Heading to Bolinao anytime sooner? Check out BOLINAO PANGASINAN TRAVEL GUIDE : ITINERARY, GUIDE & BUDGET FOR 2D/1N.


I initially printed all the list of the Philippines’ different regions and its capitals, ticking off each of the places I’ve been at, crossing and checking the next places on my next set of adventures, I was shocked that I haven’t completed my Region 1 places just yet, and it is because of Pangasinan.

Still a water baby, I always looked into beaches and falls and food of what each city can and has to offer. And Bolinao definitely has so many options for that.

Waterfalls, Caving experience, a pristine golden yellow beach and savoring seafoods is a must! With a group of friends that supported me with this plan, it turns out to be one of the best discovery I ever had.


  •   Ride a bus bound to Bolinao
  • Rode thru Dagupan Bus Terminal  at Cubao bus fare is P459 straight to Bolinao Terminal
    • In Cubao Terminals there are still a lot of bus companies offering the same route, just check out what would best suit your travel time
  • Travel time is 5 – 6 hours depending on traffic, but best to start your travel early morning (we left Cubao at 5AM)
  •  Alight at Bolinao Terminal and ride a tricycle to take you to your accommodation area
  •  Trike Fare is P200 good for 4 pax

As for our trip, I was able to booked the trike ride from our accommodation owner at Gran Canaria. So we were able to save on this as it was packaged already with our day trip around Bolinao as well.


  •  Everytime I go on to trips, I make sure I do advance reservation prior going to the place, this saves me time and less hassle on my end.

Booked thru FB only, via Gran Canaria contact person is Tita Vangie – 09972795588. I swear that Tita Vangie was like a family to us, she was very hospitable and welcoming to her place. She offers all options that would best suit our stay in Bolinao.

Gran Canaria in Bolinao
Inside the 4 bed room good for 5 pax

We stayed in a private room with 4 beds (2 single beds and 1 double deck) it was good for 5 people with AC, and private rest room. It only cost P2,500.00 for an overnight stay.   As mentioned, they also offer trike services for the Day Trip Tour in Bolinao at a packaged rate.  What’s best about our timing, (travelled by October and there were less tourist at that time.


Widely known in Bolinao is the city tour package via Tricycle ride, that is why make sure to secure your ride as it is the most convenient way to tour around the city.

We booked our ride for P2,000 good for 5 pax and it was good for 2 days already, it was truly a sulit trip already as the normal rate in Bolinao ranges P1,200 – P1,500 good for 3 pax. This is via Gran Canaria, I suggest you book your tour with your accommodation as well or ask for their suggestions so you get to save a lot as well.

So after alighting Bolinao at 12nn, we had our lunch at Adora’s Restaurant it was near the terminal and just at the back of the church.

Checked-in already as it was 1pm already, we started with our trip.


Entrance Fee at P150.00 per person, it comes with the entire trip at the Enchanted Cave, there were various pool area to soak at and view to take photos with.

This place is definitely called Enchanted for a reason.

Enchanted Cave
Who wouldn’t want to float in this pristine water? ❤

Apparently, it is always best to travel on a weekday as it has less crowd and tourists in the area. We were able to soak too much in the cave and it was really enchanting!

Clear water over the cave, it refrains you from the striking sun and I was able to swim a lot. If you do not know how to swim always better to wear a life jacket. In our case, Gran Canaria lend us 3 sets before venturing into our trip, which saves us P50.00 per life jacket as rental in Enchanted Cave.


Bolinao Lighthouse
On the way to the lighthouse

You can climb all the way to the top of the lighthouse. This is only for free and we passes thru this before heading to Patar Beach.



That fine white sand of Patar Beach
Patar Beach
Boracay of the North

Patar Beach, dubbed as the Boracay of the North is truly a place to see. With its pristine water, fine white sand and a perfect getaway for beach bumming.

After beach bumming, we spent the night at Gran Canaria we had our dinner cooked in the place as well so no need to dine out hahaha.

 DAY 2

Exploring the second day in Bolinao, we started the day early with beach bumming at Patar Beach. It’s golden brown sand, peaceful space makes it relaxing and refreshing at the same time.

Following it thru, we continued with our trike tour.


Bolinao Falls 1

They say that there are about 3 different waterfalls in Bolinao, each site has something unique to offer however, it requires entrance fees on each.

We only visited Bolinao Falls, Entrance Fee is P20.00 per person. I’ve always loved swimming in Falls because of its fresh water!!!!! and I love the idea how deep it is to totally enjoy the place.

Hello ❤

There weren’t much tourists during our visit which is totally awesome. We rented the raft boat for only P100.00 good for an hour use to come close with the running falls. *Such an experience.


C5566584-13AF-42AA-9618-475EF944FDC0From 10AM till 1PM we were staying at Bolinao Falls, that is how we enjoyed swimming!!!You still have the choice of visiting 2 other Bolinao Falls in site, but they say that the best is the Bolinao Falls 1 as it is the biggest.  Then we headed straight to lunch area.


Adora’s Restaurant

–          From Bolinao Terminal we rode a tricycle bound to Adora’s Restaurant, P10.00 per person for trike ride. You also have the option to walk from the bus terminal to Adora as it is also near the Church just across the terminal.

–          They specializes meryenda meals and Lomi, but since it was lunch time. I opted to buy Danggit with rice and softdrinks. It is one of the best seller as well, It costs me P112.00

 Sungayan Grill

–          If you are looking for a very nice restaurant in Bolinao, I highly recommend going to this place!!! Seafoods is amazing!!! Also they have food packages perfect for group meals.


Heading to the dining area

I was extremely happy about this place. At the same time going to the restaurant also has a very nice view. Overlooking the stretch of this I super love this!!!! Extreme to the 10th power hahahaha!!! I’ll be back in Bolinao for this!!! Hahahaha!!

Sungayan Grill

You might think that at 1pm we are still eating lunches and managed to be back at our place at around 3pm. That is bec. Tita Vangie was very kind allowing us to late check-out without a cost for us. We left the place at 5PM and alight at the Bus Terminal heading back to Manila.

Before heading to the Bus Terminal, we asked our Kuya Trike Guide to take us back to St. James Church and buy the famous delicacy in Bolinao — The Binungey, it is inside the bamboo and is a sticky rice almost similar with malagkit or suman.

Binungey, only P50.00
St. James Cathedral

AS a whole, our short but sweet trip to Bolinao with my officemates was really fruitful, you get to see and explore sites and beach and great food that is truly memorable. I like the idea of being able to do so many things at a short period of time, there’s beach, there’s falls, an enchanted cave plus sites and landmarks to check out, food and seafoods that is really worth the try and visit.  I usually get in love easily with the places I visit. And It makes me wonder and wander for more and more.

If you find this useful for your trip, here’s the summary of my itinerary and actual expense spent during my trip.

Please do note that expense in Bolinao varies, and depends on your preferences. I always say this on my blog, that everytime I travel I make sure to maximize each trip and make the most out of it. Being matipid but never compromising my comfort and experience.

Itinerary for Bolinao 2D/1N Trip

 Let me know if you’ll be heading to Bolinao anytime soon?

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To more travel destinations. – xoxo




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