WHERE TO EAT IN BORACAY : FOOD FINDS NOT TO MISS OUT || I travelled to Boracay with my bestfriend Erone, and since he came all the way from Singapore we had moments eating in KFC and Andok’s just because he misses the gravy and the sauces. Nonetheless, we eat based on our appetite and based on our mood every after activities

There were various food stalls and dessert shops, café and restaurants in Boracay – the options were actually endless, It just depend on your preferences for the day. Fastfood and buffet, were also all available. As well as the usual restaurants name in Manila — they are also all here in Boracay. So sharing here our food finds from our recent trip.


Located : Station 1

Everyone’s favorite in the island, is something refreshing that is why the Fruitshakes from Jona’s is one of the most popular. You’d see a bunch of tourists lining up for their own dose of shakes.

Personally, since there are a lot of people piling up for the store, it seems too overrated for me, I didn’t think there was actually pretty intense from the usual fruitshakes you’ll see around.



This coconut ice cream that comes serving with the coconut husk as its base, it cost Php 150.00 per coconut piece. They also have other coconut related products that you may try out. Watch out as many tourists wanted to have a grasp of this coconut dessert, as early as 9AM you’ll see people lining up.

It was a refreshing dessert and a must try in Boracay!!!

Coco Mama’s Coconut Mango Ice Cream


Where is it located : Real Coffee and Tea Café / Station 2

The calamansi muffin is people’s favorite for a pasalubong when one visits Boracay, you can buy a box of 6 pcs of this at Real Coffee.

Make sure when you plan on buying a box of calamansi muffin — you order ahead of time, or reserve and pay in advance so you are sure you get a pasalubong from Real Coffee.

It is actually a restaurant serving American breakfast (*we tried to eat here for breakfast – but apparently, they don’t serve RICE meal so we decided to eat elsewhere HAHAHAA!!)

Real Coffee  & Tea Cafe for that box of Calamansi Muffin


This is one of my favorite place where we dine the usual Filipino food, the ambiance was good it wasn’t pricey plus an acoustic singer was also present.

After that series of beach activities in the morning, the vibe and mood in Lights Hotel was definitely a must do, Filipino dishes with the usual soup you are craving for — they got it all here.

AS I mentioned, the ambiance was really good — it really is very relaxing. I loved it here!!!

Dinner at Lights Hotel


Wokeria Crab Pasta House

Located : D Mall

Must Try : Creamy Seafood Pasta and Amatriciana (*if you are craving for an Italian dish and enjoys pasta and seafood, this is a place to be)

It gets pretty crowded, but the pasta dishes were definitely a steal! It was also very affordable compare to the rest of the restaurants around.


Paraw Bar

If you want a chill night for a couple of beer or even iced coffee, try looking for this spot! The couches facing the beach is such a delight after a full day of activities.

This was actually one of my favorite as well since it was far enough from the big and noisy crowd at the center.

They got bean bags facing the beach, a good set of drinks and chill with your friends is really something I’ll always look forward with this place.


As a whole, there were still a lot of restos around but like I mentioned, it’s a matter of your mood and vibe as well on what you wanted to try for lunch or dinner time. I was surprised that Boracay don’t have that distinct food or dish cuisine that we could try out, but nonetheless, it was pretty amazing to try this food in one trip!!

I’d wish to update more of this, when I plan my trip back to Boracay. Until then, let me know what’s your favorite amongst so far??!!!

If you wanted to see the actual places I’ve been, check out my IG story highlight under Boracay.

See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

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