Masungi Georeserve – Is it for you? Guide and Tips for non-hikers


Looking for an adventure? A thrilling experience that would leave you speechless and excited all at the same time.

Masungi Georeserve  a conservation area situated in Baras, Rizal. An institution in protecting the vast rustic garden of thousand-old rock formations in the area against mining, illegal logging and quarrying. It was only at the last quarter of 2015 when Masungi Georeserve finally opened its doors to the public, spreading awareness to the never-ending battle they face in conserving these precious karst mountains and the various wildlife that calls it home.

They created a special trail within the area, and though it was not created as a tourist destination, tourists flocked in to experience this challenging trail.

Masungi Georeserve

It took me time to even published this trip, it was a trip I consider the scariest of all, I was never afraid on adventures and I say yes to everything to give it a try but it was this trail that made me realize what I was afraid of and what I don’t enjoy to do in the long run (*hahaha!)

In this blog I’ll be sharing some tips and guide for first-timers, most likely related with hiking, coz. you’ll get to do it a lot. Not into mountaineering? Afraid of heights? Fear of falling? Evaluate yourself if your IG photo snap is worth the scream? Scary for some but it was definitely a hell of an adventure.

Giant Web



  • For booking, you may visit the official website at :
  • Conservation Fee:
    • PHP 1,800 per guest on weekends
    • PHP 1,500 per guest on weekdays
  • One could directly book on your own and pay thru bank
  • Take note that it requires a minimum of 7 and max of 14 pax per group to join and start the trail
  • Everything should be booked in advance and walk-ins is impossible
  • Certain Travel agencies now offers trip on this, but Masungi definitely rejects it and they do not entertain such agencies, beside booking is as easy as 1,2,3 just be patient as schedules were always fully booked particularly on weekends
  • So bring your entire barkada and plan a big group perhaps to make it more enjoyable
  • Full payment is required prior the trail date and re-scheduling is no longer possible, so be sure to be 101% sure prior to paying

What we did was to book for the earliest trail schedule at 6:00AM and the group must be on-site 30 minutes prior the trail for the briefing.


  • Going to Masungi might be tricky to commute, beside you cannot miss your schedule as everything should be timed properly
  • What we did was to hire a Van Service to bring us straight to Masungi, there is also a wide parking space in Masungi and no parking fee was requested
    • This seemed a better choice as we divided the cost of the van rental into 14 and just paid almost 300 pesos each.
with my office buddies



  •  The entire trail would basically last for 3 – 4 hours, but is still depends on the group pacing.
  • For every site to see, each only has around 15 – 20 mins max for a photo opportunity, take turns within the group and plan accordingly, this is to give way to the next set of groups as well
  • I suggest you grab the earliest time of the trail, so you get to avoid the striking heat of the sun as it reaches around 10 – 12nn
  • We started our trail at 6AM and ended at around 11AM 🙂
  • 30 minutes is requested for you to arrive prior your scheduled time, this is for the briefing and explanation of the rules and guidelines in the trail
  • Safety gears and helmets were worn, the bag is given for your things to bring with you, which definitely was pretty helpful
  • Do not bring too much things with you, a cellphone or camera, a bottle of water plus hanky to help you is what basically is all you need
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing


  • There were tons of hanging bridges, series of walking and hiking all and around the trail
  • Certain spots will also give you time to rest for a while, so make sure to bring a bottled water as well!! this is to keep you hydrated
  • IMG_0480
  • This seems easy to look at but move at your own risk and at your safety precautions
Hanging Bridge


IMG_0489One cannot scream or shout aloud as they are also preserving the calmness of the place. So be sure to keep quiet as well. If you think that you cannot do it? Evaluate yourself first, one cannot go back once you started.

From time to time the ranger assigned for the group usually shares certain information about the nature, specific plants and trees which makes it more interesting, It actually felt like an ecological trip as well.

I never tried mountaineering before, but I wasn’t afraid of heights as well, but this specific trail kept my arms and legs from trembling and shaking, I was literally not looking down and make sure I step my foot on the right rope. One mistake might take me down all and around the giant rope.

What makes it tricky is the fact that there are no harness no other supporting ropes and ladder to support you, its a matter of presence of mind and the will to do each of the trail.


There were cases in which I failed to bring my cellphone out to capture a photo coz I was literally trembling in fear and all I wanted to do it to finish the trail HAHAHA! I was that scared and I swear I won’t be back here for the next decade!!!


Remember to keep an open mind and make sure you get to move properly. Avoid playing around like jumping and teasing around while on the trail.


And this was the highest peak of the trail. A view of the entire Masungi Trail. IMG_0481

After the entire trail, we get to eat some snacks and rest for a while before we head back.

As a whole, it was definitely a great experience, it brings out the best and the worst in you (*hahaha!) I’ve realized that hiking of some sorts is not my thing, I’d rather explore and swim thru the beaches and wander thru different places and enjoy the scenery. This was  a different type of experience and I suggest others to try it for yourself, so you’ll know what I’m talking about 😀


Since we are around Rizal already, decided for a quick side trip in Daranak Falls. It was just approx a 30 minute van ride from Masungi Georeserve.

Daranak Falls

One couldn’t hide the excitement on swimming on fresh water!!!

Entrance Fee is P50 per person, cottages are also available such as tables and chairs to keep your things as well.

The “salbabida” is for rent for P50 pesos and you may use it all you want. As per the guides, there were many tourists during weekends.


For the food, we actually did bring rice baon all the way from Manila. We also cooked grilled pork and meat as we dine for lunch.


Daranak Falls is open until around 5 – 6 pm. Make sure not to swim after sunlight as it might be dangerous.

The side trip in Daranak Falls was worth the visit as a side trip from the half day trail at Masungi, we were refreshed after the thrilling experience and a perfect way to end the day. Plus, you get to save with the transpo expense as well as we only used the same van.

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To more travel destinations. – xoxo

this bag pack from Masungi was just for usage as you stay in the trail // Initially thought it was part of the package 😀













11 thoughts on “Masungi Georeserve – Is it for you? Guide and Tips for non-hikers

  1. This looked like such a fun adventure! Your post includes a lot of helpful information for anyone who wants try these things. Keep up the great work!


  2. I’m a leisure hiker, so this activity seems like it’s still both fun and challenging enough for me! Also, there seems to be A LOT of activities to do there as well! I’m sold!


  3. Honestly, I’ve never heard of Masungi but it looks just amazing! Even though I’m scared of heights or anything too adventurous, I’m certain I’ll enjoy this place. Thanks for sharing 😊


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