Liw-liwa, Zambales : Laid Back Weekend

Liw-liwa Zambales

β€œBeach tayo sa holiday!”

”G!” I exclaimed, without second thoughts when my bestfriend Kim messaged me one time on a random time.

The sound of the sea, the beauty of nature, the long drive and trip is what I always consider my happy pills. It is where I get to think a lot, nurture the moment and get to appreciate simple things and people. That is why, a beach trip has always been a YES YES to me ever since.

Never say NO to adventure 😊 and you won’t regret it. When you feel like you have been very busy working on something whether about school or work or other personal matter always have a short vacation stint to at least relax you.

Heading back to Zambales four times for the year, and this place is still one of my favorite go-to adventure.


Last year when I went to Liwliwa it looks like this (Also Read :Liw-liwa Zambales : A weekend getaway

Out of beach places in Zambales, thinking also that it is a holiday and peak season, I only thought off Liw-liwa, it is one of the under rated beach destination in Zambales, it has so many potentials, from being a Surfing Area, Laid Back beach area, a staycation escapade with less tourists visiting the place plus it is cheap and you may travel with having below P2,000 pesos.


  • Ride a bus bound to Iba Zambales
    • We rode thru Victory Liner at Monumento (first trip is 6:00AM, then an hourly bus ride is also available in the terminal)
    • Bus Fare is P200 – P250 pesos
  • Alight at San Felipe
  • Ride a tricycle, and tell the driver to drop you off Liw-liwa
    • Tricycle Fare is P50 pesos it is a 15 minutes tricycle ride straight to Liwliwa


What is good in Liw-liwa is its various selections when it comes with accommodation, it basically depends on your budget and preference.

The first time we were in Liw-liwa we stayed at La Zerena (it is now very much upgraded as of today and have more rooms choices to choose from – prices ranges from 800 – 2000 per person)


The Circle Hostel

Me and my best friend tried Circle Hostel in Liw-liwa, they have bunk beds or hammocks available. No room is airconditioned but it was just still fine.

It was hot and the weather is humid between 12nn – 4pm. Here’s some snap of the hostel.

Common Area
Common Area

With the bean bags and hammock, this is the only area where you could charge for your gadgets.

Who cares? if you have no wi-fi or signal access in Liw-liwa to update with? (*Yes, close to no signal at all in Liw-liwa)


Hammock | P400 per night per person
Bunk Bed | P600 per person per night

Each of the bunk bed have 1 pillow, a blanket andΒ  a “kulambo” a net type cover to protect yourself from mosquitos.

This is inside an all Female Dorm Bunk Room
Common CR

They have common CR, one for ladies and one for male. What is good about it as well is the fact that it has Hot Shower πŸ™‚ Separate area for the toilet room also which makes it pretty convenient.


As for the activities to do in Liw-liwa you may do the following :

    • There are stores and instructors available in Liw-liwa for P400 pesos ; this is inclusive of the rental of the surf board for 1 hour and the instructor to teach you the basics of Surfing
    • We personally, omit this in our plan for the day, since we’d like to spend the entire trip relaxing :p
    • The hostel were staying actually is offering Island Hopping Services, but the islands it covers is basically (Capones and Anawangin – and this could be spent on another beach getaway)
    • LIw-liwa does not have that crystal brown to white sand beaches, but rather a greyish sand is what you can see. However, the beach area is pretty much clean and you’ll enjoy soaking in the beach as well 😊
Laid Back Weekend


  • CHASING WATERFALLS – Lubong Nangoloan Falls
    • Initially didn’t thought that there was a waterfalls available near Liw-liwa; We booked for a tricycle ride thru : for P500 pesos for the entire afternoon service.
    • reaching the Falls it took us 30 – 45minutes tricycle ride
    • Entrance Fee : P30 pesos per person
Lubong Nangoloan Falls


    • Going to the Falls, you have the option to walk all towards the falls or you may also ride thru a carabao 😊 and since it was our first time, definitely go for the latter option.
    • Carabao Ride Fare is P20 pesos per person
Carabao Ride for P20 per person
First Time feels πŸ˜‚

It was a great discovery seeing the waterfalls, we hiked for 10 – 15 minutes with the rock formations and it was great.Headed back to the hostel by 11AM as we manage our time for the 12nn check-out.

The entire trip was really relaxing, me and my bestfriend Kim were able to spend too much time together, talking and bonding as it have poor internet signal as well in Liw-liwa.


We get to literally beach bummed and enjoy the sunset as we share it with a bottle of wine and some chips.Β Please do take note, that chips are expensive in the area, this is also because you barely have other options to go and buy too.

Catching Sunsets

What I loved about Liw-liwa was its simplicity, serenity and how calming the place is.

There is no nightlife or whatsoever if you want to stay late night, but rather deep conversation while lying in the hammock, a perfect sunset view and that lovely golden hour photo op of yours plus the time that seems too slow to ticked.


Capturing the sunsets 🌀

Liw-liwa would always be a perfect relaxing beach weekend place to me without spending much, without planning too much.

A hidden gem without too much tourist to start with but a great way to recharge yourself.


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