Nothing is more relaxing than spending the entire day on a beautiful island working with your own time and itinerary, meeting new people, getting along with locals, eating famous delicacies, beach bumming, doing nothing and enjoying every single part of the vacation escapade.

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SIARGAO : TRI-ISLAND TOUR (Naked, Guyam & Daku) + BUCAS GRANDE TOUR (Sohoton Cove)

Sugba Lagoon in Siargao

Surfing at Cloud 9
Coconut Trees everywhere

In this blog, this is initially part of my 6D/5N Solo Siargao Escapade. Also read : SIARGAO TRAVEL GUIDE : My Solo Escapade for 6D/5N

I actually had 2 days to spare for land tour and to enjoy the rest of the sites in Siargao that is outside the usual tour offerings of the local tour groups and the likes. I managed to hire a habal (*or motorbike) with a driver to tag me along up to the northernmost part of Siargao.

Sharing here below is my actual experience and stories to share, it is not in proper order since I have visited some sites twice and even thrice as well. See what best interests you when you plan your itinerary as well.

So Read On..


Entrance Fee : Php 50.00 / person

  • One of the highlights of your Siargao adventure should be to try and to learn surfing! I wouldn’t leave Siargao without trying to Surf at Cloud 9. I was able to have an instructor from a friend I met at Siargao you may contact him as well if you need one :
    • Belong – 09079415259, better to advise ahead of time to make sure you’ll be surfing at the best time. This is very tricky if you are following a strict itinerary and you do not have any spare days to move the activity.
  • the cost for the surfing lesson is all the same it’s PHP 500 / 10  USD for 1 hour plus the instructor and the surfing board rental, should you wish to have more time with the surfing board you may do so.
  • The feeling was surreal as I enjoyed the big waves, I tried surfing in La Union but Siargao waves was really different, I am no good at this but I wanted to maximize the experience and make the most out of it.

*Note : my left leg was injured while I was surfing, Cloud 9 is full of rocks in between the beach area – and I might have fallen to one. Please do note, that hospital is far from this island – thankfully, first aid is available over my hostel (*Lampara Hostel) that helped me cover it up for my last 2 days in the island.

*TIP : after this incident, I would never travel alone without my own set of first aid kits as well – ointment, bandage, gauze, alcohol, betadine and the likes (better safe as always) 


Entrance Fee : Php 20

Mahinhin Falls
  • The farthest and northernmost part of Siargao is the Mahinhin Falls, I was really eager to get to swim in a falls as I wanted to enjoy the cold fresh water.
  • An entrance fee of P20.00 per person and a parking fee for the habal ride is collected upon entry
  • The falls was not a usual tourist spot and I even had the chance to own the entire falls for quite an hour
  • It wasn’t the best falls I’ve ever been to, but it was such a breeze to swim over this fresh water!!!


Entrance : FREE

  • Here’s to another Surfing spot in Siargao, but as per the guide have been mentioning – surfing in Pacifico is certainly not for beginners.
  • You may still enjoy the rest of beach view and spend an entire lazy afternoon here


Entrance Fee : FREE

Coconut Trees View Deck 

This famous spot is a place you wouldn’t miss out, even on my way to General Luna from the airport you’ll be able to stumble this nice scenery.

This is free for everyone and you can just stop by here anytime. Enjoy that perfect Coconut Trees view all over the place. That leads me to my next favorite place in SIARGAO EVER!!! …

Coconut Trees View Deck 


Entrance Fee : FREE

Trust me when I say, that this coconut trail is just a normal way you could stop and see! This is different with the Coconut View Deck.


Drop by this whole stretched of Coconut trees at Brgy. Bay bay, there isn’t a particular name to be exact for this place but this is definitely worth the visit too!

It was picturesque, and would made you fall in love towards the place. I SO LOVE THIS!!!!

Brgy. Bay bay

LOKAL (Burgos)

This small food and café shop in Burgos is heaven!!! I loved everything about this place! The vibe is simple and chill, the food was really affordable, delicious and the concept was one of the unique ones here in Siargao.

If you drive all the way to Pacifico Beach – one shouldn’t miss this as well.

Must Try : Coconut Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, Nutty Veggie

*TIP :when trying something for the first time – better ask the local for their recos as it is always the best choice ever!!!!


Entrance Fee : Php 70 / Payment for guide (Php 100 for at least 3 pax)

Tayangban Cave 

If you wanted to do some light spelunking / caving activity – this could be for you. It was almost a 30 – 45 minutes activity all the way to the other side of the cave.

It gets pretty dark and scary at some parts of the cave — so if you are not into it, this could be not for you. There were areas where you had to soak yourself half bodied — so I suggest it would be better for you in swimwear attires, do not bring anything that would keep both of your hands busy. (*trust me, you’ll need both of your hands) 


Entrance Fee : Php 20.00 per pax

Maasin River

This is one of the famous Instagram photo spot in Siargao, this bent tree where you can hold into the rope and jump as many and as much as you can while you enjoy and swim around.

You may also rent the “balsa” or mini boat so you can paddle all towards to the next side of the river.

During our visit, we didn’t really stayed that much here, there were so many locals selling around, running and roaming and all that sorts — I just felt like it was too commercialized to stay with.


Entrance Fee : FREE

Alegria Beach

If you have come all the way to the Mahinhin Falls and Pacifico Beach, then you are most likely pretty close to this wonder I can compare that of Nacpan Beach from Palawan.

This white sand, crystal blue water where you can swim all you can, sunbathe the entire afternoon and have that do nothing activity — Alegria Beach is for you! I so love that it was even free for everyone and you wouldn’t see much tourists as well since it was pretty far from the city proper.  I spent my entire afternoon, swimming and relaxing in this beautiful scenery!!! I was telling everyone that this is one of my favorite beaches of all time!!! I’ll go back to Siargao for this.


Entrance Fee : FREE

Just across on off beaten path, is this abandoned Lighthouse where you can still hike all the way to the top, the stairs doesn’t feel too safe actually to be honest hahaha!!

But it was worth to hike all the way to the top and get to admire the view from above. Just be extra careful and you’d love seeing the big waves, the blue ocean, and the calmness of everything!!!! (*I just so love livingggg ahahahahah!!! )


I was surprised what Siargao is made of, it was a place to really unwind, party, enjoy, do activities, eat a lot, make friends, get along with everyone, and appreciate the beauty of nature, the beauty of the beaches, lagoons, and everything in between.

I promised myself to return to this island I am calling my favorite! I still have other blogs during my Siargao Trip you may check this out to the link below for reference.

Let me know should you have further questions and concerns about Siargao, I’ll try to answer it in as much as I could.

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