Thailand : My first Songkran Experience in Bangkok

Initially planned for a temple hopping, shopping and sightseeing in Bangkok but this comes out superrrr unexpectedly!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Sharing in this blog, my first Songkran Experience with my bestfriend Kim 😀

This is part of our 11D/10N Indochina Trip (Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand)

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Me and Kim over our Songkran Escapade

SONGKRAN, is the Thai New Year’s National Holiday. It usually falls under the month of April of each year and the entire Thailand get to celebrate in this festivities.  Water is an important element of Songkran, especially in more recent times when the throwing of water has become a huge part of the annual celebrations. If you’re visiting Thailand during this period, prepare to get splashed!

Events during the festival include water throwing, the ritual bathing of Buddha images, processions and performances. A tempting array of traditional foods are enjoyed throughout the celebrations.

As a traveller, I am not really a fan of joining festivals and I don’t usually travel on its peak season from various places thinking they’d be more and hundreds of tourists to flock at the same place as well. But that didn’t happen when we visited Thailand last April.

Part of my Indochina Itinerary is to stay in Bangkok after our Chiang Mai escapade. We’d initially wanted to enjoy and see the temples and do a lot of shopping in Bangkok!!!  But surprisingly, our Bangkok days turns out to be the celebration of Songkran New Year in Thailand.

Everyone was carrying big and large water guns with them, the tourists have pails of water and in swimwear attire everywhere, hahahaha!! people were throwing water over the cars, the tuktuk and you’d see everyone having so much fun! and as wild and wet hahahaah!!

Songkran Experience!!!!

It was crazy how we manage to get inside our hostel in Bangkok being extra cautious with our surrounding.

After taking a rest in the afternoon — with our swim wears with us and all our waterproof gears for our money and gadgets, we thought of maximizing this Songkran festivities instead.

Water guns are for sale just everywhere across the street, its costly and you actually pay for the refill of the water every single time hahahahaha!! *call that business as well.

See this people!!!! It was super crowded everywhere

There were actually key places in Thailand where the city celebrates this festivity, and the nearest to ours was at Khao San Road. The entire  stretch of the streets were covered with tourists and locals, street food everywhere!!! water all over and people having so much fun goofing and feeling like a kiddo once again.

Street Food everywhere!!!

After going around the streets with all the water pail and guns and mud over our faces, the next best thing to do is to eat street foods!! There were everywhere and it would be best to try all the recommended delicacies in Thailand.

Pad Thai love !!!!!
Mango Sticky Rice

All food taste super good!! I was so in love with Pad Thai and I remember eating it any time of the day hahaha!! The mango sticky rice was also super sweet and amazing!!! I am using all my superlatives here coz I really enjoyed our food trippin’ as well.

All stores and were actually closed during this time to give way for the Songkran, so we didn’t really had the chance to shop during our stay hahahaha!! it was sad, but the experience was really one for the books.


  • the Songkran usually happens every April of every year, make sure to check for the specific dates if you plan to be part of this festivities
  • it was said that the best place to celebrate Songkran was in Chiang Mai; but Bangkok certainly was super jampacked as well during our stay
  • don’t forget to bring swim wear with you, bikinis and all those sorts so you won’t end up drying each of your clothes
  • Simple Reminder : if you are not up on getting wild and wet, stay indoor!! that’s the best place for you to stay
  • bring waterproof gears or bags with you for your money and gadgets
  • be extra cautious still, as there were so many fellow tourists joining the festivities
  • for hostel or accommodation, better if you book in advance as it all gets fully booked in no time
    • as for us, I booked thru and paid a reservation fee in advance for our 2 nights stay in Bangkok
  • Enjoy the food!!!! enjoy the fun!!!! and don’t forget to greet everyone “Sah-wah-dee pee mai “

Should you need an excel file of my full itinerary during my trip, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @nathaliecsalcedo send me a DM! I’ll be happy to share it too.

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*all photos were originals from the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo


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