My Mermaid Dream : Be a mermaid for a day in Boracay

Hello to my mermaid dream | @Boracay

I have always loved the beach, the sunset, the chill vibe by the ocean, but most likely because I love swimming in an open water, I love the feeling of being like a mermaid enjoying the ocean as it touches you, and the scenery underneath it.

I wanted to become a mermaid!!! —— figuratively speaking (I collect mermaid-y items and stuff *hahaha!) so when I planned for my Boracay trip, I knew that this activity shouldn’t be out of the itinerary.

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I booked via The Philippine Mermaid Association thru it’s official Facebook Page. They do not allow walk-ins, so advance reservation is really needed.

So it’ll always be better to plan in advance so you can plot your activities for your trip as well

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The mermaid classes cost P2,200 per person and a maximum of 6 students per session.It comes with the fin rental, the instructor and the real life mermaid swimming lesson and experience.

*Note : The activity isn’t only available in Boracay but also in Manila (just check the schools and location for the session) 

That’s me struggling with my instructor @gwapamorena

So the day has arrived, I met with the instructor near Sea Wind resort, she was waiting patiently with the mermaid fin I requested in advance (they usually ask for your preferred color and size in advance — so you get to pick ahead of time)

We started with the short instructional lesson, the 4 mermaid swimming skills, the breathing, and the fins were handed over.

I was lucky that I was the only student at the time, it actually felt like a solo and one-on-one mermaid lesson *wink. After the stretching, I wore the mermaid fins and right away we started with the mermaid strokes.

Mermaid Poses

Surprisingly, in as much as I love swimming in the ocean — wearing the mermaid fins was really far far harder than it looks like.  The strokes came in pretty much challenging but at least I got a taste of it for an hour.

I had some photos and snap before I end my session and sing my heart out with my favorite — Part of your world song from The Little Mermaid.

I was extremely happy for this activity, and it was really one on my bucket lists, so a checked to that.

Bucket list checked – Be a mermaid for a day! 

You see, childhood dreams would always be there but it’ll depends on us how to make it a reality. As simple as mine — being a mermaid for a day, the sense of fulfillment was incomparable.

I can’t keep my smiles down, I was really happy 🤩

So go for that funny childhood dream of yours, and make the most out of it.

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See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

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