Thinking of a day trip tour while in Bali? I am sure you have gotten to see all over the internet that T-rex shaped overlooking cliff. In this blog I will share with you my NUSA PENIDA DAY TOUR GUIDE (BALI, INDONESIA)

Overlooking the T-rex shaped cliff, a deep blue colored sea, a flock of tourists around, and those poses for that perfect Instagram photo shot, a great time for a laid back lazy beach trip and all that sorts were just some of the highlights you’d see from this tour.

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Day Trip at Nusa Penida (West)

Kelingking Beach

My mom was asking me Nath,where’s your photo with the dinosaur” asking me based on what she sees over her favorite youtubers who visits Bali hahaha!! Well, it isn’t really a dinosaur but the cliff shaped of the T-rex is what Kelingking Beach was known for. I’ll expound more of this later on.

It was indeed a very beautiful scenery! A paradise you may say. So read on,

  • Booking for your Nusa Penida Trip actually depends on your preference, the itinerary you are rooting for and the exact places you wanted to visit to. That is why checking everything in advance really pays well, it saves time, it sets your expectation and you get to book for the right tour.
Angel Billabong Beach


  • I booked for my day trip Nusa Penida (West) Trip via,  the final rate actually depends how many you are in the group. The bigger the group the cheaper it gets.
    • The package cost Php 2,254 per person
    • This comes with :
      • Pick-up and drop off at the hotel, Van Transpo to Sanur Harbor and back
      • Round Trip Fast Boat ticket bet Sanur Harbor and West Nusa Penida (worth IDR 250,000 per pax ideally – if you’ll do it the DIY style)
      • Entrance Fees on all beach sites
      • A private driver to tour you around Nusa Penida and a guide for a photo adventure
      • Lunch and bottled water
    • We were 4 in the group for this Nusa Penida Trip you actually have the option to choose between the West side or East trip, most likely if you are staying just for a day.
    • If you have more days to spare, I suggest you book for 2 days and spend a night at Nusa Penida as well and let yourself immerse with the stunning view
Sanur Harbor Port to Nusa Penida Island 


Learning how early our call time would be for our Nusa Penida Tour, a night out wouldn’t really be much possible. We just had a quick night swimming over our beautiful hotel and rested for the rest of the night.

With our Klook driver 

6:30AM – 7:15AM || Pick-up time from the hotel, we are lucky that I get to booked and stayed at the exact pick-up location in Seminyak (Seminyak Garden Hotel – try booking for this place as well!!! It was worth every penny! And very cheap and near to almost everything in Seminyak!!!) more of my discovery over my full Bali Travel Guide : Bali Travel Guide for 7D/6N : Detailed Itinerary, Budget & Tips

Broken Beach

8:00AM || It was almost around 45 minutes land travel trip all the way to Sanur Harbor port / terminal where the speed boat is docked for Nusa Penida. Trust me that it’s better to book for a tour with the inclusion of the pick-up and drop off as they’ll take care of you the entire time.

After waiting for a short time, we headed to the speed boat.

What to wear? – Imagine crossing the shore all the way to the speed boat by the beach, it would be best if you are swimming ready or not wearing a pants and the likes. I was wearing a swimsuit / bikini already the entire time so I could be ready anytime (*wink)

Travel time from Sanur harbor to Nusa Penida took around 1 hour.

Upon alighting at the port, the private car vehicle was waiting for us with my name on the sheet of paper – we knew he would be our guide / driver at the same time.

The advantage if you are in a group, you travel as if you hired the entire service as well. Well, on the other hand; travelling alone or with a friend with you – you get to be joined and team up with other travelers to complete the 4 or 5 pax per car.

These are the specific places we get to visit, please do note that the guide follow a strict timeline and it was very touristy when we visited so we really had to maximize our stay and make the most out of the scenery and the view.

11:00AM || Kelingking Beach

With the gang ❤

this famous Instagram spot shouldn’t be missed out in your Nusa Penida escapade. This was after an hour of travel time from Sanur HarborThis enchanting view over the cliff was everything. You may have the option to go down in as much as you can, but make sure you are ready to climb all the way back to the top of the cliff (*as per guide, it normally would take you around 1 – ½ hour all the way down the cliff)

*My Take-away : I actually thought that each of the site in Nusa was very close to each other, when it so happens that we needed to ride back to the car and travel for another 45mins – 1 hour for the next site to see. Imagine it was even lunch time when we had our first line of business for the day.

Mie Goreng for lunch || part of the klook package already for Nusa Penida 

12:30NN || Since we were freaking hungry for the entire morning travelling without eating breakfast, we decided to go over the lunch first instead of going to the next place to see. The lunch was part of the package already so no need to pay, and they have certain Indonesian food option for you to choose at.

1:00PM || Broken Beach & Angel Billabong Beach

Broken Beach

After lunch we headed straight to these two beaches. It was very close to each other and just walking distance. The beauty of this place was really something remarkable, I just hated that we actually need to hurry up to go from one place to another because we were really caught off time.

Angel Billabong

2:30PM || Crystal Beach


we had to leave both Broken Beach and Angel Billabong then had to travel for another hour all the way to Crystal Beach.

*Notes : we actually got delayed for around 30 minutes in Broken beach, since one of my travel mate – Vin; left his entire bag along broken beach. We were so busy with our personal things, and a photo on this and that – but make sure to be cautious of all your things all the time!!! We were lucky that his bag wasn’t touched at all, it has all his money and his passport!!! So Imagine us being so so worried about it too.  

Amongst the rest of the beaches, only Crystal Beach was swimmable and safe for everyone. We only had an hour left for this beach time as we need to be back in the port by 3:30PM!!! The beach sand was greyish black, the water was nice to swim at.

You can actually do snorkeling also in this beach, you just need to pay for additional for the snorkeling gears. So up to you. Food places around the beach is also available, so you may just also rest and chill by the beach for a while.

3:30PM || we readily went back to our car service and we all went all the way back to Sanur Harbor, it was freaking traffic the entire time in Nusa so we really need an hour to be back at the port.

4:30PM || we dock thru the speed boat once again, make sure you keep your receipt with you all the time. The water travel was actually really fun as well. There was rainbow saying hello to us, while we enjoy the nice breeze of the view and the ocean.

5:30PM || When we were back at the port, the first thing we ever thought was “we were extremely hungry!!!” we ate across the Warung in the port which was awesome as well, we get to try more and new Indonesia delicacy plus a lot of pasalubongs to take it with us.

we tried this Nasi Kampur; it’s a Bali delicacy with a taste of everything. It is only IDR 20.000 per plate and it was nice to try. I am not a super fan of spicy food but this food did it’s wonder too.

Nasi Kampur – Bali delicacy; a taste of everything

If you haven’t shopped yet for rattan bags and the like, I say there is this cheap find  — “car turn into store” along the port you may want to check out.

The day was really tiring with all the rush over one place to another, so I say that staying for a night in Nusa Penida could have been better as well. *I promise to do this when I get back.

We rode back to our van, and all the way back to our hotel in Seminyak.

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See what best interests you and plan your itinerary well!!!

Hope this helps you too.

I’ll be happy to share my excel file for my actual expense, for your personal trip.

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*All photos were originally taken by the blogger @nathaliecsalcedo 


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