Seeing Boracay Island after its rehabilitation state was like seeing a ray of sunshine, with its pristine white sand, crystal clear blue water, enchanting scenery and tons of activities to look at. In this blog, I’ll be sharing FIVE ACTIVITIES TO DO IN BORACAY ISLAND. These are all based on my personal preference and experience that I wanted to share it to you.

So read on…


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Boracay, is a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches and clear blue waters located about less than an hour of travel time from Manila. Specifically located at the Western Visayas (or Region VI) of the Philippines.

It was recently closed last April 2018 due to the government’s effort to the island’s environmental rehabilitation and opened to the public by October 2018. Ever since it is known as a paradise for certified sun-worshipers all over the world. In fact, both local and foreign tourists have made Boracay their yearly destination.

AS for the activities to try and check out it Boracay there were actually so many more options to try for, it just depends on you on which type of traveller are you. So read on…



Where to book : check their FB page @Boracay PubCrawl by Haqqy Life

Cost : Php 790 per pax (discounted if early booking)

Schedule : only available on Friday and Sundays

Duration : the crawl start at 730PM – 12:30PM (*may be extended)

Pub Crawl @ Haqqy Life

Overview : Bar Hopping with complete strangers and have so many new found friends!!!  Bars and night out is very much known in Boracay, not until its rehabilitation took place, the night out and party vibe eventually changes as well. Most of the parties ends by 12mn or 1am, the Pub Crawl only happens every Friday and Monday.

So if you want to party your way out and meet new people join the HAQQY PUB CRAWL, for the price you get the legendary yellow shirt (*where everyone is using as well), baller band as souvenir, you get free access to 5 different bars for free for the night, a shot glass, and 10 free shot voucher – where you use 2 per each bar stops.

Pub Crawl 

I don’t really party much without my friends and if not on travels hahaha!! So I really get to enjoy this one, there was definitely no strangers around, and we get to dance and party with everyone!!! Super fun!!!!!

Shout out to my beshy Erone – for being extra tito the entire time, but who managed to loosen up a beat and started dancing with the rest of the beshies around!!! Hahahahah!! I laveeetttt (*keeping all your videos for future reference of how fun the night was!!!)

Here’s to all strangers into friends! 

Thanks to this Cebu crew, for being with us up until we all gave up and went to the nearest Mcdo just to eat a little bit at 4AM! Hahahaha!!


Where to book : search on FB @Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy

Cost : P2,200 (per pax for a regular scheduled class) no walk-ins allowed purely for scheduling

Duration : 2 hours

My mermaid dream

Overview : Have you ever wanted to become a mermaid and wear those colorful fins, swim thru the ocean and use your flippers to do it? Another activity I enjoyed the most was to learn some basic mermaid strokes and really posed and swim thru the ocean with my tail.

As a water baby, I have always been in love with the ocean, the sea and the beach, I love staying in the water primarily because I love swimming at the same time, that is why one of my Boracay Travel Bucket List is to really have a class and learn basic mermaid swimming.

Mermaid Swimming Strokes + a quick photo ops

It was a little bit pricey, but the experience of having your own fins!!! I am so in love, I was beyond happy!!! Like OA na happiness!!! Hahahaha!!

Also read my detailed mermaid activity : A REAL LIFE MERMAID FOR A DAY

I get to learn some strokes with my fins with me, a quick photo op session as well which makes all my Mermaid Dreams into reality!!!


Where to book : book via

Cost : P800 / pax

Duration : 1 hour

Paraw Sailing activity 

Overview : Paraw Sailing is a local sail boat activity. The boats use two outriggers and two sails. …

Paraw sailing around Boracay is probably best done in time for sunsets. The calmness of the sea was really amazing.

I booked for 2 pax for me and my best friend for this activity and it just so happened that the boat would only have us for the entire paraw trip. It was like a private booked activity which was totally cool, the waves, the sun that shines beneath our boat, the calmness of the sea – that is what you’ll enjoy in this activity.


we had the entire boat just for ourselves


Where to book : via

Cost : P700.00 / pax (comes with the island hopping activity + LUNCH)

Duration : 9AM – 3PM

Boracay White Beach 

Overview : An island experience wouldn’t be complete without the Island Hopping. There were actually 3 islands as per the tour to visit to, where you can avail the service for this.

But to tell you in advance,  I was somehow disappointed in this activity.

The first island was in Crocodile Island where you can snorkel; there weren’t much fish actually in this island hahahah!! As I ask Erone over his snorkeling experience – “Ilang fish besh?” (how many fish, friend?) and he would say “Three!” hahahahahah!! *nothing against it, I just expected a little bit more on this island.

And another snorkeling site around where we happen to have our buffet lunch as well. Food was great but there were so many people around, no matter which tour operator you book your island hopping activity with – you’ll all end up in the same lunch area.

waiting for sunsets at Puka Beach 

And the last stop is in Puka Beach, where if you join the tour, will let you stay for only around 40 minutes then return to Boracay Island, but Pukka Beach can also be reached via trike so we decided to stay in the beach and spend the rest of the afternoon.

After sunset we just rode a tricycle back to Boracay Island for P150.00 for the two of us. Pukka Beach is another white sand beach area in Caticlan, but it still isn’t as fine as that of the White Beach. You’ll fall in love with Pukka since it has fewer tourists and people around.


Cost : FREE!!!

Puka Beach 

Nothing seems better than a beach bumming activity in a very pristine white sand beach.  Literally lying down and enjoy the sunset the entire afternoon!!! You have the option to stay at the White Beach or ride all the way to Puka Beach, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and pashmina to enjoy that whole day of beach bummin’.


AS mentioned, there were actually more adventures to look out in Boracay. You may also just focus with beach bummin and play beach volley ball, nor just spend the day food trippin’ around the island.

What matters at the end of the day is you enjoying your stay in this pristine island. Doing what makes your soul and body happy.

Conquering those fears for an experience you will never forget. Until then..

Cheers to more travels…

If you wanted to see the actual places I’ve been, check out my IG story highlight @nathaliecsalcedo 

See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

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@nathaliecsalcedo | Ciao! 

*All photos were originally taken by the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo 


Hola! Nathalie is your typical city girl who loves the island life, beach, travels, food and adventures. She’ll rather jump off cliffs than watch horror movies, go over beaches than hiking mountains, and never travels without a pashmina. An OC traveler keeping her research and spreadsheets every time she travels and would never say NO to new adventures. Follow her daily escapade @nathaliecsalcedo

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