WHERE TO STAY IN YOUR INDOCHINA TRIP? (ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS IN VIETNAM, CAMBODIA AND THAILAND) || For accommodation make sure to check out : Hostelworld.com, Agoda.com or Airbnb for options to choose from. Do note that I am always a fan of HOSTELS or airbnb only, I barely stay on hotels and luxury accommodations.

If you are booking Airbnb for the first time, please use my special link to get discount on your first stay! : https://www.airbnb.com/c/nathalies2488?currency=PHP

I usually reserve and book in advance prior my trip for my accommodation as I hated being stressed on this part of the trip. Better also if the hostel offers free breakfast already as you get to save on that part. I also make sure to stay where I think is the center of the sites and places I’ll be visiting so I’ll get to save on transportation expense at some point.


This is where I stayed during my Indochina Trip that you may want to check out :


Vintage Hostel Saigon
80 Bui Vien District 1, HCM Vietnam
Cost : Php 400 / VND 175,993 / USD 7.59 per night with FREE Breakfast (bunk bed)


  • Location wise, nightlife and restaurant comes pretty handy in Bui Vien area
  • It is cheap and affordable for your quick trip
  • the bunk beds were comfortable enough and you get all the HOSTEL must have (own curtain for privacy, light, switch and a small cabinet)
  • my favorite is the Vietnam breakfast where it comes with an Iced Coffee to pump and start your day properly.
  • The city tour trip in Saigon is also very efficient in this hostel, as well as the bus stop and terminal bound to Cambodia is also just walking distance.


Booked via airbnb : If you’d want to book for this room also you may search it thru the Airbnb Site :  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16848359? 

If you are booking via airbnb for the first time, please do click thru this link : https://www.airbnb.com/c/nathalies2488?currency=PHP 

Cost : Php 1,400 / USD 26 per night with FREE Tuktuk pick-up from Terminal to Accommodation

Thoughts about this airbnb accommodation in Cambodia :

  • The room was definitely one of the best I booked in airbnb, the host was very efficient and can speak and understand English
  • It comes with a free tuktuk service from Siem Reap terminal all the way to the room
  • I get to book for the tuktuk service the following day for our whole day temple hopping thru the host of the airbnb at the same time
  • The room is too comfortable you wouldn’t even want to leave the room!! hahahah
  • it comes with an AC, a private comfort room, a television, a blow dryer, coffee maker and all toiletries and bathroom essentials.



248/25 Mani Noppharat Rd. Tambon Si Phum, Amphoc, Chiang Mai

Cost : THB 383 / PHP 633 / USD 12 per night per pax

This hostel was super quiet and chill, it is near restos and temples around, fastfood and convenient shops around.  


  • Chiang Mai as a whole was definitely calm and quiet, and this hostel is one of the best representation of it.
  • It comes with bunk beds and private rooms that were all pretty cheap for an overnight stay
  • It does not come with a free breakfast, but just a street and walk away you’ll see fastfood chains, restaurants, Thai street foods around and the likes
  • The bathroom and the entire hostel was really well-maintained and I wouldn’t mind to spend my time again here in this hostel when I return back to Chiang Mai.


Everyday Bangkok Hostel 

314/3 Samsen Soi 4, Ban Thom, Pranakorn Bangkok

Cost : THB 370 / PHP 630 / USD 12.05 per night

What’s good about this hostel, it is near Khao San Road but still remain it’s calmness during night. It is near resto food finds, bank, and easy to navigate going here.


  • If you are someone who values privacy even on hostels, this may not be the best option for you
  • This hostel is appropriate for those who loved interacting all the time with your fellow guests
  • It comes with a bed with small cabinet, a light and personal switch, there is only a common bathroom for all the guests on each floor.
  • I love the restaurant in the hostel, as it saves you time to eat and dine when you are super hungry!!!
  • Do not miss out the PAD THAI here in this hostel!!! As it is really good — we even end up eating Pad Thai all the time hahaha!!


As a whole, I enjoyed all my accommodation choices during my Indochina Trip. Imagine going from one place to another, check-in and check-out. We barely stay on our hostel beds anyway, since we are always on the go and outside for our planned trips.

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Good Morning Sunshine!!!

*All photos were original from the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo


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