Baler Itinerary for 2D / 1N | Full Guide, Tips and Budget

#HalerBaler ❤

Completing my Central Luzon escapade as I ticked off Baler on my Travel list.

Baler, the municipality and capital of the province Aurora from Central Luzon, Philippines. You’ll hear that surfing is one of its main reason why tourists flock this place.

I myself is not a surfer, I tried it when I was in Elyu and I had fun and enjoy it, however, I felt that there is much more to see in this province more than surfing. And to my surprise, Baler is really rich in so many things.

In this blog, I’ll share with you my 2D / 1N itinerary in Baler, famous tourist spots, accommodation place, food to look out and tips when you’ve decided to visit this place too!


Maximizing our restdays, I was with my two office mates when we embark in this journey. Straight from work we headed to the bus station

  • Head over Genesis Terminal in Cubao (you may check schedule via internet to make sure there’s a bus available at hand)
  • Ride a bus via Joy Bus heading straight to Baler Terminal
    • took ours at Semi-Deluxe
    • Bus Ride to Baler cost P650.00 | it is a sleeper bus and they provide blanket as well
    • There is also a CR in the bus, so no need to worry about it
  • The bus ride is roughly 6 hours | We started travelling at 12MN and we were already in Baler by 6AM *that fast!!!
  • Upon arrival at the Baler Bus Terminal, we were fetched by our tricycle tour guide for the day
    • I was contacting him a night prior our visit to Baler and advised him of our schedule as well
    • Our contact person – Kuya Adrian 09125800416, he was really efficient and he made our Baler Escapade really exciting! *I’ll elaborate more later on.


Heading back to Manila you have 2 options :

  • 1st option :
    • Ride at Baler Bus Terminal via Joy Bus
      • same cost and route going to Baler
      • however, the last trip going back to Manila is only until 3PM, since we wanted to maximize Baler and will be staying for 2 whole days only we opted for the 2nd option.
  • 2nd option :
    • Ride a van heading to Cabanatuan
      • you may ask your service or any locals where is the terminal for vans
      • Van ride cost P230.00 per person for almost 3 hours travel time
      • the van leaves as soon as it gets full
    • Upon arriving in Cabanatuan Terminal, ride a bus bound to Cubao
      • Bus Fare cost P185.00 per person
      • and it also leaves as soon as it gets full

I was back in Manila by 5AM and was happy enough we were able to maximize our 2 days stay in Baler. Then went straight to work 🙂


Looking for a place to stay in Baler is pretty tricky, you get to see a lot of options from the internet and it is true that they offer cheap accommodations as well.

It is a matter of your preference and what suites your personality as a traveller. And I was so happy with my discovery with Smart Beach House. It is located just right in front of Sabang Beach which is totally awesome!!!

Smart Beach House

I booked for this place in advance via and it was cheap enough for only P2,500.00 the room rate is a private room with CR and AC. It is 2 double bed that can accommodate up to 4.

Make sure to grab the beach front view as it really great 🙂 you only get to hear the sound of the waves and the splashing of the wind. Really province feels hahahaha!! so we loved it!!!

beachfront view from Smart Beach House
room tour
private room rate at P2,500 good for 4 pax | with AC, private CR and beachfront view


After having a heavy breakfast just also in Smart Beach House, we left our things first in the reception as the check-in time starts at 2PM. Since we were in Baler by 6AM we made sure to maximize the entire day.

With Kuya Adrian our Trike / Guide we started our trip by 8AM until 5PM. What is good with having a tour guide during the trip, you get to save much time and visit all spots just for the entire day.

Our Trike Expense cost P800 which can accommodate up to 4, always better to save if sharing cost with your co-traveller. I arranged this in a way we did it during our trip.


Baler Church

Start your journey with a little prayer and devotion for Catholics at Baler Church.


Hanging Bridge

Free entrance, just pass your way out to see the scenery.

That Summer Vibe with the girls ❤


Ermita Hill

This was part of the view from Ermita Hill, you’ll get to do a lot of walking and hiking in this spot.


Diguisit Falls

Also fee of charge, though swimming is not allowed. Make sure to pay a visit as well.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Aurora Diguisit Islets


Museo de Baler

The Museum de Baler comes with an entrance fee of P30.00 per person, but this entrance fee is also okay for entry to Donya Aurora House as well.


Donya Aurora House



Baler Monument and Sign

Do not miss the Baler Monument just right across the Museum areas.


Chef Gerry’s Eat-All-You-Can Resto

For lunch, we headed to Gerry’s Eat All You Can Food Resto where they offer, seafoods, rice, soup and different filipino cuisine perfect for your tired body for the trip.

Each person cost P200.00 and it was a great deal already. The place is also situated nicely and it feels refreshing having your lunch here. After having our food, we continued with our Baler City Trip.



Balete Tree

this is one of my favorite site in Baler, the Balete Tree.

I was really looking forward to see this spot, it was like a childhood memory from my textbooks and that I’m finally seeing it feels 🙂 I was really happy here. Though you only get to have your photos taken, pass your way out inside the branches of the tree and fascinate how wonderful this tree is.

There is an entrance fee of P15.00 per person.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Mother Waterfalls

Do not be deceived that all falls can be visited easily, Mother Waterfalls takes alot of energy and effort to see this site.

Make sure you are well prepared, avoid handling to much items with you, we get to soak our body in a rushing and cold water just holding thru ropes and wishing we were all doing it right! hahaha! it felt like an extra challenge escapade just to see the wonder of Mother Waterfalls.

There is an entrance fee of P30.00 per person and you are required to get a guide when visiting this falls.


Sabang Beach

After the entire afternoon touring around Baler, we went back to our room at around 5PM.

Super tired from our day trip, if one still has the energy you may still do surfing here at Sabang Beach. Standard rate at P300.00 it comes with an instructor and surf board rental.


For our dinner, after resting for a while in our room we only headed to Rushie’s Point. This is just right in front of Smart Beach House.

They offer quite food choices, from rice meals to pizza, juices, shakes and drinks and prices ranges from P200 – P500 per person depending on your preference 🙂


Overview : Jumpacked with our first day trip in Baler, I myself gotten much surprise to discover more on what this province can really offer.


  • our trike service fetch us from Sabang Beach house by 7AM after breakfast, we checked-out already and brought all our things with us
  • it was roughly an hour – two travel time going to the Dicasalarin Point
    • Trike fare at P400.00 for the entire day
  • ride a habal-habal to go straight to the Dicasalarin Beach – P150.00 per pax the trip was fun and exciting at the same time.
    • it is a private property and and Entrance Fee of P300.00 per person is required
Dicasalarin Cove
Dicasalarin Cove
Dicasalarin Cove

After swimming in the cove where we enjoyed so much, we had a short hiking escapade going to the Light house, where the view was also superb!!

on our way to the Lighthouse
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Perfect View!!!
Lovin’ in here!!!!

After mesmerizing the beauty of this wonder we just beach bummed and lie down thru the beach front.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
this moment ❤
With the girls ❤

We stayed in Dicasalarin until 5PM, just to make sure there is enough sunlight as we’ll be travelling for an hour or two more going back to the city proper.

It was really a great journey, so many sites to see and discover in Baler. It was just 2 full days but I felt like a spent much more time than that.

The wonder of travelling and spending time with your friends would always be a great breather wherever you are.

Other notes I could share with you with Baler :

  • you get to save more in big groups as you get to share expenses as well
  • there is much much more cheaper accommodation areas you may choose from.
  • I highly recommend our Kuya Adrian as a tour guide in baler, he is really knowledgeable and he serves as our photographer as well hahahah! he was kind and accommodating and we get to save much time because of him
  • high chances that Sabang Beach has much much bigger waves compare to Elyu and Zambales, if you are a beginner be sure to ask all assistance you could get
  • Sabang Beach only have greyish to black sand, do not expect white sand beach area
  • Should you wish to see one, head over Dicasalarin to complete your experience.

Let me know if you’ll be heading to Baler anytime soon?

As a summary, you may check my detailed itinerary below with actual expense I spent during my trip. You may follow my itinerary and preferences if it interest you as well. More over, I have my Facebook Page at @ilovenatsblog and IG @nathaliecsalcedo should you have further questions.


iti to baler_excel file

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To more travel destinations. – xoxo






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