Sugba Lagoon in Siargao

You wouldn’t miss out this green-colored lagoon, situated just right in between the mangroves, with these mountainous view, the cliff diving board at the middle of the tourist paddling for kayak, a serene place, a perfect spot to swim your heart out, SUGBA LAGOON – this is truly a paradise.

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Sugba Lagoon

This is one of my favorite activity in Siargao, if you haven’t seen this photo over the web and Instagram – well, you haven’t really researched much yet coz it’s everywhere!!!

Stand Up Paddling over this pristine paradise


Going for a Sugba Lagoon Tour, actually depends on your preference and budget. You can do a private / DIY tour on your own and get to manage your time if you are at least 4 in a group where you can actually divide and share cost for everything.

However, as to my case and for those who would be travelling solo as well – I suggest and highly recommend to join tours for this as it’ll be more cost efficient.

I was lucky to discover “CAVY’S TOUR” where it offers the cheapest tour ever!! For only P1,600 pesos per pax I get to go all over the Sugba Lagoon Tour + Land Tour around Siargao (*initially, Sugba Lagoon is always paired up with Magpupungko Tidal Pool, but when I visited last February 2019 – it was close for rehabilitation so the rest of the afternoon was spent for land tour, I’ll have a separate blog post for this)

This place was truly Instragrammable and there are so many things to enjoy as well.

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I started my day pretty early as I made sure to catch some time for breakfast by 7AM at Cavy’s area. Was shocked that apparently it would just be the 3 of us who would be joining the tour as the rest of the booked guests didn’t push thru anymore.

Joining this love birds in our almost private DIY tour from Cavy’s Tour

This I tell you to party moderately in Siargao *hahahaha! So you’d still be able to go and attend your tours in the morning.

At around 730AM – 8:00AM We rode a mini jeepney ride all the way to the boat terminal for the Sugba Lagoon tour, you register your name, choose your tour and pay and line up until they call for your number.

Since I booked for an all-in Joiner Sugba Lagoon Tour – I only waited on the side with my 2 fellow Filipino tourists while our guide manage and deal with everything.

Welcome to Sugba Lagoon!

A small pump boat for a round 15 – 20 minutes ride took us straight to the Lagoon. I was more than excited to finally see this beauty, I was keeping my hopes down as I might get disappointed in real life after seeing too much beauty over Instragram hahaha!! But I was so happy to see that it was as pretty and enchanting as the photos shown.

my skin was burned during this activity and I couldn’t resist the sun

You may rent a kayak paddle board, a mini balsa, snorkeling gears and as to me – I rented a Stand Up Paddle Board.

I was initially being too nervous about the balancing myself on the board thinking I’d fall anytime, an hour rental is worth P300.00 If you have a friend with you, you can actually even share it and take turns just to experience it.


The lagoon was so enchanting, I cannot help but to admire its beauty. I was paddling for an hour, even just rested and lie thru the board in the shade of coconut trees and branches around. It was also a great time, to swim around as it was too refreshing.

Don’t forget to jump and cliff dive over the 15ft – 20ft board at the center of the lagoon.

Cliffdiving at the Sugba Lagoon
Cliffdiving at the lagoon

After around 3 hours of staying in the lagoon. We headed back to the boat terminal and enjoy our heavy lunch. Food is not allowed in the Sugba Lagoon, so you either eat before heading to the lagoon or eat afterwards.


  • I really enjoyed my time here at Sugba Lagoon, I was so happy to swim around and even enjoy my time alone.
  • In terms of budget, I manage to spend less than 2k for the entire day on this, since the tour was really cost efficient already.
  • Bring with you a waterproof bag to take care of your things, there are tables around the area where you can keep your clothes as well.
  • The side activities for your rental depends on your preference – but I suggest you try the Stand Up Paddle board as it is also unique here in Siargao
  • It would be cheaper to do it the DIY style if you are at least 4 in a group, plus you get to manage your own time as well.
  • This is really perfect for solo traveller as well, it was a nice and a great experience.

I’ll update this blog, when I get to visit Magpupungko Tidal Pool the next time I visit Siargao.

Let me know should you have further questions and concerns about Siargao, I’ll try to answer it in as much as I could.

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