DIY Guide : Crossing border from Cambodia (Siem Reap) to Thailand (Bangkok) detailed guide

Crossing border from Cambodia (Siem Reap) to Thailand (Bangkok)?

Where to ride? What to do? How to go? Crossing border Q’s and details to look out for your Indochina Trip escapade.

After 2 days in Cambodia our 3rd day was basically spent with bus transfers from one country to next (Thailand).  Your bus transfers also depends on your itinerary on where you are heading next after Cambodia.

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In this blog, I’ll share with you my very own itinerary – where we headed to Bangkok from Siem Reap.

AS I said over my previous crossing border experience, it takes a lot of research and determination to make this happen, blogs will keep you paranoid and be extra nervous with SCAMS all around. So I made sure I read a lot and really booked at the best service providers. I wouldn’t mind spending extra hundreds knowing it’s safe for me.

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The easiest way going to Bangkok is definitely thru plane, but we opt to go for the cheaper and more adventurous form of transportation — via BUS.

So read on so you get an idea as well,



  • Book a bus ticket via Giant Ibis Transport (*recommending this bus transport as it is really reliable)
    • If you are pretty much concern on your bus seat like me hahaha! You may book thru this site in advance :
    • Or you may just go directly to the bus terminal and buy your ticket at the same time
    • One way bus ticket cost USD 32, Php 1,600 (this already includes : Bus Ride to Bangkok, Free Lunch, Travel Guide, and assistance to the border crossing)
    • I paid it via my credit card way in advance while I am still in Manila
    • Giant Ibis is one of the best direct bus provider with this Siem Reap – Bangkok route. Don’t get deceived since there are bus companies who offers cheaper fare but would let you to transfer from one bus to another after crossing the border, plus you needed a guide that would assist you the entire time you are travelling
    • The bus comes with a USB socket for you to charge and a so-so Wifi access while you stream in the bus
  • From our Airbnb Accommodation in Cambodia we took a tuktuk ride all the way to Giant Ibis Office (Phum Salakanseng, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Krong Siem Reap Khet Siem)for only USD 1
  • The paid voucher was emailed to me as soon as I booked it, so I just showed in to the terminal
  • There is only one bus trip a day bound to Bangkok in Giant Ibis every 7:45AM
    • So make sure you are much aware on the timing of the bus trip
    • There weren’t much passenger actually on the day and we were just around 10 – 15pax but still, better to be extra cautious with your seat bookings.
  • Travel time all the way to Bangkok is 9 hours (7:45AM – 4:15PM)

*Note : ASEAN Passport Holder does not need a VISA for entry, just fill-up the Bangkok Departure Slip and you are good to go. Remember that you do not need to pay anything for the immigration crossing.


  • Expect the 9 hours travel time with the stop over and immigration crossing
  • After riding the bus at the terminal, I just made sure to get as much sleep as much as possible hahaha!! Considering we still have a lot of things and activities to do
  • Our tour guide then collected each of our passport, he did fill up a departure slip for us by the time of the Cambodia Crossing
    • It was only our guide who went down the bus and have all our passports stamped (*pretty amazing hugh?)
    • If you have trust issues – you may go down and see it for yourself, but I’m telling you that it looks very chaotic in the border crossing
    • After around 30-45 minutes of waiting inside the bus for our guide, our  tour guide hopped in and distributed each of our passport.
    • Our bus on the other hand just passes thru the Immigration Border just like that
    • Our guide just instructed us to fill up the Arrival Card for Thailand in time for the Immigration Crossing
  • Make sure to fill it up with all your details properly (*so it is really important that you have your own pen with you all the time)
  • In the Thailand Border, we were all requested to alight the bus and had to walk all the way to the immigration borders
  • Trust me when I say that the border crossing was as chaotic as the one from Cambodia, I was really really afraid while we were crossing, take charge on your personal belongings and be cautious the entire time. I haven’t even had the guts to take photos over my phone as I was very much cautious with my surroundings at the same time
  • We were carrying our bags as well as our luggage and backpacks as we head to the immigration office
  • We were lucky to have a guide with us, where we only follow- – I saw some tourists trying to figure out direction, and it was risky to ask randomly as well since they might just extort more money on you. (*coming from former blogs and write-ups about crossing borders)
  • The Thailand Immigration Office was way better than the rest, it was air-conditioned, it was well-maintained and I actually felt safer as well hahaha!!
  • Just hand in your passport with the Arrival Card Slip, a photo and a thumb mark and you’re good, there weren’t further questions asked by Immigration Officers.
  • AS you exit, make sure you check for your entry stamp in Thailand over your passport.

Then we waited for the rest of the passengers from our same bus. We all rode thru the bus on the opposite side and continued with our trip to Bangkok.

Exactly around 4:00PM – 4:30PM we were all in Bangkok. ❤


  • having a reliable bus transfer company is really important, it saves you time and give you the confidence in crossing border
  • Always be conscious with your belongings, keep in mind your surroundings
  • Bring a pen with you always, so you get to do things on your own
  • You wouldn’t actually feel the 9 hours travel time just bank on a kdrama over your phone or series of movies perhaps? hahahaha!! (*I remembered finishing a Kdrama series over this trip)
  • Book in advance as much as possible, so you get to manage your time and itinerary as well

My best friend Kim and I decided to venture and spend more time in Chiang Mai as soon as we were in Bangkok; then just returned back to Bangkok after 4 days.

Posting my blog post on it as well soon — *blog post to follow

my bus transfer guide from Bangkok to Chiang Mai — *blog post soon

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