Independent, Passionate and Outgoing. Three Words that would describe me.

Sugba Lagoon, Siargao | 2019 
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac Bataan | 2017

HI! I’m Nathalie and welcome to my blog page!

If you are a travel junkie, an adventure seeker, or someone who is dire need of travel escapades and ideas the DIY style (do-it-yourself) without compromising comfort and satisfaction but still affordable then you have come to the right place. I am a type of traveller who travels for adventure, for food and for learning, I always do it the DIY style because I love planning my itineraries and researching is what I enjoy most as well.

I had the idea of fulfilling my childhood dreams, ticking off my bucket list and documenting every part of it. With the will to do it all, I know it’ll be one hell of a journey but I know somewhere, I’ll get to do it.

Writing about oneself is hard, well, it was harder when you talk to me and I share everything in a span of 5 minutes lol! I wanted this blog to be as personal as I write my travel journeys. So here it is sharing everything I have on mind right now.


I created this blog entries based on my own travel experiences, it is also a way for me to thank other travel bloggers for sharing their own tips and guides at the same time. For every trip, I get to do extensive research all the time, kept on discovering what could be beneficial for me and I write it all together here.  I was never a writer, I never perfected the Subject – Verb Agreement, I write carelessly and led my experiences be the best guide for this. I have always been blogging ever since college but kept writing anything under the sun, things that would strike me, political issues, great buys on my shopping list and random topics like my dream wedding dresses to be exact. But it was 2015 when I had my first DIY Trip for 5 days in  Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras *link of the trip here : Iloilo-Bacolod-Guimaras (5D/4N full itineraries and budget), it was that trip that made me realize how beautiful the Philippines is. And since it was still a virgin island by that time I was very eager to get to share it with the rest of the traveler out there. I re-created another blog page and decided to start writing all over again, but this time I was more concise — all about my travels and adventure, things I consider my happy pill. ❤

FullSizeRender (8)
Cabugao Island, Isla de Gigantes | 2016 

During that  trip I had lapses with budgeting, with my things, my itineraries and it made me eager to go on for more trips after the Iloilo Escapade. It felt like a travel bug just bitten me and all I could imagine is go on with endless places and destinations. I joined group pages, engage in other social media platforms, joined discussion with fellow travelers and I get to host my own facebook page as well. I get inquiries, people asked for my advice and it felt great being able to help other traveller as well. I like to live to inspire other people as well, share my experiences and let them realize the possibility of everything.

Nacpan Beach in El Nido | 2017 


It was the sound of the sea, the calmness of the beach, the striking sun, the golden brown sand, the fresh and delicious seafood and fruits that relaxes me more than anything. I loved going on to beaches, exploring different cities, getting lost in the while, learning new culture and being one with nature.  I am always up for an adventure and I believed that everything is worth the try.

Discovering new places, seeing different vibe and culture was pretty ecstatic. Being a corporate slave as a Marketing Officer at SM Supermalls, doing other 2 different part time jobs as I do events hosting, and Wedding and Events Planning while I run my own servicing business @nathaliesalcedoevents It truly led me to give more time to myself every once in a while.

A get to do a breather every now and then by planning for my trips accordingly, look into my budget and spend my money wisely. It was hard at first, we all had other priorities and traveling was indeed — expensive. But I have learned of doing it the best way that would matches my interest, by not splurging too much on my budget and still manage everything after my travels. I also read blogs and articles, learn from fellow travelers and it equipped me with the challenges I may face.

I do and plan my travels the DIY style and that is what I share mostly on my blogs. I may not be a budget traveler for I make sure to maximize everything in a certain place, go to all of its famous sites, dine at the most sought restaurants, try its delicacies and experience all activities each place has to offer. You’ll never know when to be back after all.

Golden Brown Sand in Nilandingan Quezon

I wish to visit all my dream places, experience what the world has to offer, live life to its fullest and continue to learn as I go on.

I’m independent and going solo won’t hurt me, Young and Free as I lived on my dream to travel each city, each country, one at a time.

Current Project : ( PH 81 Provinces | South East Asia Countries Tour)

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