A random mid-day work week, I felt extra restless, thinking of my TO-DOs, and deadline coming I only wanted to look forward into spending another weekends IN MY ELEMENT. My happy place, my go to beach within the metro — LIWLIWA, ZAMBALES.


I needed to be in my happy place.

In my element.

In a sanctuary I would feel the serenity and the calmness of everything.

I would think of solo travelling every time I needed a pause, a break from the noise of everything around me. It does not start and ends with work, household stress, family and friends’ relationship there goes anything in between.  I then plan to hit the beach once again, to my favorite go-to beach in Manila — Liwliwa, Zambales.


That 4 hours land trip all the way to this sanctuary has always been on my top list. I was with Brian and Paul, two of my best office buddies who’ve decided to come with me. We then ventured and traveled for the first time together as a group.

Paul has always been into beach and sunsets as much as I do, he visited Liwa a couple of times, where he shared a beautiful discovery in “Limliwa Beach Resort” we stayed for 2 nights in a kubo without AC but with the fan and the cold breeze throughout the night. That’s Php 500 per person per night. Super cheap for a great place already!

Limliwa Beach Resort
the common area for that perfect sunset sesh place

I was on top of the double decker bed, while Brian and Paul stayed together and shared that Grizzly soft pillow (*where I happen to insist to have my own as well, coz I was pretty jealous of it too hahaha!) The itinerary and activities were basically to beach bum the entire time, watch and wait for the beautiful sunsets and as for me – I wanted to start reading a book.

*For activities to do in Liwliwa, I have it over on my separate blog article : Liw-liwa, Zambales : Laid Back Weekend

Eat.Pray.Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Yes, just to read a book, no Netflix involve nor work I have in mind. I have never been a fan of books and literature, I prefer watching movies every single time. But the book I was referring to was actually one of my favorite movie of all time – “Eat Pray Love”. I started reading while we stayed at the common area of Limliwa, gazing blankly thru the sea, waiting for the sunsets as well, while Paul and Brian happily rested and snores as they sleep  hahahaha!! They’d pretty much got the rest they needed, I guess 😊 hahaha!!

I was pretty much certain and focus with my readings, I have so much problems and anxiety in mind, I was thinking of so many things and I wanted to figure it all out. The book I was reading somehow gave me so much inspirations (I may be a little biased coz I really really loved the movie and the book definitely gave me more inspirations and more insights about the story of the movie)

Hello Love ❤

Nonetheless, we hit the beach for a while, beautifully thanking that the glimpse of rain eventually stops. Staring endlessly thru the sunset was really rewarding, it gives you a calmness that no other element can provide, the saltwater, the sand and the company I have altogether makes it really perfect, with the music that lets Paul danced to the groove (*and never stops haha!)  and to that music that lets Brian be sentimental for a while and eventually zoned out.

Me, with Brian and Paul

We respected each ME time. That what made this trip even rewarding, and talk eventually of our personal realizations and key take-aways, which I tell you is pretty much a lot!!! I was keeping a short note with me all the time, jotting down new learning and new key take away so I won’t forget.

I would then come back for that Spanish Sardines Pasta in Board Culture, where I got the insipiration to start cooking on my own (*to date, I tried doing it four times already – and it was as good as we could think of)

This spanish sardines from Board Culture is a must try!

The trip just keeps getting more and more spontaneous as we went for a night out across our accommodation place, the local artists were then all performing for a common cause – to help the surfers in Liwa for the upcoming competition. We managed to enjoy the night, stayed until 1AM while we dances to the tune we won’t ever forget – that Reggae band. HAHAHAHA!! (*inside joke inserts here)

Local Music Event on a saturday
Here’s to dancing and having a great time on a Saturday night.

We’ll wake up pretty early on a Monday morning, just to chill once again, grab a cup of TAHO, that certainly reminds me of childhood days hahaha!! Continue with my book, while Paul still never stops dancing, as Brian do his early SM WORK!!! (*booo!! Hahahah!!)

Anyhow, the life of literally just waiting for the sunsets was something I would always be reminded of this trip. The joy of doing nothing is something I wouldn’t thought be possible since I was not solo travelling  — being with Paul and Brian was something I was super happy about, too grateful to have been traveling with this two! I have enjoyed every part of the 3-day trip. So stress-free, so chill, so relax, I wasn’t able to finish my book actually hahaha!! – but the insights and key take-aways in between would always be special to me.

Certainly, DOLCE FAR NIENTE – the sweetness of doing nothing, is a must once in a while.

P.S. Hi, this is Paul. Yup, that’s me – the heavy snorer, energetic dancer, free-spirited 23-year-old guy Nath was talking about.

For the record, I have been eating and dancing the whole of 2019. In fact, most of my itineraries in places I visited involved a lot of eating, dancing, and a lot more eating. No regrets, though. What else is left for me to do at 23?

This Liwliwa trip was considerably one of the most memorable travels I’ve had in the past year. No, we didn’t catch best “orangey” sunset nor did we have the most comfortable “king-sized-bed-with-a-complimentary-glass-of-champagne” accommodation.

It was them – Nath and Bri – and the stories we shared over beers and cocktails that made this trip extra special. It’s the kind of memory I would remember on my death bed – that’s how good it was. We pretty much spent more than half of our time laughing and giggling over shallow conversations. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Since then, we never stopped hitting the beach whenever we can. In fact, we closed the year with our third camping adventure, where else but in a secluded beach in Quezon Province. This year, we’ll continue to see more of the country, and hopefully, of the world. To whoever is reading this, I hope you continue to live life the best way you know how. The world is waiting. Go out there and chase the unknown. On to 2020!

COMING UP: Nath and I are launching our podcast very soon. There, we’ll share good stories, good vibes, and a lot of good conversations with all of you so stick around!

Capping of the day with this Liwliwa Sunset 

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