SIARGAO : TRI-ISLAND TOUR (Naked, Guyam & Daku) + BUCAS GRANDE TOUR (Sohoton Cove)

On to another adventure
Riding in this bangka for our 15 minute ride all the way to the Jelly Fish Sanctuary

Overview : Island Hopping Trip and Tours in Siargao does not have a standard or a common rate per travel and service agencies, it actually depends on your preference and your budget.

This blog is initially part of my 6D/5N Siargao Trip; also read : SIARGAO TRAVEL GUIDE : My Solo Escapade for 6D/5N 

Initially, some tour have Tri-Island (Naked Island, Daku and Guyam) covered for the entire day that cost around P1,200 – P1,500 the entire day with the buffet lunch package, and another separate trip covered Sohoton Cove tour.

I was happy that I came across “CAVY’S TOURS” from a reco from my friend Nadine 🙂  (*who went to Siargao ahead of me *wink) it was the cheapest I could get for only P1,600 pesos per person it comes with a Breakfast and Lunch plus the tour for the Tri-Island and the Sohoton Cove Tour. Read on for the details on this.

It was such an unpredictable weather but never a rough time to enjoy the moment in Siargao.

Tour Rates / Inclusion :

  • Pick-up from hostel (*7AM call time in the morning)
    • Since most of the guests that was part of the tour were guest from the Homestay of Cavy’s; I rode a tricycle all the way to Cavy’s and they just reimbursed P20.00 for my trike ride.
  • Breakfast
    • This is just a basic rice and egg and maling or spam or hotdog meal; but it was still okay since it’s free
  • Bucas Grande Island (Sohoton Cove Tour)
    • We rode a mini jeep from Cavy’s all the way to the terminal for a boat ride for Bucas Grande Island
    • It was roughly 2 hours boat ride I tell you, so it was nice that it was part of the morning itinerary
    • After the boat ride I was shocked that there were different areas to look at as part of the tour
    • What is nice about the package tour – there is no need to register and pay for entrances and environmental fees even the rental for the safety gears as it is already part of the package

enjoying lunch with this bunch from my tour group for the day
  • 50127492-982C-4001-8E4C-4905776076DD
    See this blue-colored water!! Truly fascinating
    • Jelly Fish Sanctuary
      • By one or max of two’s per small “Bangka” we had a quick 15 minute ride all the way to the Jellyfish Sanctuary
      • It was really one on my bucket list – to get to see and touch the “STINGLESS JELLYFISH” be aware that in the Philippines there are only limited places where the Stingless Jellyfish is available.
      • The color of the jelly fish actually depends on the season and month you are visiting
      • They do not allow swimming with them also as of this time to make sure they get to protect this species (*which is totally fine)
      • Make sure to just experience and still be gentle with them
    My bucket list — touch a stingless jellyfish
    • Hagukan Cave (also known as “Snoring Cave”)
      • Be amazed with this one of a kind cave as part of the Sohoton Tour
      • Going here, it should be low-tide since there is only a small opening to enter this cave, that is why safety gears are also required for all guests as well as life vest just to make sure you get ready for it as well.
      • For you to enter, you needed to hold your breath for around 5 – 7 seconds, make sure not to panic and trust the guides and kuyas to assist you to enter as well
      • AS you enter, it was definitely dark and all you can see is the glowing water which is DEFINITELY SO AMAZING!!!!
      • I wish the action cams and underwater cameras is enough to capture a perfect photo of this site, but it was really hard. I was so amazed about this place!!! Like literally I could keep on swimming in this enchanted water.
      • The more you tap the water the more it gets enchanting!!!
    this is me trying to dive in the dark colored underwater experience

    After a couple of minutes, we went back outside our boat areas, and proceeded on our next adventure.

    • Diving Cave
      • Wearing our gears, we went inside this small cave once again, but this time what it offers is a 12ft high cliff diving experience for the tourists. (*thanks to my Cebu canyoneering experience, I couldn’t say no to cliff diving adventures anymore)

    After the adventures we went back to the Sohoton Boat Terminal where we enjoyed a very sumptuous seafood lunch!!!!

    It was also part of the package, which makes it really affordable. It was crazily raining every now and then in Siargao and the weather was really unpredictable, good thing we were still able to enjoy it fully. We went back on our boat and travelled back again for 2 HOURS.

    I was 5th wheeling this bunch for the rest of the site hahahah!!


    (Naked Island, Daku Island & Guyam Island)

    As mentioned earlier, some of the tour packages offer the Tri-Island for a whole day trip, you get to spend a lot of time on each of the island.

    Swimming, snorkeling as you gaze and admire this beautiful Islands. All of them 3 was definitely remarkable each has its own beauty.


    • From the name itself, It was called Naked Island for a reason – it’s nakedness was because there was really no shade nor coconut trees to cover it
    • Naked Island was just an island where you can sunbathe and swim around
    • The crystalline turquoise water, the calmness of the sea and the do nothing activity makes it fun to stay at for a shortwhile
    • After around 45 mins in the island we transferred to the next island


    • Situated as one of the Island in General Luna, Daku Island is the biggest among Naked and Guyam. It is normally the second stop at every Island Hopping activity in Siargao.
    • For some, this is where you can actually have your lunches as there are also small food areas in the island
    • It’s white sand and enchanting water is something you can’t resist to swam by
    • During my stay in this island, it was crazily raining and the water in Daku was surprisingly really hot!!! Hahaha!! We ended up soaking our bodies in the water as we manage to make sure we’re safe from the big waves
    • There was literally big wavesssss!!!! And it actually added to the fun hahahaha!! Thanks to my co-tourist which were all game as well hahah!!
    • After just a couple of minutes, since the rain do not actually stop we went to the last island


    • After around 15 – 20 minutes of boat ride, we stepped into this last island in Guyam
    • It was somehow similar with Daku, with its coconut shade – a picturesque view with restos around that you could actually stay with.

    From the last island, it was only around 10 – 15 minutes away from General Luna. So we were back in our hostels in no time.

    It was freakingly cold after the entire whole day trip!!! So the best place for dinner – BULALOAN

      • each bowl of Bulalo cost P220.00 and it comes with UNLI RICE!! Hahahahaha!! The carpi eater in me is sooo happy hahaha!!
      • Never miss this out in GL, just a short walk from my hostel and it definitely blockbuster as well. You’ll see more and more tourists flocking in towards the dinner time

    *I’ll be sharing the rest of my food finds in Siargao on my separate blog post

    Here’s my detailed summary of expenses and my itinerary during the day. This is part of my 6D/5N Solo Travel Escapade in Siargao, also read : SIARGAO TRAVEL GUIDE : My Solo Escapade for 6D/5N


    TIME                                       REMARKS                                   COST

    6:00AM                                 Wake-up Call / Travel to Cavy’s for tour         P20.00 (trike)

    6:30AM                                 Breakfast (part of tour)

    7:00AM – 9:00AM               Travel to Sohoton Cove                                      P1,600 (package tour for the day)

    9:00AM – 1:00PM               Sohoton Tour

    • Jelly Fish Sanctuary
    • Agukan Cave
    • Diving Cave


    1:00PM – 3:00PM               Boat Travel to Naked Island

    3:00PM – 5:00PM               Tri-Island Island Hopping

    • Naked Island
    • Daku Island
    • Guyam Island

    6:00PM                                  Wash-up / back to hostel

    7:00PM                                  Dinner at Bulaloan                                               P220.00

    10:00PM – onwards            Night out (Harana + Rumbar)                            P300.00

    TOTAL COST : P2,040.00

    This trip was really cost efficient! It was all jam-packed and I love everything about this tour.

    Should you wish to spend more time on the tri-island, better yet to get this tour on a separate day instead (*I’ll look forward to coming back to Siargao to do this type of itinerary) The weather was pretty unpredictable during my stay here in the island, but that does not hinder us to enjoy this enchanting paradise.

    Let me know should you have further questions and concerns about Siargao, I’ll try to answer it in as much as I could.

    Should you need an excel file of my full itinerary during my trip, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @nathaliecsalcedo send me a DM! I’ll be happy to share it too.

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    *All photos were originals from the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo

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