What to expect from The Holy Spring of Tirta Empul in Bali 

Planning your trip to Bali? Thinking what to do and where to go specifically as part of your itinerary? Let me share with you one of my Bali Bucket List and one of my favorite activity as well during my trip in Bali.

If there’s one thing I am very particular with my bucket list, that is being extra specific with the activities to do and places to see. That is why – a short trip to Tirta Empul makes me extra happy!!!

Holy Spring Water Activity

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Tirta Empul temple is a Hindu Balinese water temple located near the town of Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia. The temple compound consists of a petirtaan or bathing structure, famous for its holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go to for ritual purification.

Locating and going to this temple — it would be best to include this in your Ubud day trip via car service.

*Notes : if you need a car service over your Bali Land Trip you may contact my driver : SATRIA of BALI TOURS via Whatsapp +62 812-4675-3054  who’s been extra nice and accommodating in our trip.

This may also be perfect after your trip from the Alas-agro Tourism and the Coffee Plantation and if you’re heading next to the waterfalls near Tirta Empul.

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What to expect in Tirta Empul?

Tirta Empul Temple

As you enter the temple, there is an entrance fee of IDR 50.000 per person, one should be properly dressed as they are very much concern about it.

You may start to roam around the entire place and appreciate all it’s intricate details and history that lies with it.

Since I really wanted to experience the religious ritual of the temple, after roaming around for a while we then headed next to the locker area where you may rent one for your things to be kept. There is also a rental of IDR 10.000 per each blue or green sarong that you may use during the holy water ritual.

Do you need a guide for this activity?

Not everyone is asking for a guide, but I suggest you look and get one! So you have someone who would entirely explain the entire process in the holy spring water.

Also, our guide was holding my phone the entire and he was the one who took all our photos and even video over the holy spring. The rest of our personal belongings were all inside the locker.

Holy Spring Water Activity

The process for ritual purification :

  • A guide approached and ask us should we want to have a guide to assist us, and we gladly said yes! There isn’t really a standard rate for their service but a tip would do to help them as well.
  • He then prepared for a flower offering with the incense, and explained each of the flower colors meaning that we would be using as well
  • Our guide did explain first the meaning of each of the water fountain and the right process to do it
  • We soak thru it, start with the 2nd water fountain as the first one is dedicated entirely for special offerings
  • One should say a short prayer on each of the water fountain, drink from it, wash your face three times and soak your head all towards the water fountain.
  • We had to do this ritual for almost 15 times
Holy Spring Water Activity

For the ladies on their red days cannot soak over the holy spring water.

Be ready to have changing clothes as you finish the ritual. The duration of your stay in the water depends on the crowd.

Blue and Green colored sarong is available for IDR 10.000 each

Other notes : The market just right outside the temple also has the cheapest bags and all that souvenirs you may buy. This is such a shopping haven!!!!


I really enjoyed having a glimpse of a Balinese Religious tradition, this belief of a cleansing of the body, mind and soul is something to look forward to in Bali. I personally fell in love with it and was so much happy for having this part of my itinerary.

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See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

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