Blue colored sea, activities, night life, a beautiful scenery, a perfect place to unwind and to unplug, definitely a stunning paradise I wouldn’t resist to come back – SIARGAO, you were more than just a dream place to me.

In this blog, I would be sharing my 6D/5N full itinerary and guide, this includes the actual expenses, places to stay, tours and packages I got and the activities and things to look out on your travel as well.

So read on…

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Coconut View Deck
A check on my bucket list — touch a stingless jellyfish ❤
To jump or not to jump over Sugba Lagoon
Surfing at Cloud 9

SIARGAO, is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte. It is called and regarded as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, but more than it’s surfing activity Siargao is definitely rich with other factors to make this your next favorite place to be. 

For Filipino travelers, one can assume that going to this place takes a little stretch on budget – (*you can actually tour near South East Asian Countries with the same budget as your trip to Siargao; well it still depends on your final itinerary but don’t you want to fully maximize and splurge all you want when you get to travel? Hahaha! Anyhow…)

I was so inspired when I first saw the movie “SIARGAO” of Jericho and Erich as an MMFF entry last December 2017 and from there I have been keeping all tabs and blogs about Siargao, with my friends’ telling stories this and that – I knew this would be the next place perfect for my solo travel escapade.

Alegria Beach

I wouldn’t mind going back to this paradise!!! Like swear!! This is my favorite island in the Philippines to date!!!! I’ve went over Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Bohol and the likes but I’m telling you again right away, this is indeed my favorite ever!!!

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  • Lucky for us, there is now a direct flight from Manila all the way to Del Carmen, Siargao
    • I booked for my 1 way flight ticket from Clark Intl. Airport to Del Carmen via Philippine Airlines worth P2,900 (*it was a promo rate already but I’m sure you can still score cheaper rates if you prepare way better ahead of time)
      • There were also direct flights from Manila to Siargao (*but I decided to check out Clark instead since it was a thousand cheaper than from Manila :D)
      • Going to Clark International Airport there is an available P2P (point to point bus) from Trinoma going to the airport for only P280.00
    • Travel time is about 2 hours all the way to Del Carmen


  • As soon as you alight at Del Carmen Airport, grab your luggage with you. They’ll ask you to sign a tourism entry form — it was just a small piece of paper including questions if you are a tourist or local and places you we’re actually planning to go to
  • As  you exit from the airport, you’ll see vans services parked just right outside
  • Don’t you worry as all van service cost the same
    • P300 pesos per person all the way to General Luna (just tell the driver your accommodation place or hostel and he’ll drop you off directly)
    • There we’re some accommodation places in Siargao that offers van transfers – so make sure to ask in advance as well, it might even be part of the package already
    • Travel time was around 30 – 45 minutes and you can probably enjoy the scenery as soon as you start moving
Van transfer from the airport | P300 per pax to General Luna

TIP : One thing I could recommend you, is to be the last person to leave the airport 😊 hahaha! The rest of the tourists were so ecstatic and running over the vans, not until there were last 3 tourists (including me *wink) and we were on the last van to leave for General Luna. So we were actually just 3 in the entire van and it didn’t took some time for the drop off )


  • Going back to the airport was actually pretty convenient. I just asked the receptionist (hey! Kcciieeeee 😊) over my hostel (*from Lampara) a day prior me checking-out and she included me on the list and determine what time should I be ready
  • The van picked me up directly from my hostel as well and took us straight to the airport
  • Same rate cost P300 per person for the van transfer


Looking for a place to stay in Siargao could have been one of the most difficult part of this trip!! Why? – coz. there were so many options to look at!!! There were so many good reviews over the internet, so it actually just depends on what type of traveler are you to begin with.

Would you go for nice hotels? Or cheap homestay place? Camping over tents perhaps? Or stay in the hostel? (*like what I always wanted too)

Over my 6 days / 5 night stay in Siargao I chose and stayed in 2 hostel :


Rate : P500 / night (non-AC) mixed dorm type room (AC room cost P800 / night) does not include breakfast

Book thru : booked via FB page of Alpas Hostel they require full payment upon your booking.


What is nice about this hostel?

  • There were series of options to look at, but I was particularly concern with the ambiance and the total look of the hostel
  • It was made of bamboo and I could definitely feel the province vibes (*I opt not to stay on regular homestay place nor a modern look area where I could still feel the city vibes hahaha!!)
  • It was near restaurants and bars around (but the hostel still manage to keep its noise away from the rooms which is actually good)
  • It is primarily near a public beach as well just across the hostel where you can also get to gaze for the sunsets and enjoy the sand
  • It comes with the common bathroom with hot shower (*where I was very particular with) and it was well maintained as well
  • I tried not to stay in an AC room to actually savor and feel the fresh air – and it actually does (just be conscious with mosquitos so bring an Off Lotion with you always)

I actually hardly stay in a hostel for long, but a nice goodnight sleep is always important.


Rate : P1,050.00 / night (AC room) mixed dorm type room, basic granola breakfast, it comes with a private CR for the 8 guest in a mixed-dorm room. (*they also offer Glamping Tent and Deluxe Room should you wish for a more private stay-in place)

Book thru :

Here’s to this quaint and charming newly-opened hostel in Siargao, I got 20% discount during my stay since it was an opening promo last February 2019.

What is nice about this hostel?

  • Calling this as one of my favorite hostel ever!!!
  • It was a tricycle away from my first hostel, but it was also near series of food stalls and restaurants and bars around
  • It is near Cloud 9 – you can actually try walking in the morning 😀
  • Interior and the entire look of the hostel was very stylish, it was well thought off and all intricate details of it did actually matched with the furniture and all
  • The rooms was very backpacker friendly, each bunk bed comes with small cabinet, a nice set of mattress (which was totally my favorite 😀 ) a mini lamp shade, your own electric portal and a curtain to cover you up)
  • If you are a traveler with no certain itinerary on mind; you can actually just join with the hostel as they facilitates tour as well every now and then
  • You’ll actually meet more foreign travelers over Filipinos here in the hostel which is totally just okay
  • The dorm type room comes with a private CR, but there is also the common comfort room just right outside the room
  • On the other side of the hostel, there is actually a shoreline as well and a beach(*not just sure if you could swim in there) but at least you could lay thru the sands, watch thru the sunrise or sunsets and gaze thru the dogs that run thru it
  • They also have a receptionist all the time (Kcciiee and Ivan) which were totally nice and super friendly as well !!!!
inside the 8-bed dorm room type


  • Bravo Hostel – this could also be a great choice 😀 a fancy hostel with resto & bar in it. They also offer island and land tours but be sure to book in advance. *I’ll try to stay here on my next Siargao adventure
  • White Banana – this was situated beside Lampara Siargao, it comes with a restaurant as well which is perfect for chill nights as well
  • Cavy’s Homestay – if you are a couple or family or someone who wanted more privacy and would rather save on the accommodation part, this could be a great option for you. Cavy’s also offers the cheapest island and land tours as well (*will expound this later on)


  • Tricycle is one of the most common transport system in Siargao locating one place over the other.
    • Standard rate cost P20 per person and during night they charge P50 per person (*hahaha! It was actually funny how they charge bigger during night and it’s per person charges)
  • Habal – habal – if you know how to ride a motorcycle and can drive one this could be a better option as you can save also from going from one place to another.
    • Standard rate cost P500 per night, but the tourist get bigger discounts if they rent it for more than 3 days or a week
    • This would be more cost efficient especially if you are two travelling together
  • Private Car rental – there were also options renting a private car with a driver that would take you to your planned destination, this may be a little expensive than the 2 options, but if you prefer convenience at all times – this could be for you.


In Siargao, partying never stops! And one shouldn’t miss it when you visit Siargao. Everyday there is a host bar where all the guests and tourists knew about. The best thing about it? Ask any locals or any tricycle driver where to go for the night and they definitely know where you should head.

For reference, here’s the schedule of the host bar each night for the week :

MONDAY : Emerald + Rum Bar

TUESDAY :  Loose Keys + Octupus

WEDNESDAY : Loose Keys/ Bravo + Rumbar


FRIDAY : Loose Keys + Octopus

SATURDAY : Harana + Rumbar

SUNDAY : Bravo + Kitya’s

The “tita-ness” in me was really hesitant at first but then I just caught myself drinking and partying after it. And it was certainly pretty fun!!! And so happy to have met new people from this escapade.

During my entire Siargao stay, I was able to maximize the night out each day. As you see from the list above the first bar was basically more of socialization, drinks and mild dancing.

I’ve been to Rumbar and Kitya’s after we stayed until around 12MN on the first ones. And party until around 2 or 3am the latest. Well, you couldn’t really stay that much until the morning considering you still have early tours the next day hahaha!! It was fun, but there’s more to do in the morning in Siargao.



Overview : I was in Siargao just right before the sunset, the first day was definitely talking to some locals, hostel attendants, get to know the restos near you, ask around the transport system and the where’s and how 😊

Soooo excited for this!!

On my first day I came to walk around and check out the beach just right across my hostel. I didn’t have much energy anyways, and gazing thru the sand the sun is definitely something I look forward doing.

It was brown-out and there was no electricity during my first day. I had to be limited with the food choices, and had my dinner at Cashey’s Place just right beside Alpas Hostel, they offer cheap food with grilled chicken, bbq and meat with rice.

Sunset across the beach
Sunset on the first day


TIME                    REMARKS                                  COST

1:50PM                     Flight from Manila to Del Carmen  P2,983.00

3:55PM                    Arrival at Siargao

4:15PM                  Travel from Airport to Alpas Hostel  P300.00

5:00PM                   Arrival at Alpas Hostel                        P1,500.00


5:00PM                   Free Time

7:00PM                  Dinner at Cashey’s Place                      P200.00

                                                                                                 TOTAL COST : P4,983.00



Detailed post about my Tri-Island tour + Sohoton Cove  :SIARGAO : TRI-ISLAND TOUR (Naked, Guyam & Daku) + BUCAS GRANDE TOUR (Sohoton Cove)

Overview : Island Hopping Trip and Tours in Siargao does not have a standard or a common rate per travel and service agencies, it actually depends on your preference and your budget.

Initially, some tour have Tri-Island (Naked Island, Daku and Guyam) covered for the entire day, and spend another day for the Sohoton Cove Tour. Make sure to cover this both as it is definitely worth the trip!!!

Every Instagram photo is a struggle to make it happen hahaha!!

I was happy that I came across “CAVY’S TOURS” from a reco from my friend Nadine  🙂 (*who went to Siargao ahead of me *wink) it was the cheapest I could get for only P1,600 pesos per person it comes with a Breakfast and Lunch plus the tour for the Tri-Island and thru the Sohoton Cove Tour. Read on for the details on this.


TIME                                            REMARKS                         COST

6:00AM                        Wake-up Call / Travel to Cavy’s for tour         P20.00 (trike)

6:30AM                        Breakfast (part of tour)

7:00AM – 9:00AM     Travel to Sohoton Cove                                      P1,500.00

9:00AM – 1:00PM      Sohoton Tour

  • Jelly Fish Sanctuary
  • Agukan Cave
  • Diving Cave

Lunch (part of the tour)

1:00PM – 3:00PM      Boat Travel to Naked Island

3:00PM – 5:00PM      Tri-Island Island Hopping

  • Naked Island
  • Daku Island
  • Guyam Island

6:00PM                        Wash-up / back to hostel

7:00PM                         Dinner at Bulaloan                                               P220.00

10:00PM – onwards  Night out (Harana + Rumbar)                            P300.00


*P60.00 ENTRANCE FEE IN RUMBAR (consumable)

                                                                                                 TOTAL COST : P2,040.00

See that my second day was certainly very cost efficient!!! It was because of a great deal of a tour package. It was hassle free as well thanks to Cavy’s Tour!!! I get to meet like-minded individual as well, all enjoying the beauty of Siargao ❤

It was really tiring after the entire day, swimming and activity all the way to partying and dancing but it was all worth the “puyat” hahahahah!!!

Bulalo and unli rice for P220.00 per bowl



Overview : Another breathtaking site in Siargao is the Sugba Lagoon. It was certainly one of the highlights of my trip.

*Detailed blog post about my Sugba Lagoon  tour in Siargao : SIARGAO : Sugba Lagoon

Also read my detailed postLand Tour in Siargao for 2D/1N


If you haven’t seen this green crystalline lagoon with paddle boats and the famous cliff diving spot in the middle of the wide scenery view over Instagram? Well – you haven’t searched much about Siargao then.

I got this whole day trip tour once again from Cavy’s Homestay – it was really cheap and still the package was really worth it. For only P1,600 it comes with all the travel expenses, entrances plus the breakfast and lunch once again. The Stand-up Paddle Board is worth P300 per hour (*optional)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding | P300.00 per hour

When I visited last February 2019, Sugba Lagoon is always paired up with Magpupungko Tidal Pool. However, during my visit Magpupungko was under its rehabilitation program. So instead – part of the trip was the land tour already!!! Hahaha!! (*it was initially part of my 4th day escapade but due to changes I get to do more and explore other sites as well)


TIME                                           REMARKS                               COST

6:00AM                                 Wake-up Call / Travel to Cavy’s for tour   P20.00 (trike)

Breakfast (part of the package)

7:00AM – 12NN                   Sugba Lagoon Tour                                       P1,600.00

*boat ride to Sugba

*Paddle Boarding (optional)                                                                    P300.00 (per hour)

12NN                                      LUNCH (part of the package)

1:00PM – 5:00PM                Land Tour

*Pacifico Beach

*Brgy. Bay Bay

*Coconut Trees View Deck

*Lokal (small resto)                                                                                          P170.00

– order the bestsellers!! (Iced Coffee P60, Nutty Veggies P60, Coconut Ice Cream P50)

*Tayangban Cave                                                                 P100.00 (P70 entrance, P30 guide)

*Mahinhin Beach                                                                                              P20.00 (entrance)

5:00PM                                  END OF TOUR

Service to Cloud 9                                                                                                P100.00

8:00PM                                  Dinner at Warung (Indonesian)                        P280.00

10:00PM                               Nightlife (Bravo + Kitya’s)

                                                                                                  TOTAL COST : P2,710.00

I so love the view over the coconut trees, the resto LOKAL!! Which was really really good!! Make sure to drop this place when you’re headed on the northern part of Siargao. Swimming thru the Sugba Lagoon was also very pristine! Too lovely  I can’t help but to keep admiring it.

The land tour sites above can be accessed via motorbike with the rest of the place to see. Check out what best interest you.



Overview :  One thing I learned about solo travelling, is to allot a day with nothing much to do in your itinerary, I usually place it in between of the tours so I get to chill and have that “do nothing day to do” I rested most of the time, chill and admire the sunset over Cloud 9, talked and get along with new found friends I get to meet as well.

Also read : Land Tour in Siargao for 2D/1N

Cloud 9
Breakfast | Cafe Lokal


TIME                                       REMARKS                                 COST

8:00AM                                 Wake-up Call

9:00AM                                 Breakfast – Café Lokal

12NN                                      Check-out from Alpas Hostel

12:30PM                               Lunch at Mama’s Grill                                         P120.00

2:00PM                                  Check-in at Lampara Hostel                   P1,700.00 (2 nights stay)

*discounted rate – opening promo

2:00 – 6:00PM                      Cloud 9                                                                  P50.00 (Entrance)

6:30PM                                  Trike to Kermit                                                     P50.00

Dinner at Kermit                                                  P610.00

8:00PM                                  Chill Night (White Banana + Rumbar)              P500.00

                                                                                   ACCOM COST : P1,700.00                                                                                            TOTAL COST : P1,330 (*W/O ACCOM)

I was supposed to go on surfing during this free day I call – ME TIME, but it was low tide at Cloud 9 and hence, recommended me to take surfing the next day instead. Good thing, I have left my 2 days itinerary as carefree and manageable as well.



Overview :  On to my 5th day in Island – I still haven’t done the most sought activity in Siargao – surfing. That is why I made sure I start early and head over to Cloud 9, I started the day with a strong will in mind just right before I got injured from this experience 😀 hahaha!! *I’ll elaborate my experience on this on a separate blog , after which I hired a motorbike with a driver that would take me to the rest of the sights to see in Siargao. Everything about this day was such a wonderful experience. Discovered my one of my “new favorite” beaches of all time at the same time.

Also read : Land Tour in Siargao for 2D/1N

Surfing Time
At Cloud 9


TIME                                       REMARKS                                          COST

7:00AM                                 Breakfast

8:00AM                                 Surfing at Cloud 9                                                P500.00

*comes with the board rental + instructor

*photo service while surfing                             P300.00

10:00AM                             Brunch Shaka Bowl                                              P250.00

*Boom Dia Power Bowl

11AM – 5:00PM                   Land Tour via Habal                                             P2,000.00

*Taktak Falls                                                         P25.00

*Alegria Beach

*Light house

*Pacifico Beach

5:00PM                                  Drop by GL CHURCH for Pan De Coco             P5.00 per piece


7:00PM                                  Dinner at KBBQ                                                    P800.00

10:00PM                               Chill Night (Loose Keys)

                                                                                                TOTAL COST : P3,935.00  

 I actually spent the most on this day, from my food expense, my private habal ride and the activities as well.


You could actually spend less if you can drive a motorbike or at least if you have someone to join with. The surfing rate was pretty standard on all, but I had to pay for someone to take me good photos while I surf (*not a requirement, I just feel like it’s part of my total experience to have it documented). What is nice with having a DIY / private tour for this – is you get to stop anywhere you feel like stopping. You can just gaze thru the ocean, admire all the trees and swim all over the beaches and still manage your time at your phase.         



Overview :  It was superrrrr sad to leave this Island!! If I could spend more time to explore this more, I would do sooooo!!!

My flight was a little early at 10AM so the van service picked me up from the hostel by 7:00AM. I just took a brunch while I was at the airport, while I gaze and look at my legs that was injured, with bruises and my skin darker than ever.

Turista Shot 101


By the end of my trip, I felt that Siargao has really really touched me big time!!! I couldn’t stop but be amazed on the total experience it brought me. The view, the place, the scenery, the ocean, the beach, the restaurants, the bars and the people both the locals and my fellow tourists who are all having a great great time!! It was surreal, I’m telling this again – that I’ll be back in SIARGAO one way or another. I’ll look forward seeing more the rest of this pristine island. More food to explore and a time to return to those favorites I get a taste of.

On my way to the Jelly Fish Sanctuary

It was indeed expensive, I may say – but if you’ll save more on food and would settle for something cheaper on accommodation you’ll get to save more.

As a whole, I almost spent around Php 18,000 / USD 360 for that 6 days / 5 nights trip. But looking back at how I enjoyed every part of it, makes it even more and more worth every penny.

Let me know should you have further questions and concerns about Siargao, I’ll try to answer it in as much as I could.

Should you need an excel file of my full itinerary during my trip, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @nathaliecsalcedo send me a DM! I’ll be happy to share it too.

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*All photos were originals from the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo


Hola! Nathalie is your typical city girl who loves the island life, beach, travels, food and adventures. She’ll rather jump off cliffs than watch horror movies, go over beaches than hiking mountains, and never travels without a pashmina. An OC traveler keeping her research and spreadsheets every time she travels and would never say NO to new adventures. Follow her daily escapade @nathaliecsalcedo


      1. Wow, nice! nice! I guess the locals there used to see Solo travelers and get asked to take pictures, just like in El Nido. Thank you we’ll be visiting Siargao next year and definitely pinned your article!


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