Staying in Bali for a week means more activities to do and more places to visit and see. One of my main goal when I visited Bali is not just to see and explore its landmark and famous site but also to have a glimpse of a Bali Tradition thru watching this famous ULUWATU KECAK DANCE plus a side trip to Padang-padang beach.


So read on, what to expect, where to book and what to do when planning this Bali Activity.

Literally over the Uluwatu Cliff towards sunsets

South Kuta Tour

Where to book : book via

Cost : Php 900.00 per pax / IDR 244.000 / USD 17


  • Van pick-up from hotel and back
  • all entrance fees
  • car service to Uluwatu with driver
  • Places to visit : Padang-padang Beach (IDR 30.000) & Uluwatu Kecak Sunset Dance & Cliff (IDR 100.000)

11:00AM || We were picked-up directly from our villa for this day tour, we were already staying in Uluwatu in time for this trip.

Private Pool inside the villa

12:00NN || Padang-padang Beach || Our first stop is at Padang-padang beach. There is an entrance fee of IDR 30.000 which is already part of the package. Going to the beach is actually challenging as it is steep and full of stairs. There were also monkeys everywhere, so make sure to take good care of your belongings.

You may do surfing, beach bumming or just people watch while staying here. There were so many tourists in this area so manage your time well if you’ll be soaking and swimming in the beach. We were actually unprepared for this beach trip, as we thought we’ll all head directly to the cliff. *our bad

We stayed for about 2 hours, eating and just literally chatting with my beshies. Before we return back to the van parking lot.


3:00PM || It was around this time when we headed straight to the Uluwatu Cliff. Now is your time to take photos around, or eat thru the warung available as well. Warung are definitely cheaper than the restaurant around and you get to try their sauces and the likes.


There was a long stretch of view overlooking the Uluwatu Cliff. Our driver instructed as to meet him around 4:30PM to get our ticket from him.

Take note that there are a lot of tourists who visits this Sunset Dance and the seats were all on a first come first serve basis. We were lining up already and entered the area for the Balinese Dance, half of the arena were already full and though the sun was still striking, make sure to bring a pashmina or a cap and sunglasses with you.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

This time might also then the perfect time to wait for the sunset. The show starts around 6:00PM just in time as the sunset being the background of all the chanting.

KECAK DANCE is a Balinese Dance Tradition where over 30 males were chanting and the entire time that serves as the background music for the entire dance routine. There was a handout that explains the plot and the story of the dance so you can actually get to understand it all.

It was almost an hour of Balinese Dance routine with fire and chanting and story that is both theatrical and comedic at the same time.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Everyone is in there fascinated costumes and attire. Chak-chak, chak-chak, chak-chak and the chanting continues with all the dances and representation.

Also, as you can see from the seating arrangement of the Kecak Dance if you opt to go to the comfort room at any given time, it would be impossible for you to return back to your seat. You would normally be left to sit at the ground area with the rest of the male chanters.

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

After an hour or presentation, expect the influx of all tourists around. Keep your friends with you and make sure to familiarize where you’ll have to meet with your driver that would take you back to the hotel.

I remembered when we had to keep on walking just to look for our van service, there were still monkeys around so keep your phones with you, hats or sunglasses.

AS a whole, going to Uluwatu takes around 45mins – 1 hour travel time, so I do recommend the all-in package for this trip so you get to save big time at the same time. I appreciated this short Kecak Sunset Dance in Uluwatu, it definitely is something one should visit when you go to Bali, it shows a taste of one of Balinese tradition and something one should look forward to.

Let me know other Balinese Activities worth to try in Bali? A glimpse we would be happy to learn to.

If you wanted to see the actual places I’ve been, check out my IG story highlight @nathaliecsalcedo 

Hope this helps you too.

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