Night Markets in Taiwan (Raohe, Shillin & Ximending)

Ximending Pedestrian Street

The main reason why I was excited for Taiwan was because I wanted to try its FOOD variations and knowing how rich Taiwan is with night markets, I wanted to make sure I get to see and explore as much as I could.

The search for the best milk tea is on!! hahahaha!!

In this blog, I’ll share with you my personal favorites and some snaps on food you may try out and my reviews on some of the famous night market available in Taiwan. I initially did not research much on food online as I wanted to make sure I’ll get to try each on my own and explore what I felt is good for me! Always be in the look out as well where every tourists lined up and check it for yourself as well.

Never missed out to try different milk tea each day hahahaha!! Even inside 7-11 you’d get to buy milk tea in plastic bottles having the same amount as the water bottle as well!!!

So anyways, read on…


How to go : ride MRT red line and alight at Zhongshan Station, transfer to green line and alight at Songshan Station, exit at no. 5 and walk to Raohe Night Market

Raohe St. Night Market

If you opt for a food crawl, night market should be your number 1 choice, this whole stretch of food stalls are everywhere!!!! Drinks and milk teas, breads, noodles, rice and everything are all here!!!

I loved how variations of food are here!!! Definitely a food crawl experience and it was awesome ❤ ❤ the foodie in me is very happy.

a filipina craving for carbs and rice as always
this salted potato
Hotstar Large Fried Chicken

*Notes : Do take note that night markets in Taiwan is only open until 11PM no matter how many people are there, it closes on time.

I love this night market having variety not just with food but with other stuff and things to check out.


How to go : MRT red line alight at Shillin Station, upon exit walk for 10 minutes across the night market, you won’t notice immediately Shillin Night Market so just keep walking and look for signs and tourist walking the same way as well.

Ice Cream!!!
Stinky Tofu
Takoyaki in the street is a must try as well

People over the internet will tell you that their favorite night market is Shillin Night Market, that is why I had high hopes to see this place and shop around as they say it is cheap here!

This night market has so many many options and variations which I find it hard to locate one food of my type with another, it was different from Raohe where you get to see all options in one stretch.

Shillin Market is pretty big and I kinda feel, everything was scattered around. Plus prices does not seem cheap here. Me and my best friend decided we eat our dinner in Ximending night market after series of pica food we had hahaha!

There is also tons of shops for shopping in this place. But if you’d prefer to purely food trip on a day I suggest to skip Shillin.


How to go : MRT Green Line alight at Ximen Station, exit at No. 6 for Ximending Pedestrian Lane


This is my favorite night market of all time!! The pedestrian crossing is similar and being compare with the Shibuya Crossing of Japan.

I loved how fancy, how clean and beautiful this place is! It also have everything you need, there is ample space and you can roam around while eating, while shopping and still enjoy every part of it.

This is where I get to buy cheap pasalubongs as well. The cheapest compared with the rest of the stores we get to see as well. I was able to buy tons of food, clothes and even bought a larger luggage to fill in my shopping items.

Pasalubong shopping in this cheapest store in Ximending!

There are restaurants around, should you wish for a cozy place to dine in or cheap food stalls around. Unli milk teas as well!! Hahahahaha!!! I so love this place for food and everything!

Milk Tea everyday

You’d see random performers around the street and everywhere is bright and it feels like a happy place.

People lined up to this small resto house in Ximending

If you are into cheap food finds — don’t forget to check out this small store in Ximending where people lined up as well. It is super cheap and you may buy many different food types for your liking.

Rice, Noodles and Milk tea for NTD 60 only!!
  • What I liked about the night markets in Taiwan alcohols and clubs and bars is not very evident, you’d enjoy and settle with milk teas and tea, fruit juices and that seems healthy as well! Hahahaha! I liked how it ends at 11PM, which means you get to rest after this time and everyone get a good night sleep.

If you’ll choose your accommodation, consider which night market you’d want to stay so you get your time saved. As you’d see a lot of options as well to check out.

See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

I’ll be happy to share my excel file for your personal trip.

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