this is how it looks like inside the villa. Super huge space and I think 20 people could still fit into it.

    FullSizeRender (12)FullSizeRender (14)

    Inside the villa, it has a refrigerator, water heater, complimentary coffee and tea, and a microwave.

Inside the room, each guest gets a complimentary set of toiletries, a towel for usage.

  • FullSizeRender (13)
    Room 1
    FullSizeRender (15)
    Master’s Bedroom

    It has a telephone line, cable TV and a very very fast and reliable Wi-fi connection. Each of the 3 rooms actually have its own router. (*isn’t amazing?)


It actually has everything you’ll be needing in the room, it was really comforting and it felt like a hotel accommodation too.

We enjoyed our stay in the villa with activities we prepare for ourselves.

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With the team ❤

Free breakfast is available at the restaurant area, it starts 7AM so be sure to arrive on time.

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Breakfast of your choice

As a whole, Pradera Verde was actually a nice place to start with your Wakeboarding Experience. It was clean and well maintained, the villa was super nice and I love each of the facilities it could offer.

This is truly another first on my list and was definitely happy about it. Super tired body after the strenuous activity, we were all deadly sleeping on the way back home.

You may check Pradera Verde Official Facebook Account : https://www.facebook.com/praderaverde.ph/ for more information.

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To more travel destinations. – xoxo

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*October 6 -7 2017 // Actual Date of the trip


















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