How to get Driver’s License? What is the new process to do? || Securing a driver’s license as per law is a privileged given to those who seek to drive  both a private car and public transportation services as well.

Given that, LTO is the government governing body in-charge for this where one of its main functions is to strictly implement and enforce the laws regarding land transportation.

As the pandemic hits us this 2020, certain protocols and additional processes was implemented over the past 6 months. In this blog, I’ll share with you the actual process I undergo and the fees and amount I paid for all.  Just to clarify that it is entirely my first time to apply for the license, and I only need a Non-Professional license. The requirement for Professional Driver’s License may vary as well as securing for Motor Vehicle requirement.

For those who are confuse as to what license you need to apply :

  • Non-Professional License – This means that the vehicle allowed to be driven should not exceed a gross weight of 4500 kg and must be private vehicles only.
  • Professional License – applicable for individual driving a public transportation vehicle, this includes, services where one is paid to drive for.

I am in no position related to any govt. bodies nor any driving school and the likes, but just an individual who wishes to share my piece of experience. So read on,


(Non-Professional, Car Driving)


  • Rate : P1,500 (minimum)  rate varies depending on Driving School it ranges from P1,500 – P1,800 or more
  • Where to enroll : Accredited Driving School (should you need a list of the available accredited driving school please refer to :

I personally enrolled via Socialite Driving, it was basically the cheapest among the nearby Driving School I inquired for.

  • Inclusion / Lesson :  The TDC Seminar is a 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course, basically it runs for 3 days (Thurs-Saturday) 5 hours/day. Schedule varies depending on the school as well.

AS for my end, it was Th-Sat from 4PM – 9PM. It basically is an online / zoom meeting type of lesson where an instructor presents and teaches the basics of driving, laws, car details, policies and the likes.

After completing the 15 hours TDC lesson, be prepared for a 100 items written examination. (The Instructor would also be sharing almost all questions while the answers were discussed alongside with the zoom class.


After finishing the 15 hour TDC lesson, one needs to take the practical exam and score at least 90 over 100 items. Once passed, you may now go through the next step.

SECURE THE TDC CERTIFICATE (Theoretical Driving Course)

  • Rate : P200 (there is a separate fee for the printing of the certificate, make sure to ask if the certificate is already included on the TDC lesson once you inquire
  • Where to get : Mostly, the certificate is only available via the head office or central station of the Driving School, make sure you are also aware where you’ll be going to pick-up the certificate.

Also, make sure that all details is correct before it gets printed out


  • Background : Pre-covid season, securing a Student Permit is as easy as going to LTO and file and request for one. The TDC Certificate is now part of the Student Permit Application process
  • Rate : P317 for the Student Permit
  • Medical : ranges bet Php 500 – 700 depending on the clinic you are requesting for. Secure the medical certificate from the accredited medical facility. Usually – LTO have nearby clinic available for this service

Note : no wearing of slippers, no sleeveless if not – bring a shawl or cover-up, no shorts

  • Requirements for Student Permit Application :

Make sure to bring the following : (Original / Photocopy of Birth Certificate, TDC Certificate, Valid ID, Medical Certificate and fully signed application form for Student Permit Application

Always double check all details before leaving (If you are near Caloocan, I applied via LTO in Araneta Square, there is also available in SM Manila if you want that Mall Vibes experience haha!

After securing the Student Permit you are now capable and allowed to study driving. Note also, that student permit should be 1 month old before you may be allowed to file and secure for a non-professional driver’s license.


  • Background : Gone are the days that we can just study how to drive thru our family or friends. The new policy now requires that everyone should undergo an 8-hour driving lessons via the accredited driving school.

If you knew how to drive already, I suggest you just check on the cheapest driving school possible. Also note that 8-hours is the minimum practical driving requirement

  • Rate : Php 4,000 / 8 hours Manual Sedan Car (*note that the final amount for your tuition depends on the car, duration and the type of car you wish to drive and study.

I took an 8-hour manual driving class since I wanted to drive both manual and automatic cars. Studying for AT was also pretty much expensive than the manual lesson (it was harder but, nonetheless I made it till the end!! HAHAHAHA* cheers for small wins. Yay!)

  • Schedule : Your driving lesson schedule basically depends on your personal choice, I took 4 days, 2 hours per day in a span for almost 2 weeks (since I am working during weekdays)

SECURE THE PDC CERTIFICATE (Practical Driving Course)

After the driving lesson, this time you need to secure the PDC Certificate. The PDC Certificate is one of the main requirement needed before you can apply for a Driver’s License.

  • Rate : Php 300 (*as mentioned rates depends on the driving school)
  • Where to secure : It would be best secure your PDC certificate from the Driving School you are enrolled with.


I am finally towards the end of my main goal!!!

  • Rate : Php   800 is the published rate for securing and applying a Driver’s License, they say that fixers are not allowed (*HAHAHA!! Funny and see it for yourself once you’re there)
  • Requirements : Make sure to bring the following :
  • PDC Certificate
  • Medical Certificate (*this is the same medical certificate I had during my student permit application, note that the validity is within 2 months, so plan ahead so you don’t end up applying for new med cert and pay addl Php 600
  • Valid Student Permit (Original)
  • Fully filled-up Driver’s License Application Form

*Note : make sure that all details are properly written, to avoid confusion and errors with your ID’s and record

  • Process :
    • Review for a 40 items written examination ( you need to score at least 30 out of 40) reviewer is usually provided for you to study ahead of time as well
    • Practical Driving Exam
    • Biometrics (photo capturing & fingerprint securing)
    • Actual printing of the Driver’s License

*Note that those who do not pass the written examination will have to wait for another month to refile for the entire process again. Each test paper have different selection and choices compare to your seatmate so you cannot copy from your seatmate at this point of time.

Once you passed the written exam, you can now proceed with the practical driving exam follow with the biometrics and printing of the ID itself. You would definitely need to allot at least half day or more than half day for you to process and finish everything.

AS a whole, it actually took me around 2 months to really finish the entire process of securing the driver’s license, given that I still work on weekdays. Securing for the Student Permits, getting the certificate from the office as well as securing the DL itself requires me to file a leave just to secure everything at once.

Anyhow, I wish you find this useful – and this is the most comprehensive guide I could share with you. Make sure to keep asking for information and always be keen with your personal details.

P.S trying to write more content with my adulting stuff, let me know in the comment section below should you wish to know anything about a certain topic.



Hola! Nathalie is your typical city girl who loves the island life, beach, travels, food and adventures. She’ll rather jump off cliffs than watch horror movies, go over beaches than hiking mountains, and never travels without a pashmina. An OC traveler keeping her research and spreadsheets every time she travels and would never say NO to new adventures. Follow her daily escapade @nathaliecsalcedo


  1. Thank you!!! I was looking for the process after securing PDC and was worried about what I shall do once in LTO site for application of driver’s license! This really helped me have a concrete idea what to prepare for! 😍


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