Paraw Sailing in Boracay

Paraw in Boracay
Waiting for the sunset sesh

Chasing sunsets, that chillin’ vibe, the calmness of the sea and the salty air that touches your – Paraw Sailing makes this all possible.

Certainly, one of my favorite activity in Boracay.

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Paraw Sailing is a local sail boat activity. The boats use two outriggers and two sails. Paraw sailing around Boracay is probably best done in time for sunsets. The calmness of the sea was really amazing as you gaze thru the perfect sunsets.

I booked my Paraw Sailing activity in advance via (already paid this ahead of time as well) so we just went to the meeting point and showed our voucher for the activity.

this is me and my BFF Erone in our *turns-out-private-paraw-boat-activity)

If you are still undecided on the activities you’d like to have and experience in Boracay you may still and just book on-site, as there were so many service operator as well in the area. I just loved booking thru klook ahead of time as it saves me time, and it gives me the confidence that the service provider was already tested and proven as well.

Anyhow, going back with the Paraw Activity. I initially wanted to schedule it in time for the sunsets, imagine being at the center of the ocean while you calmly enjoy the scenery!!!


Apparently, it was just us two (my best friend and I) who availed on the particular time, so we certainly had the entire boat for ourselves.

One cannot move from one place to another though once the paraw started moving. Remember the movie of Bea and Richard Gomez? sailing thru the ocean in the best way they could be. *It somehow felt that way hihi!!

After almost an hour of Paraw Sailing, we then returned to The White Beach, had some snaps and photo ops around as well.

THIS WAS FUN!!! I’m telling you HAHAHAHAAH!!

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See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

I’ll be happy to share my excel file for my actual expense, for your personal trip.

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924384F3-CC0D-4B76-BBE1-8D4B9C819045 / @nathaliecsalcedo / Ciao!

*All photos were originally taken by the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo 





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