Yehliu – Shifen – Jiufen (Northeast Taiwan) Itinerary, Budget and Guide

Be spirited away.
Jiufen Old Street

A very sunny day as we gaze and explore North East side of Taiwan, the outskirt as what normally tourists call it. I stopped thanking how beautiful this wonder could be, no matter how sunny it was, for me it was better than a heavy rainfall for a trip.

In this blog, I’ll share with you my 1 day trip in Yehliu-Shifen-Jiufen, all activities you should look at and how to manage it as well.

This trip was initially part of my 5D/4N Taiwan Escapade, to read more about the full itinerary also read Taiwan Itinerary for 5D/4N (DIY Guide, Budget, Tips and Finds)

Research will tell you that locating each of this place would really take time, and series of transportation vehicles is needed to really explore all of it. I was happy to have researched and figured out instead, the 1 day trip in North East.

I booked via, it was my first time to see this site – if you are familiar with it works the same way. You reserve and book online, print or save the voucher on your phone and enjoy the trip!

It was a hassle free trip for the day, and I thank myself for having this trip than doing it DIY – it was possible to do it, however there is no direct bus or mrt trains that would take you straight to this site and places, you’d be spending so many hours locating it plus you’d be carrying everything with you.


  • From search for 1 day trip – North East Trip (Yehliu-Shifen-Jiufen)
  • The trip per pax cost Php 1,122 / USD 21.33
    • I booked and paid online and just printed a voucher to present on the day of the tour


  • The meeting place was at Taipei Main Station at 9AM
    • We started leaving our hotel by 7:30AM and made sure we are at the meeting point before 8:30AM
    • You’d see people holding the voucher as well, so we were just waiting for instructions as we do not see any bus yet outside the terminal
  • A tour guide then meet with us, gave us a kkday sticker and checked for all tourists part of the trip
  • Part of the package is the bus transportation, the English speaking tour-guide and a bottle water as well



Entrance Fee : Php 140/  NTD 82 / USD 2.66 (book via

Yehliu Geopark

Upon securing our seats to our bus seat, a short video presentation shown in the bus for the expectations for the day. After almost 1 and a half hour travel time we made it to Yehliu Geopark.

There is an entrance fee of (Php 140.00 /  NTD 82 /   USD 2.66 ) and is not part of the package of KKday so you may need to line up to secure for your ticket.

AS for my end, I already booked for our entrance ticket via and paid it online already before the start of our trip – I just printed the voucher for entrance and they only used the QR code for entry.

It was striking hot in Yehliu!! To tell you but it was soo beautiful and great to see! You’ll see tourists everywhere so make sure you plan accordingly how you’d want to explore the place.

Full View of the Yehliu ❤
That’s me and my BFF Sybil enjoying the sun!

We were given 90 minutes to stay in the park, and was requested to return back to the bus terminal for the meeting point on to our next place to see.

During rainy season, you may still enjoy this view and scenery as it is near the ocean as well, not recommended for swimming or to play around — just enjoy it’s view and walk around. Bring a bottled water and a cap or umbrella to protect you from the striking sun.

You’d enjoy its view and a photo op is a must!

SHIFEN (Pingxi Lane, Old Street, Shifen Waterfalls)

Entrance Fee : FREE

our lighted lantern at the Pingxi Lane

After 40 minutes – 1 hour travel time from Yehliu, our next stop – Shifen Old Street.

Alighting our buses, we went straight to the the Pingxi Lane where you have the chance to write your wishes and have it lighted in sky lanterns.

The cost of the lanterns depends on what color and how many colors you’d want, each color also have respective meanings – they have  a signage for you for your reference.

One Colored Lantern – NTD 150, Four Sided Colored Lantern – NTD 200, and Eight Sided Colored Lantern – up to NTD 250 – 300. Each of the part in the railway offers the same costs so you may choose everywhere actually.

May all of my wishes do come true hahaha!

Write your wishes and have it lighted up in the sky. Since we are in a tour group, it was lunch time when we get here, you may want to experience it before midnight to appreciate the lighted lanterns better when you opt to have it DIY.

Food stalls are everywhere, don’t forget to check out the boneless chicken stuffed with brown rice just across the railways, you’d spot it immediately as people lined for this – it cost NTD 75 each and it was really awesome!! And it tastes great, I loved the Yakult Smoothie as well worth – NTD 60

Buy the famous Boneless Chicken Stuffed Rice in this stall!!!
Yakult Smoothie (this is soo refreshing and delicious! never miss this out)

Here in Shifen, you’d be able to buy the small lantern keychain as well, make sure to keep a remembrance with you.

As for this place, we were given around 90 minutes to stay, take our quick lunch and roam around.


Entrance Fee : FREE

Shifen Waterfalls (better to experience it in rainy season)

Just about 10 – 15 minutes away from the Pingxi Lane, we made it to the waterfalls. You’ll be able to pass thru Shifen Bridge as well, and walk towards the Waterfalls that would take around 20 minutes of your time.

*Note : If you’ll take this tour via kkday on a weekends, they usually skip this place as part of the itinerary, since peak of the tourists visit this as well.  That is why I scheduled this trip on a Friday to make sure we’ll get to see it as well.

For Filipinos, the waterfalls is not too much to be awed at (*primarily if you have seen more bigger waterfalls in the country) however, it may seem better to see this place if there is heavy rain. Since it was summer when we visited, it is said that there were no rain in the past week in Taiwan.

We only stayed here for 40 minutes, then went straight back to our bus. There are also restaurant around to buy food and drinks.


Entrance Fee : FREE

Be spirited away.

After around 40 minutes – 1 hour travel time, we made it to Jiufen to see and explore Jiufen Old Street.

I was so excited to see this place, it was like a picturesque view in my mind that I wanted to see first hand!


Our tour guide was very informative as well, he lets us tour around the Old Street and showed us sites to consider, photo op everywhere, buy food and souvenirs, pasalubongs and stuff were all here. If you have more time to spend, check out the famous Amethyst Tea House, a spirited away inspiration. Upon seeing this, it was like a reality out of the picture I had in mind. So happy to finally see it myself.

I so love how this old street looks and feels like, there were tons of shops to check out, the ambiance was really great as well.

In between the street of Jiufen

After 90 minutes we  headed back to our meeting area, where our bus and the rest of the tourists we’re waiting.

We were given the chance to roam on our own — but since it is a group tour I preferred to hang on with our tour guide as he explains everything about the place! You’d be amazed and happy as well to have a lot of free taste hahaha!! as you go around.

Our tour ends at 5PM and we were back in Taipei Main Station in time for dinner.


  • As a whole, we enjoyed this day trip tour by! I couldn’t imagine being into all those places for a day if I did it the DIY style HAHAHAHA!! It could have been more stressful changing different transportation services the entire day.
  • It was also strikingly hot since it was summer, so the bus service as transpo was really convenient. As it was airconditioned plus minus the hassle of checking out and waiting for your next transpo.
  • Lighting the sky lantern was one on my bucket list and was happy to have tried it! No matter how many colors you’d like it still depends on you. The staff would also assist you and take a photo and video of you while you release the lantern to the sky.
    • For some, they’d want to do it by the latter time of the day or during sunset so they get to appreciate the lighted lantern better – this is also okay, but only feasible if you do it the DIY style since most of the tours usually end by 5PM.
  • Seeing the Jiufen Old Street was also my favorite ❤ ❤ you may still want to explore more around and you may also have the option to stay for dinner in Jiufen — but you have to ride a public bus on your own (*which usually is only available until 8PM)
  • Food and Variations are really everywhere, check out and try all free taste food in Jiufen hahahahaha!! So you get to try it all as well
    • You’d see Pineapple Cake for sale in Jiufen, but I tell you that the cheapest we’ve seen and bought was in Ximending Night Market! *don’t tell me I didn’t tell you.

Hope you find this blog helpful on your trip! This trip is part of my 5D/4N travel stay in Taiwan my Itinerary, also read : Taiwan Itinerary for 5D/4N (DIY Guide, Budget, Tips and Finds)

If you liked this trip for the day, consider seeing Central Taiwan as well, also read : Taichung Taiwan for a day (DIY Itinerary, Guide, Budget)

Itinerary for Taipei City for 2 days, also read : Wander around Taipei City (DIY Guide, Itinerary, Tips and Budget for 2 days)

See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

I’ll be happy to share my excel file for your personal trip.

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Ciao! #Natswanderlust


*All photos were all originals from the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo


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