Planning for your very own Malaysia – Singapore Trip? Let me share with you how I did it for 6D / 5N the DIY Style MALAYSIA – SINGAPORE TRAVEL GUIDE : DETAILED ITINERARY & BUDGET FOR 6D/5N WITH SIDE TRIP TO LEGOLAND. Plain backpacking, no travel agencies involved but pure planning.

#Natswanderlust in Malaysia and Singapore. After series of Local Trips, I decided to start ticking off my bucket list with my South East Asia Trip  for now, this also serves as my 25TH birthday trip as well as I celebrate my quarter life this 2017. While I keep up with my budget and the remaining Vacation Leaves I got for this year. I had to maximize my almost 1 week stay in both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. My first 3 days was spent in Malaysia and another 3 days was spent in Singapore.

my first international trip

In this blog, I would be sharing my entire itinerary for Malaysia and Singapore how we did it the DIY style, cross boarding from Malaysia to Singapore, Food and Restaurants, Hostel and accommodation to stay with, mode of transportation and how to maximize your budget in one of the most expensive city in the world, tips and guide you should consider as well. Detailed post per date to follow as I update this blog.


  • Direct flights are available from Manila to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • I booked a promo fare via Cebu Pacific 5 months prior my travel date, it cost me around P6K with return flight to Manila from Singapore (Changi Airport)
  • Flight to KL from Manila is a 4 hours ride


  • Direct flights are also available from Manila to Singapore, however for this trip, what I did was to cross country via bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore *full details below


  • Malaysian Currency is called MALAYSIAN RINGGIT (RM or MYR) during my trip exchange rate was P1 = RM 11.10 *dated 2017
  • Singaporean Currency is called SINGAPORE DOLLAR (SGD) during my trip exchange rate was P38 = SGD 1
  • I exchanged my Peso in one of the money changer in Manila a week prior my trip, MYR is not usually available in Malls compare with SGD
  • Do note that you can also exchange money in the airport and the exchange rate is also okay


  • both country uses English Language, though there are some locals who still struggle the language *most especially in Malaysia, it is already bearable. And broken english is okay *hahaha! no one’s gonna judge you. 


  • Malaysia is relatively cheap, and I can say that you can survive with P5k for 3 days in Kuala Lumpur even if you follow my itinerary below. Trains and MRT is widely used in this countries and you’ll get to save too much when you do it the DIY style plus tons of walking *hihi part of the trip
  • Singapore on the other hand is expensive in terms of food expense, attractions and entrance fees most likely when you have your money converted to their currency.
  • During my trip I only spent P13K pesos with all my pasalubongs and food tripping this is solely because my bulk of expenses were already booked and paid ahead of time, *I paid everything even 2 months prior my trip (this includes my accommodation to hostels with free breakfast and my entrance fees to Legoland and Universal Studios)
  • It is safe to say that I spent less than P30K all-in for this trip (Airfare, Accom, Food, Pasalubongs, Attractions, Transpo allowance with contingency fund) — please do note that I am not a budget traveller and I do not compromise my comfort everytime a travel, I also spend a lot with food 🙂 So if you want to save more, it is still possible!


  • do check out or for accommodation choices.
  • During travels I always look for affordable but comforting hostel place with FREE Breakfast as well (*so I get to save on this part)
  • If you feel like a private room would work for you, try booking via Airbnb; if it’s your first time to book a room / place in Airbnb, please click this special discount link from me so you get discount on your total bill : 

In Malaysia, my bestfriend and I stayed in Reggae Hostel Guesthouse I booked thru got a private room for 2 for only P600 pesos per night for 2 pax already, this comes with a free breakfast and is near the MRT station. Common CR was used but it was okay.

Caretakers were nice and there is also a Filipino worker as well.

reggae hostel – kitchen area
reggae hostel
reggae hostel
reggae hostel – private room for 2 pax

In Singapore, We stayed at Five Stones Hostel booked thru which cost P1,100 pesos per night per person for a 8 bed female dormitory room, it comes with free breakfast and is near Haji Lane and Arab Lane as well. This was one of the cheapest hostel in SG, and it was worth every penny to spend for.

Also Read : Five Stones Hostel – Where to stay in Singapore? (for a budget traveller)

Five Stones Hostel


Overview : My first day was specifically spent with my Travel from Manila to Kuala Lumpur, locating our hostel place, familiarize within the area and roam around.

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*Detailed Itinerary and Costing *budget is based on my personal actual expense

day 1 - kl


Overview : We spent our 2nd day in KL with the City Tour / DIY Style. Rode all forms of available transportation in KL (Trains, MRT, and cab). We managed to maximize the entire day and get to see what the city has to offer.

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*detailed Itinerary and costing based on my personal expense and preference

DAY 2 - KL
  • If you’ll do the DIY Trippin’ like what we did you’ll be saving a lot since train and LRT in KL is cheap enough.
  • Don’t forget to keep on asking for directions to be sure than to be sorry (We had so many instances of riding the wrong train :p — charge to experience 😀
  • Everything was inter-connected with the use of LRT / MRT and Trains you just need to identify to what station are you heading to and from
  • Download the MRT and LRT App in your phone ahead of time. The map was very very useful during the entire day! We were only dependent with that with our way the entire day
  • Plan your itinerary in the way it interests you. Museum might not be your thing? And more into food sourcing instead? Then calculate each time to spare so no time to waste.
  • Be conscious with what you wear, temples and Mosque were sensitive on this. Be sure to respect them at any way.
  • Also take note, that KL has a very humid and hot weather wear a cap, bring a shawl to cover you, and wear clothes that is comfortable.


Overview : One of the famous site in Malaysia is Legoland, it is 4 hours bus ride from the city proper and only an hour away from Singapore Border. Our 3rd day was spent in Legoland and crossing over Singapore.

For the detailed post please read : Legoland, Malaysia (Day Trip Guide and Details)

day 3 - legoland
  • Legoland brought out the kid in you. It has so many attractions, worth the visit. Souvenirs are everywhere!!!
  • Make sure to check out the miniature famous sites made of Lego around the world, 4D Lego Movie experience. And tons of photosssss
  • Food expense in Legoland is reasonable and there are resto inside the amusement park.


For full and detailed post also read : How to cross country from Malaysia to Singapore via bus? (detailed guide for first timers )



Overview : Woke up on our 4th day in Singapore. Spent the day at the famous site and places in Singapore.

For full itinerary and guide also read : Exploring Singapore – 3D/2N DIY Itinerary, Budget and Tips for your trip

  • Our transpo expense was divided into 2, you may save more if you’ll ride the trains and buy a card similar with our beep card in Manila
  • It was relatively hot and humid in SG and the conserved domes was the best way to spend your afternoonDAY 4 - SG


Overview : Our 2nd day in Singapore was spent entirely with Shopping moments!!! And The trip to Sentosa, Universal Studios, Candylicious and the biggest Merlion is seen here as well.

day 5 - sg


Overview : On our last day in Singapore, we managed to re-visit the famous areas and spots that were just near our hostel, Haji Lane, Arab Lane, and more chances of buying our pasalubongs. Was pretty much excited as well to see the most beautiful airport in the world — Changi Airport.

DAY 6 - SG
  • As a whole, I have enjoyed my first international travel. There was still more to see in both country and a week is definitely not enough to cover everything!!!
  • Traveling was indeed expensive for some, but one must to consider to travel smartly in order for you to experience and maximize everything!

See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

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To more travel destinations. – xoxo

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  1. Happy birthday! Our itinerary was the opposite, starting with a few days in Singapore before multiple days in Malaysia. We didn’t make it to Legoland in Malaysia, though we went in America several years ago.


  2. Wow, there is so much good information here. I’m going to save it for when I finally get to visit Malaysia and Singapore. It’s great to know you can do this trip affordably!


  3. DIY style is my favorite :D! Thanks for sharing your entire itinerary for Malaysia and Singapore – I’ve done Singapore, but not yet made it to Malaysia (so was good to read that it’s relatively cheap in comparison to Singapore), but would love to get to KL.  Loved the ease of the MRT in Singapore, so would definitely use it in Malaysia as well since you say it’s easy and efficient. And Legoland sounds FUN!

    Glad you had a fabulous trip – thanks for sharing such detailed planning!


  4. I’m impressed at how much you fitted in! I’d love to visit Legoland. Sentosa sounds like great fun too for Disneyworld.


  5. Two great destinations for your first international travel! I know Singapore but I have never been to Malaysia yet. I found very helpful your tables with the expenses and the tips, I am sure it will be very handy for your followers!


  6. This is a very precise and concise itinerary which covers the best of Malaysia and Singapore.We have been to Singapore but Malaysia still awaits. We loved our time in Singapore where we sent a week. One of our favourite place was Sentosa Island.


  7. I’m with you on not compromising on comfort. I don’t need luxury, but I need a comfy bed. % stones hostel looks perfect for that! I had no idea that there was a Universal Studios in Singapore! That’s so cool!


  8. You seem to have covered a lot of Malaysia and Singapore in 6 days! We always do DIY and we love it. The pictures are all beautiful. We have been to Malaysia and Singapore several times and I agree Malaysia is quite cheap compared to Singapore. What we found was if something cost 5 Ringgits in KL then it costed 5 SGD in Singapore!


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