WHERE TO STAY IN BALI, INDONESIA? || One of our travel bucket list is to go and see Bali, Indonesia and after crafting and planning for a week full of itinerary, looking for accommodation options is also a must do! That is why, sharing here below a list of hotel and airbnb villa accommodation during my week-long stay in Bali that you may find helpful as well.

  • If you have been keeping up my with my travels, you’d see that I don’t usually settle in one accommodation place or hotel or hostel
  • I love checking and trying as much as I could so to maximize my stay in a particular area. Sharing here some discoveries :


Booked via agoda.com

Cost : Php 700 per pax  or Php 1,400 per room for 2 (USD 26 / IDR 380.000)

  • This hotel / villa type is super fancy for a cheap price, it comes with an AC, spacious room, 2 comfort rooms, an access to the pool side, it comes with a buffet breakfast, and the room has TV, a ref, coffee and mineral water and all amenities from a hotel room
  • It is near convenience stores, money changer, spa houses, restaurants and is blocks away over Ubud Market

*Note : Grab Car isn’t available in the Ubud area, if you need a service going from one place to another, ask your hotel receptionist to ask and look for cab rides


Cost : Php 3,668 per night / USD 69 good for max of 6 people

Booked via Airbnb.com

*If it’s your first time to book for Airbnb room, use my link to get discount!!! :  Booked thru : http://www.airbnb.com/c/nathalies2488 and get additional travel credits

  • Who wouldn’t want to have you own villa when you stay in Bali?
  • This villa comes with 2 rooms, a dining area, a swimming pool, private area, cooking is allowed with all the utensils, and cooking items, a refrigerator, a hot and cold dispenser, the rooms comes with an AC and private CR, spacious everywhere
  • This villa is near fastfood chains, it is located at the city center of Bali, near convenience stores, near the biggest SB in Bali, a grab car away from the famous spots : Mexicola, La Plancha, Kynd Community and the likes


Cost : Php 1,200 per room for 2 pax / USD 22

Booked via agoda.com

  • It comes with a private hotel room, own CR with hotel amenities, it is with AC, hot showers, plus our hotel room comes with a view of the swimming pool as well, it comes with the access on the pool, and there is also a restaurant on the ground floor (*so when you’re too tired to go out at night – this is such a great option!)
  • What I love about this hotel, is its cheap, the food from the restaurant is cheap and still it looks fancy, the experience was really great!!
  • The hotel is near convenience stores, Kynd Community, mini shops around, restaurants, money changer, spa and salons if you need one, and just a grab car away La Plancha Beach and near sites.

Here are some of my discoveries during my week-long stay in Bali. If you want to learn more about my detailed itinerary you may check also :



  • Unlike my other out of the countries trip, going around Bali is thru a private car or van (*if you are in big group)
  • There was no MRT or train system around, no jeepneys, nor tuktuk that would take you easily from one place to another.
  • The best option would be hiring a private car that would tour you around Bali. You may contact my driver : SATRIA of BALI TOURS via Whatsapp +62 812-4675-3054
  • The standard car rate is (IDR 450.000 / PHP 1,700 / USD 32 ) for 10 hours, this includes the driver, gas, toll, parking fees + a bottled water. See !!! it is super cheap! max per car is at least 4 pax (so we get to manage our expenses with almost just P450 – P500 per pax on this or USD 4.58)
  • Your itinerary for the day depends on your liking and where you’d want to plan it

We’ll keep this updated on my next set of Bali Adventures. Let me know what stroke you the most? What type of traveller are you when it comes to accommodation?

Ciao! http://www.ilovenats.com

*All photos and accommodation is shouldered by the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo


Hola! Nathalie is your typical city girl who loves the island life, beach, travels, food and adventures. She’ll rather jump off cliffs than watch horror movies, go over beaches than hiking mountains, and never travels without a pashmina. An OC traveler keeping her research and spreadsheets every time she travels and would never say NO to new adventures. Follow her daily escapade @nathaliecsalcedo

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